Heaven or hell, you decide where to live

Is there a heaven and hell? Is not living with anger, envy, resentment, hatred, resentment, etc., is not living in hell anymore? Is it possible to live with gratitude, love, joy, compassion, acceptance ... is it not to live in heaven anymore?

Yes, I think there is a heaven and a hell. But it is not in the hereafter! It has always been here and now, in every moment of our existence. And we are able to navigate between heaven and hell, although sometimes we spend too much time burning without reason; consequence of not reaching our own inner sky.

Heaven, hell and the whole world, is in us.
Henry F. Amiel
(Philosopher, moralist and Swiss writer)

To educate ourselves in conscience is to return the sight to the blind, and thus, all the words of Jesus can be reinterpreted to bring us closer to heaven on earth, and not think that heaven or hell is won after death. Your time to reach and enjoy heaven has always been now.

There is a big difference between acting ethically because they threaten us to go to hell if we do not do it, because we feel that we will be more satisfied and happy with our actions and the brand we leave with them in the world.

In the first way we behave well out of fear. In the second way we are ethical for love. Get out of us, we live it intensely. Then it is inevitable to feel in heaven! Whatever happens, even if things don't go as we wanted, We will feel the sky in the reflection of our eyes.

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You can live a lifetime without waking up. The trip brings happiness, not destiny. Death is not sad, the sad thing is that people don't know how to live.
Phrases from the movie “The Pacific Warrior”

From the feeling of love to the present, your perceptions change, and life is embellished. And if we really feel it in fullness, no matter how much other people treat us badly, that love we feel within us will transform all hate into compassion. All negative external emotions will pass through our love filter. And so:

As much as they attack us, no one can ever get us out of our sky!

Abandon the continuous complaint and move towards a mental state of gratitude, love and passion. Because if you walk like this, this is how your path will be drawn. It is a question of attitude. To have a constructive predisposition to love. Because as much as you know or as much talent as you have, a bad attitude multiplies by 0.

I share with you this other video, a conference about the importance of attitude where it mentions that we decide if we live in heaven, or in hell:

brave jungle

#wearebrave #alwaysbeatyourself

Live from love and no blow will escape your acceptance and understanding. There will be nothing you cannot stand, for you will be so enthralled by life; feeling so much the present, that the blows will pass faster than it can give you time to assimilate.

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6 replies on "Heaven or hell, you decide where to live"

  • santi barrier

    Very good article ! I loved the way you interpret the vision of life. Thank you ! I keep this teaching today and for a lifetime. 🙂

  • ruth

    I am a Catholic person and in my beliefs there is heaven but I share that from now on we must earn heaven by learning to live with what we have and be happy as God made us and accept others.

    • David Jungle

      Hello Ruth. Thanks for comment.
      When I say that heaven and hell are a thing of the here and now I do not doubt the beliefs of the Catholic religion. Now, let's not just wait for that sky to come after death, we try to live as well as possible and bring that sky to the present with our actions and interpretations.

  • j

    If it seems to me very well that the decision to be in heaven or hell is in us but to do when the thoughts are negative and the environment too


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