How to be mischievous: Seduce with charm and naturalness

What is mischief? Can we develop it?

Picardy is a personality trait associated with a way of relating naughty, seductive and cheerful. Frequently manifesting in children, given their high doses of natural charm, but which we also find as a feature of a attractive personality in contexts of seduction in the adult stage.

We usually say that a person is mischievous when he makes small malicious graces with a tendency to sexual evocations. Using gestures, expressions and phrases full of sensuality; but almost always disguised with a certain childish charm. As if we did not realize what we are saying or we became a little foolish ... which usually gives us a lot of cunning in women or men who have this feature.

The truth is that mischief seduces itself. It manages to convey a feeling of express infatuation through mystery, unpredictability and the desire for protection. As if we wanted to catch that mischievous person and protect him on our arm so that no one could damage his sensibility.

Even if we know for sure that they use this weapon to seduce us ...

The great power of mischief to relate

Picardy has the power to lower our defenses. It helps us improve our sense of humor, diverting our mind from our problems to that disconcerting magic of the unpredictable.

For me, rogue by nature in many moments, this quality is a social ability in itself from which I have extracted a lot of oil. Let's see how useful it is by analyzing one of the conversation examples in my book Wake up beauty:

Examples of mischief within a conversation:

"What the hell are you doing in my car?" He appears shouting furiously at a girl upon arrival. What are you doing As you have scratched me or something you will find out.

In spite of her scarcely contained anger, her face is angelic and there is no doubt that she has adorned herself for what is a magical summer night where she should go sexually dressed. Showing a provocative and insinuating neckline that perfectly outlines its curves in canon 90, 60, 90.

At that moment, a friend stands ready to calm down with the same fortune as a sparrow tied in a cage.

"Sorry, you don't need to get that way." We have not done anything.

Despite being willing to put peace, my friend makes the fateful mistake of judging the behavior of a person full of anger.

What would I be thinking ...

"I don't care, kid." I don't wear it in any way! It is you who are where you should not.

"I understand that it bothers you, but it is a lack of education to come here to shout at us." Not even if we had committed a crime, ”my buddy again puts his leg up to unexplored horizons.

When we are angry, no matter how much the accusation they throw at us is 100% true, we will defend ourselves with nails, teeth and stomps if necessary. Arguments without calm always remain.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!" She shouts bursting in frustration.

What I take to introduce myself in the game.

We started to get into the conversation with a rogue comment!

"Sorry, can you repeat that shriek?" I found it super melodic.

-As you say? She whispers totally baffled.

"I don't know, I liked it," I answer innocently. Have you taught singing or are you a singer or something? I would already like to give such lovely shouts, ”I continue as I approach her.

I look at her smiling and in good spirits. With an accomplice tone and no judgments.

"Macho, I don't catch you," she snorts a little calmer in her misplacing.

Some conclusions before following:

Notice how that innocence, humor and carefree through a couple of disconcerting comments, accompanied by charming language, relax the other staff. This is a true story in which my attitude as a child with a desire to play did just that, that the girl calmed down by gradually becoming infected with my emotions. That is mischievous!

Let's continue with the example:

"Well, now seriously." I am the boy in the next car. We have started drinking in my trunk and what happens ... we were talking and unwittingly we have turned to your car. I apologize. If I had reached my car and found it with a lot of unknown uncles leaning on it, I would have been just like you.

As soon as I pronounce that “I would have worn the same as you”, I perceive how now his face relaxes completely. Making him see in broad light that I understand her. She already knows that this behavior is not worthy of Mother Teresa of Calcutta. He perceives it in his hells, no need to reproach him.

"Well, well ... Good thing you're more reasonable." Because your friend almost knocked me out, ”he says as I start to laugh.

"Yes, I see that with you he also succeeds. Now, let me tell you one thing. If you are able to defend your car like this, which is still an object, I don't want to imagine how you will do it when someone messes with your boyfriend. What do you know that I am very jealous right now!

(Look at this last paragraph, because I'm telling you many things. Like I love her being a protective girl. I mean, I'm praising her. What we call qualification.)

"Thank you very much, although the truth is that I don't ... I don't have a boyfriend," she whispers visibly nervous and captivated.

Another dose of mischief to direct the conversation to a more sexual level

Below you will see two more doses of mischief in this example. First of all by expressing with humor that I want to meet her, and secondly, by taking her in a flirtatious way to observe her body. Observe:

"Well, if you don't have a boyfriend, will you understand that I want to know you more truth?" Let's see, let me see you well, ”I say, taking her from her hands up as I stare at her body with a funny gesture that makes her smile. Yes, without a doubt now I am clear. Give me two kisses, go.

And so we continued talking for long minutes that became dozens of them until her friends begged her to resume her march. Not before offering me his phone number and a warm hug.

Did you like this example? Well, in Awake Beauty you will find nothing less than 100 related to the theories of the book in its 368 pages. What are you waiting to bring out all your ingenuity?

Start by developing your charm

Do you remember that boy or girl, friend or friend, boyfriend or girlfriend, or whatever, that when he came to talk to you or your group, soon filled the rest with positive energy? That person who is capable of spread your smile, optimism and desire to live.

Surely you are already imagining someone ...

Well, That is seducing with charm, the most important feature to develop mischief that will allow us to use all its strength to generate intense connections with the rest.

Typical process to captivate with mischief and charm:

  1. You start to start a conversation, arriving with a similar or slightly more cheerful mood to the person in front of you. Those who know something about NLP, you will know that this is called Report. Next, we will proceed to spread a more positive mood, radiating happiness and good vibes. Mixing our penetrating gaze with affectionate smiles here and there.
  2. Open your eyes wide! That person in front of you and now opens like a flower in spring telling you how much he loves his dog Smufi, is projecting features that differentiate it and make it unique and special. This is when we will listen and observe to that person to qualify and know that we are liking.
  3. Last step, what is missing? Effectively, we will burn your emotions and desires sexualizing our conversation or making it more romantic. This is where mischief comes into play. Making the other person feel desired with the sensuality of our conversation. The more mischievous the more we try to baffle her with a humor of a sexual nature.

Very well, we already have a small guide to follow. Obviously this it's not linear and, in short, we will mix the humor and good vibes with qualification, sexualization and romanticism. If you still do not understand these concepts well, you will find them more developed in my article: The gift of labia: Guide to having labia

Attitudes of a person with mischief

Now we are going to the most important, how. What is the attitude of a person that attracts with its naturalness and charm?

The main objective is to spread that state of joy so that the boy or girl feels very comfortable with you. Becoming the star of the show, making that other person addicted to you and the emotions you make him feel.

Spread joy, be optimistic

First of all you should feel cheerful and with an attitude of play. Transmitting happiness, fun, adventure etc. Contagating these emotions through mirror neurons.

What happens if the planet earth is taken off the solar system and freaks out? What happens if the situation is adverse? Well, you'll simply stand out even more. You can listen to their problems and concerns, listen to their complaints, but you can change this negative situation through your charm And good vibes. Providing pleasure in a casual way.


Simply, it's about being optimistic. People are usually negative even if they try to appear otherwise, and that makes finding a person whose optimism is contagious and unconventional, as well as lasting and solid in adversity, becomes a treasure that nobody wants to let go. Therefore, if before adverse situationsInstead of complaining or cursing the mother who gave birth to Zipi and Zape, you exhibit a Serene outside and keep up the good mood, you will avoid disturbing emotions that make the other person defensive.

The naturalness of a boy or girl who seduces with charm is an innocent naturalness. The convey some innocence It is very effective in seducers, but it is also effective for boys.

Seduce with the naturalness, charm and optimism of the lovers of sensations. Smiles, looks, gestures and words that caress are your weapons.

Combine mischief with serenity

It is not good to overdo (as with nothing) with this innocent naturalness, but it is very good to use it with brushstrokes. As we saw in the example of conversation that we have analyzed before.

It is possible that you hear from the other person a phrase like "Oh, how can I! How nice!" In addition, in this way Not only will you seduce the person you like, but in social settings it will make you be seen with a very attractive and flirtatious naturalness.

In my case I also used it a lot in class. Hence, all my teachers, especially teachers, sometimes had me a little spoiled.

Transmitting a certain innocence and pilgrimage is very seductive. Nonetheless, sexualizations become even more special here. You may look like an innocent boy or girl, but what We will combine with a lot of pillería, golferío and hunger for sex. This is especially effective for girls.


How many times have we imagined that the girl we like so much, looks at us with a good girl's face while telling us how much she would like to take off our clothes?

And girls,

How many times have you met the typical radiates joy and play like a small child and then releases a phrase that excites you?

In short, it's about making a small contrast of attitudes: innocence and optimism on the one hand; and qualification and sexualization by another.

Example of mischief with romantic language

Lying on the mattress the sheets wrap us in the helplessness we feel towards the glare of our eyes.

"If you look at me like that, you're going to fly me off the planet." So, please, carefully. You have to teach me how to land before, ”I whisper to my boy as we stare at each other.

Together, to those few centimeters where the optics dilates the pupils.

"You are the one who makes me lose myself," he sulks, closing his eyes before penetrating me again. I love you all, your seductive tenderness, your sweet caresses, your hopeful smile ...

—You are playing it… You are able to wake up my most tender and romantic part, but also the most bad, sexual and dangerous part. So do not incite me to a second assault - this resplendent with certain doses of sexual mischief.

"You know I would abandon myself completely to you." To your kisses, to your caresses, to your desires ... Yours, completely yours ... - continues whispering slowly between silence and silence in a harmony that makes us eternal.

Have you noticed the nonverbal language of this narrative of my book Awakens Beauty? I hope so, because it's just what we're going to talk about next.

Nonverbal language

Your nonverbal language has to be congruent with what you say or want to get to the other person. Remember that We are always communicating. You can consciously bite your lip, or make a hypnotized face while talking to you, play with your hair, etc ...

Our body language, to convey charm, mischief and sensuality, should be composed of slow and graceful movements. To give you an idea, it must be as if you were submerged under water, not manifesting stress or any type of anxiety.

Remember what we said before: attracts an optimistic and positive attitude rather than a negative, conflicting or even neutral attitude. Therefore, our body language must be harmonious and reflect our best qualities.

Attend to look, voice and gestures

  1. Glance. Without a doubt, the look is one of the greatest powers of seduction. Keep a cvisual ontact prolonged, especially in the silences while smiling generates a very powerful sexual tension. Look at how two lovers look at each other and try to internalize this kind of look. A look that mixes romanticism with sexual tension. A kind of penetrating and caressing look, let him see his deepest passions and desires reflected in your eyes.
  2. Voice. A deep, sexual and warm voice. Hinting subtly desire, calm and calm but not imposted that may be false. It must be the kind of voice that comes from your soul, the one that you possess naturally but with a tone that hints at passion and sexual pleasure.
  3. Gestures: Innocent and erotic. A caressing and sensual contact can unleash the most animal instincts if done gently. Always mixing contrasts: playing softly first and then something stronger. Being dominant and innocent at times.

The combination of all these elements we like to call it enchantment, since it produces an effect of Total concentration between the two. It is something like a hypnotic effect in which without knowing very well why, we cannot stop looking at each other and smiling.


Confidence and decision are very important in seduction. We can be determined because we have great confidence in us and that is very attractive. However, there is another way to be decided, and this is not hidden our weaknesses.

Move forward so that you feel you cannot contain yourself, that you get carried away by the charms That boy or girl has caused you because you can't resist it. I mean that weakness!

Personally I prefer this second one because in my eyes it is more natural and romantic. The problem of being someone very confident and determined is that it can arouse certain dissonances, hence the typical phrases of the style "you will tell / you will do it with everyone". If it seems that you have just let yourself go, we can avoid those obstacles.

However, we can counteract and play with this confidence through vulnerability. Telling you little insecurities or showing us shy at certain times To be able to be showing the attractive innocence that we have already commented; increasing that shyness the effect of mischief.

However, whether one way or another, try not to miss a decision. Since if at a key moment in which we must be decided We are undecided, the other person will get our doubts. It can transmit cowardice and thus losing attraction.

Be unpredictable with mischief

The same always tires. That's why you have to have several aces in your sleeve and be an unpredictable person. There will be times when we have to be serious and even inject some danger and mystery in the interaction to make it more exciting. In others we will launch unexpected jokes, mischievous smiles or prying eyes.


Some comments like "I don't think he's a good boy for you", "I don't like that at all, but don't worry, you'll pay for them", they can be part of our sexualizing repertoire. Incorporating some seriousness into our lively personality. More in: Seduce with game and unpredictability.


  • You attract people by spreading your good vibes. With your naturalness, optimism and innocence.
  • You focus on the other person, who feels good about you. You look at her, talk about her and qualify her positively.
  • You move forward with confidence and determination, implying that you let yourself go.
  • Injected emotion and desire with your sexualizations.
  • You empower your movements by being congruent in your nonverbal language while embellishing.
  • You are unpredictable, showing a complex and mysterious personality.
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Seduce is to enjoy every moment, because there is no greater seduction than to feel our present. The touch of a smile, the electricity that conveys a look. Words that walk through the air and ignite us with emotion. To seduce is to love oneself, love others and let ourselves be enveloped by the magic that is created.

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