How to face difficulties with confidence: Love the challenge!

Surely the ability to face difficulties with confidence and solve problems, be one of the most valued requirements by any person or institution.

Within this capacity, we need knowledge and experience to raise it to its maximum level. But let's not fool ourselves, even the youngest and newbies have managed to display a capacity to face almost divine challenges.

This is because the attitude always multiplies. If we have a passionate attitude towards our challenges and we stand up straight and confident before them, we will get any difficulty to shatter.

None of this sounds like Chinese right? We have all seen it, and not only in the movies. It is a palpable reality. But how can we adopt this attitude so powerful and decisive? The first step is to love the challenge.

Face difficulties loving the challenge

Grow your confidence

If you try to avoid the difficulties of life at all costs, you will never be free. You will never reach a new potential in you.

I am not saying that you look for unnecessary problems. I'm not saying make your life harder if it can be easier. What I am saying is that you be brave in the face of adversity. Loving the challenge will make you love life in its depths. Without fearing its darkness. Well, you will have the light of love illuminating everything from your interior.

Your bravery and your confidence in you is a reflection of your mental attitude. If you accept life with optimism and overcoming, nothing can prevent you from getting up. You can stumble and even bite the dust. But that will never stop you. Love the challenge and love will lift you a thousand times to make you stronger every day. Your enthusiasm will always be renewed. Your strength will always go to more.

Suffering is an option.

Pain and adversity is inevitable, but suffering is an option. Now is your chance to make a difference. The difference of declaring that you choose how to feel before the difficulties not to fall before them.

Choose to transform pain and anguish into beautiful flowers. Make them your workhorse. I know it sounds difficult, maybe a little weird, but practice makes perfect.

There are those who spend their lives avoiding pain, but who avoids pain avoids life as well. They are two parts of the same coin. Pain and life go together. The important thing is to know Interpret that pain so it doesn't make you suffer. It's about making conscience free you.

To achieve this personally I like prevention more than acting. The way to prevent suffering, and not pain, is meditation. It's about releasing. Look at him face to face and then let go of your emotions. It will not leave your memory, but it will stop making you shiver.

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Keep calm

Tell your mind that this is better

To love the challenge is to say yes to life. You may see it more fun and exciting. Is to say yes to now. You may feel that way with much more energy and motivation. To love the challenge is to say I love you and I will always believe in you no matter what.

With this attitude, we can face difficulties without fear. As if they were a game. That's better, it's more fun. Maybe at first you don't believe it, that's why you need practice. Life poses small daily difficulties. It is in these difficulties that you have to repeat yourself again and again: I love the challenge, it is better that way, so I will live more intensely and with more passion.

This will send a message to your mind often fearful and escapist. He will tell you to be brave, so in this way, when bigger difficulties come, you have already adopted the habit of facing them and looking for solutions no matter what happens and thus overcome them.

Not tomorrow, right now

I remember when my Boss in Liverpool told me:

David, when are you going to be able to do your job faster to meet the company's standards? I answered him. I've been working here for 3 days. I have never worked on this. Maybe in a week.

At that moment he crossed his arms and answered: Tomorrow no, RIGHT NOW! Not tomorrow. Right now!

How I miss him ...

And is that living now does not only mean enjoying the present and its wonders. It is also to demand one's full potential. Because only then can we afford to grow. Feeling present in our body and in our mind giving everything. Only if we get used to facing difficulties with confidence every day, will we prepare ourselves to overcome anything. So that pain does not destroy us with suffering.

Not tomorrow. Right now!

You may not get it right now. You may need more training. But if you try hard to try with all your might, you end up getting it earlier than you imagined you could.

I never discussed my boss there. When he raised his voice, he didn't hold a grudge. I thanked him a few days later because he had allowed me to be better. I never lost my smile and never criticized him. After a month and a half, he gave me the best job in the entire store and with the best schedule.

Accept life as it comes to fight later

Anger does not lead us to anything good. Life is the way it is! You can accept it, keep your good mood and fight for what you want. Try to grow every moment. Or you can criticize, work reluctantly, and live in disgrace. I made the first option in Liverpool. I learned to work hard. To appreciate who seems to be attacking me to get my maximum, and I earned his respect and appreciation and he mine. Now I feel proud, and I have created a very placid memory.

There are only two paths. Fight with life or fight against it.

And some will think, get your maximum? Your boss just wanted to squeeze you. Make the most of you. And I will tell you very clearly: That's right, as in all the works of this world. You can try to get on that stream and make that requirement develop your full potential, which will make you more valuable in the long term and receive your prize. It may even make you a boss one day. That you learn to face difficulties almost without seeing it. Or you can complain, feel miserable and enjoy self-pity. Mechanisms of frustration and anger that lead to confrontation.

The next time you demand your maximum, instead of filling yourself with the hell of resentment, feel the sky of gratitude and the desire to overcome.

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Worry less and enjoy life more

Turning problems around and around, nothing is achieved. You only gain in stress and frustration. However, many people do. But the mind will only repeat over and over what it has already stored. It's stupid. Instead worry less and act more.

If you put all your attention on the problem, you will not have resources to see the solutions.

Sometimes they ask me things that are so simple to see that even a child could have answered them. But the problem is not lack of intelligence or knowledge, but of blindness. Round and round. More and more stress. And the solutions become completely elusive. They are not given the attention they need to appear.

We all have problems. Bye thank you. What a bore if we didn't have them. Thanks to them we grow and feel proud and happy to overcome them. People and companies, which are nothing more than groups of people, we become strong. We learn to keep calm.

What boredom would be to turn your back on the challenges? Run to them. Love they!!

There are people who have so few problems, that when one comes up, however small, they seem to be seeing the Apocalypse. Don't fall for this comfort hoax.

Smile before acting

When a problem arises, stand before him with your biggest defiant smile. With the most confident. Get upright and feel bigger, and stronger. Your body accompanies your feelings. The universe is testing you. A challenge to live with passion now. And you know that you are able to overcome anything. Ride with steel feet, iron spirit and a heart of fire.

Do not lose your happiness and calm looking to avoid the problem, cursing or thinking too much why. There will be time to investigate why when it is resolved, or it may appear while it is resolved.

Remember: If you project yourself in the solution with your whole being, instead of losing yourself in the problem well, you will be a problem solver wherever you go.

Find your cause in everything you do

When what you fight for is a real dream, something that excites you and enlightens your life, Stop being a struggle and become a divinity that enlightens your life.

The hours of work pass quickly and happily and the physical and mental fatigue is very bearable because it hardly entails psychological wear.

However, there will always be moments of struggle. Enthusiasm is volatile, difficulties come and frustration can occur from time to time to await the party. It is a psychological battle.

These are the moments when, despite not having the enthusiasm, you keep fighting. These are the moments in which we really demonstrate that what we want not only depends on the moments of illusion, but that We are committed to the cause and despite having to face difficulties we will not abandon.

Face difficulties to awaken your intelligence

All we forge a unique knowledge based on our own interpretation of the stimuli that come to us. We can all dream by making our imagination a cane that guides us and gives answers.

Genius is not a plant that sprouts only in academic centers; It is wild flower that is born in the forest alone, without requiring help from others.
Dale Carnegie

We call that capacity intelligence. But intelligence does not grow sitting. He often needs uncertaintybre. He needs the challenge and perseverance to finally light the bulb.

The world is full of answers. Some of them you will see written in the books, but for that reason you will not learn them. Learning is a more complex process than reading or memorizing. That is just withholding information. To learn you need to be a warrior. Test the information you have and is passed and mix it with your own intuition that is always present. The information needs to be wild again to be created again in new circumstances.

Never stop putting enthusiasm in everything you do and thus manage to face difficulties almost without thinking. Do not take anything for finished, because everything needs to be renewed as long as it remains alive. Thus you will plant the seed of intelligence every day that leads to the deepest success. The one that makes you reach all the learning you need now.

Meditation to achieve success

Try my meditation audio that will help you motivate yourself to achieve your goals. Resist difficulties, reduce the volume of problems, and get the energy and perseverance you need to make your dreams come true.

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Exciting is the darkness that precedes what is yet to come. Exciting is to turn on those lights of tomorrow without waiting to have seen them already. Without waiting for them to appear as we had imagined them. For it is in the unknown where bridges light up and streets are breathed. Do not expect anything. Do not want to be told what will come or be. Enter to wake him up in you and that what you see becomes a part of those bits of matter that form you.

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