Free yourself from Anxiety: 10 tips to apply today

Anxiety is an emotion we experience as a defense mechanism in situations that our mind perceives as dangerous. However, in our society despite not being exposed to dangerous situations, many people suffer anxiety to a greater or lesser degree.

Our goal will be to detect why we generate it and how we can adopt new habits and attitudes that allow us to live with greater calm. The important thing is not to try to eliminate anxiety completely, that is impossible and illogical. Anxiety is not an enemy, it plays a primary role in human beings to survive and ... why not say it, put the batteries from time to time.

The important thing here is to understand and accept the situations that generate anxiety for you in particular, and learn to manage the thinking mechanisms of your mind with an observant attitude.

Anxiety and insecurity

The foods of thought

Insecurity is what we feel when we make the great potential of our imagination available to certain thoughts oriented towards our fears. This feeling of insecurity that is healthy and natural in certain situations, becomes anxiety through obsession.

That is, when we direct the focus of our thoughts to contexts and personal judgments that cause us fear, and we identify with them or try to escape from them but they stalk us again and again, we feed our thoughts with emotions such as anxiety, insecurities, frustrations and fears in a toxic way.


The cinema of your imagination

There are people whose imagination potential is so powerful, that for example in situations of insecurity and anxiety such as that caused by jealousy, they are able to see their partner being unfaithful without anything really happening. Particularly, I know some nearby case, where the subject comes to imagine and create with great detail that his partner is being unfaithful, and there is no one to take it out of there. Dream and feel that constant disturbance. Some, understandably, these situations have led to madness.

Imagination is one of our most powerful weapons, and can be used both to achieve happiness and success, and to succumb in the darkness of hysteria. People who suffer from anxiety imagine, imagine their fears and their defects and everything that can go wrong or can happen to them. Even what others can do, sometimes people who have nothing against them, but because of their anxiety, develop before them incongruous behaviors derived from an almost criminal attitude towards them.

Anxiety makes us unhappy, resentful and distrustful as we imagine all kinds of wedda (sorry for the expression).

Review everything you imagine or dream. Most of the time, dreams or nightmares are the result of what we focus on during the day.

Think, stop for a moment and ask yourself, what I am imagining is good for me? is positive? If it isn't, don't turn it over. Time is money, we are not going to waste it on harming ourselves.

Don't get away, put remedies

In our society we have learned to avoid what makes us feel bad. Every day we have more entertainment options at our disposal. Whether through digital options, such as healthier ones such as sports, care must be taken when these activities serve as an escape from our own mind.

Sometimes the focus of anxiety is weak and fleeting. Perhaps they are due to a problem in the work of a temporary situation. There disconnect through any activity that entertains us, it is simple and very useful. It is logical and natural to escape. When it is not when our anxiety problems and our insecurities come from situations or thoughts that are constant in our lives. That is where if we do not understand and accept with our whole being, we can never free ourselves from that distressing pressure.

When something disturbs us it is very important to reflect and meditate deeply on it, since it is very likely that we ourselves have built a large building with just two bricks because of evasion. When we get down to work, we recover our rationality, and we take paper and pen to be fair and precise, we manage to order the cocoa in our head to find the paths that lead us to the solutions, or simply, to dissolve a problem after understanding that Actually, there was no problem.

Anxiety symptoms

Some of the most common symptoms of anxiety are:

Fears and insecurities


Indecision and difficulty in decision making

Loss of motivation and interest

Stuttering and nervous tics

Concentration problems

Insomnia or hyperactivity

Other of these symptoms are physical ones: digestive problems, muscular tension, headaches, excessive and unpleasant sweating, and even impotence or premature ejaculation.

How to control anxiety

Anxiety exhausts us and anguish today, however in most cases it comes from thoughts that are oriented towards future contexts:

"I don't have time, I'm going to suspend Monday's exam"

"Surely if I tell him to go live together he will say no"

"I think the boss got mad at me, I hope he doesn't throw me out"

“I love this guy but it sure is a gulf and it ends up happening to me”

"I do not feel prepared, I am sure it is fatal"

As we see in these four examples, not only does it usually come from future thoughts, but these thoughts are always negative. If they were positive, they would not generate anxiety.

To avoid this we will have to work deeply in ourselves in pursuit of a much more satisfying, intense and happy life. We must, therefore, bring our life closer to the present and transform our negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Even if we think much less, better. To get all this the meditation It is very beneficial, as well as activities that allow us to relax our mind, such as yoga, dancing or even singing.

10 tips to apply today:

1. Reflect on what causes anxiety: An exercise that can help you is to relax and inspire and expire deeply slowly. When you inspire think about those positive traits that you will improve, and when you expel that air think about how all your negative thoughts and insecurities are coming out of you.

2. Watch your habits and study how you can improve them to lead a more relaxed life or do more things that you like and allow you to disconnect. Do not take work home, leisure moments have to serve you as a meditation. Laughter will help you and bring you multiple benefits in your body and mind.

3. Try to avoid bad news and negative people as much as possible. Surrounding yourself with people who are always complaining is a focus of stress. Get together more with people who give you energy and positive emotions. Avoid gossip and critical gossip. The more you criticize others, the more you will get used to criticize and the more you will do with yourself.

4. Get used to transforming your negative thoughts into positive thoughts. All coins have two sides, if you see the positive side of everything you would not want, you will always find that the bad does not have to be so much.

5. Waking up in the morning, Think about all the good you have and visualize a future that excites you with things you want that are really within your reach and know that they are attainable. These visualizations will not only encourage you to start the day with more positivism and enthusiasm, but will also bring you closer to fulfilling your dreams.

6. Get used to doing new things and spending some time to improve. New activities stimulate our mind and have a captivating effect on our enthusiasm. Sometimes learning is the best therapy.

7. Understanding and accepting takes time. A widespread topic is that time puts things in place. Today the water is cloudy, but if we wait for it to rest, in the end the dirt will fall back to the bottom and on the surface it will be clean to be able to drink it. Always keep this reality in mind, and note that any current problem will be hopelessly insignificant in the future.

8. Get rid of! If necessary, hire a psychologist or coaching. A good friend is also useful, especially if he has an empathetic, understanding and loving attitude towards the world. Sharing visions and perceptions with another person allows us to humanize our focus of anxiety, and visualize perceptually that what seemed to us inside our mind something irresolvable and vital, outside of it is still a conventional situation and with solutions.

9. Learn to accept yourself and love yourself as you are, no longer depend on the opinion of others. Everyone in this life has detractors. Not everyone is Catholic, and not everyone votes for the same person to be president of their country. What is clear is that there will always be people who like us, and people who do not do what we do. The best thing is that every day you get to know yourself more, and have no qualms about developing and exposing yourself as you are at every moment, because every day, and every moment, we are different.

10. Yes, every day, every moment, we are different. What we could not achieve today, we can achieve tomorrow. If today we have not been empathic, at another time to come we can develop this ability more than ever. On many occasions, we end up building our greatest strengths from our weaknesses. Accept that you change at all times, and be less hard on yourself during your present.

Beware of language traps

I do not like words as sacrifice, effort or duty, although I acknowledge having used them regularly throughout my life. I prefer to change them for words like passion, overcoming, growth, or enthusiasm. Because we all do things by duty, we have to do them, we are obliged, but it is our perception of them as duty, as imposed, that is what makes us perceive them as, and consequently that generate anxiety and frustration.

Every time you go to work with your head down saying "shit, it's Monday again" or "a very heavy and boring afternoon awaits me". You are self-programming yourself so that if that job was going to bore you or tire you, it will still bore you and make you much more tired.

Start to perceive what generates enthusiasm and passion for what you do in your life that you don't like. Even those things we don't like to do can bring us great benefits. Look at those benefits and not at what it costs you.

Focus on the truly positive and feel how motivation feeds every moment of your life!

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