Download the guided meditation included with your copy of Wake up beauty

You can listen to this audio sitting or lying down, although if you think you can fall asleep, it is preferable that you do it sitting at times of the day where you are not very tired. In the case that you fall asleep nothing happens, although its effect is much greater the more attention we put. It is advisable to use headphones to completely isolate outside noise and distractions.

Just get carried away by the sound of voice and music and try to follow the instructions.

If you are not accustomed to meditating, at first it is normal that you have trouble keeping your attention. Your mind can tend to wander and dive into thoughts. Do not worry, it is normal to practice meditation. When you realize that you have stopped paying attention to the audio, do it again and take it back where you stayed.

In deep states of meditation it is normal to feel some bodily sensations such as chills and moments of high emotion. Some under-experienced people may even experience mild dizziness or feelings of fear.

In any of those cases, do not worry. Meditation is a perfectly safe practice carried out for thousands of years and proven effective by science since the appearance of Mindfulness. Just a matter of getting used to.

I hope you enjoy this audio and help you enjoy more pleasant and stimulating relationships, in addition to the health benefits that the mere practice of meditation brings.