Friend zone? Get out of there now!

The friend zone, or as it is most commonly expressed, falls into the friend zone, responds to the situation in which a conflict of interest occurs where the needs of the boy or the girl are not matched by that person who attracts them. A person who, despite the fact that he values ​​our company, only does it as friends without wanting to move to a romantic or sexual level as we would like, or that we find ourselves on a purely sexual level and do not want to be our partner.

“I love you very much as a friend and I would not like our friendship to be ruined. You are worth a lot and you will find a girl better than me ”

"I don't want to have a relationship with any girl right now, but you will recognize that we had a great time together (in bed, of course) and I would like to continue seeing each other"

At this moment you enter a bottomless pit, where you try to conquer it by all means until in the end it is most likely that everything goes to the baton if you are not careful. In this article we will learn several basic and essential tips that will help us manage our emotions and attitudes in order to get out or avoid the negative behaviors that this may cause, or at least prevent us from falling back into a future in the friends zone.

Your time has come ...

We all go through bad times. Moments of discouragement where the motivation is for the floors and everything is painted with a deep black. And when I say all, it's all. Even the most expert and wise teacher has his moments of weakness. Even the best of leaders can feel crushed between the walls that imprison the limits of their mind.

These negative emotions of defeat are also perceived when we find ourselves in the darkness of only friends. And we must be careful because if we do not have an adequate attitude towards them, we can end up attacking our own self-esteem continuously (it is that I am not worth enough for him, he will think that I am an ugly boy for her, it is that who will want to be with me ... ). DON'T ALLOW IT EVER! Those thoughts are not real. Your own mind can be your worst enemy! Set aside those thoughts and replace them with positives that motivate you to act and grow. The "I can not" are excuses of bad payers. Accept it and move on!

Falling is human, but more human is getting up. More human is to say ENOUGH! More human is to overcome and learn to grow in adversity. It is on the ground after the hard blow when the fighter learns that he has to get up and start doing his best. Trust yourself and when everything is black, take out the white nuances that you hide behind your smile. Look to the future and think how beautiful it will be when you wake up with new learning and the most charged batteries.

When I began to be interested in self-improvement, I also went through an experience of “friends only” and thanks to her today you are reading these lines, because I took advantage of my failures to motivate me to improve my present and thus also be more prepared for me future. Thanks to the world denying me that girl I wanted so much in her day, I decided to improve myself and improve, and this attitude has brought me many successes in my life in areas that I used to see impossible or fanciful. Give yourself a chance too! Wrap yourself in the immense beauty that only finds us in the now, and rise stronger than ever. There is no fall large enough for one who learns to resurface from his ashes.

Do not become obsessed and avoid being overwhelmed and doing nonsense

When we want one person and he only wants us as friends, it becomes an obsession that causes our mind to deceive us and make us value the other person more than we would really value it being fully rational. WE SEE IT WITH A SELL IN THE EYES! OPEN THE! REMOVE THE SELL!

It happens to us like the little boy who is denied the ball. Finally his father gives him the ball to shut up and the boy ends up sending him to punch. Actually the ball did not interest him in the least, it only interested him psychologically. He was only interested in satisfying his desire for possession of what he was denied and thus being able to satisfy his ego. But possession is not love. I have ended up having relationships with girls with whom I had long been in the friends area, and after getting them I began to see them as they really were and I realized that I did not like them as much as I thought.

Therefore and as a conclusion, when we are in the friends zone we find a vision distorted by a denied or unfulfilled desire, and well to avoid the friends area to get out of it, we must be aware of this reality and ensure that we do not It affects too much.

Flip the tortilla

Let's see now how to act in this type of situation to end up conquering this girl or boy that we like.

With this person who knows that you have been cast by her you have to be careful. She must perceive that she no longer has you seduced or seduced at all costs, but rather that you appreciate her as a friend and accept that it is best for both of you to be just friends. What we are going to do is “accept” that friendship that he proposes to us, and move from seducing from the mental context of which pursues without being reciprocated, in seduce from a friendship.

With this we will achieve several things:


Change the mental concept of "I persecute" and "you are the persecuted", for a context in which both parties share the same interest in each other in balance. From that new framework we will have time to start seducing the other person from friendship. As they said in the movie "The ghosts of my exnovias", the power in a relationship has the one who least loves them. So let's match that we can.


Turn your friendship relationship into a "seductive friendly" relationship. What I mean by this is that within that relationship of friendship accepted by both, the game and eroticism prevail. Or what is the same, let's start seducing the other person from the context of: what I do I do so we have fun playing together, but I have no interest in you beyond friendship. After the process of seduction that we have achieved after accepting their friendship and taking advantage of that time within the area friends to seduce, the perception that the other person will have of us will have changed. We will have persuaded you to think differently about us. He will associate many positive emotions with our company and will not want to lose us in any way, where love will come from.


Finally, our observation and intuition that we have been talking about so much in many articles will guide us in the face of taking that step that allows us to move from the friends area to a romantic or sexual relationship.

A true seducer is not afraid to fall in the area friends, because he knows that his personality is so attractive that just spending time with the other person will cause him to end up falling in love with him.

Essential Recommendations

You will notice that I make a small incision in the first one. I've put it a little bigger for something. That this detail does not fall in sack, please.

1. Don't get overwhelmed! Live the present

The friends zone not only includes friends without more, but we can also find ourselves in a situation where there is a sexual relationship but one of the two parties wants to move into a serious relationship. In this case to achieve that relationship we must do the same as we have already explained, but with special care not to cause stress. LIVE THE PRESENT! Without living the present it is very difficult to fall in love with that boy or girl that you like. Seduction needs its magic.

The girls tend to fall more into this error, since they usually look for the boy to give them the assurance that that sexual relationship will happen in the future to be loving (this is the most repeated context since the time of Christopher Columbus, which seems to me to be late ). But the burden is very anti-seductive, so we must avoid it at all costs or generate this negative emotion and disenchantment in the other person. Let things happen instead of forcing them! Do you see how beautiful it sounds?

2. Be patient and give yourself time ... or go for everyone as soon as possible.

The process seen before can be used in a very short time, from a night in a disco where we accept friendship and continue to seduce our ball and that same night already ends up a mess with the desired person, even in relationships of years of friendship .

Leaving the friends zone is more complicated as the friends zone is more advanced. It is not the same to leave the area friends with a person we met a week, a few days or a night, where we might accept their friendship as a prevention and gain of time, so that he did not suspect that we wanted to seduce her and proceed to attack fast, that with one that we have known for a year and already knows us quite a bit which could be surprised by a change in our attitude. Depending on your situation, be patient and try to address it as you see fit.

3. Prepare to improve yourself

Let's face it, to be attractive to a person for whom we were not before but as friends is not something simple when you continue doing the same thing that you have been doing until now. The blow of effect of ceasing to be showing our interest in her continuously for accepting friendship and being faithful to that decision will change her perception, but it will not be enough. You must seduce that person as I have been saying and have the ability to play with wit. This is something that you will have to develop and that from this web page we can help you, but accept it as soon as possible and get excited about that change that can contribute so much to your life in the future. You must increase your attractiveness to adapt it to the demands of the other person and get their needs met.

4. Check it out and if you fall, manage it

In the event that any progress could go wrong, for example try to kiss her and she tells you that you are only friends. Take a lot of nose and laugh at the matter.

“Maria, what do you want me to do, you wear that tight dress that looks so sexy that you already lose me and I forget that we are just friends hahahaha”

Humor is able to solve any crap. Never leave your company at home.

#wearebrave #captivatesensations

Freedom is our most precious value, it was Buddha who said it. But all freedom requires a certain air of rebellion always alive and latent. Feeding that own criterion that makes us feel independent so that our creative spirit never falters.

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4 replies on "Friend zone? Get out of there now!"

  • Daniela

    Hello, thank you very much for the contribution, believe me that later I realized that I was doing absolutely everything wrong, and I will change my strategy and the truth is, overwhelming is the worst and according to me for always wanting to make things clear with it, a question: he and I are friends we have almost 3 years of friendship and a year ago of having something intimate and he has been sincere that he does not want to lose me as a friend because it can be said that he is not much to generate feeling I think he has a problem of alexitemia in addition to a too low self-esteem and child abuse, the thing is that she has a girlfriend and she speaks to me sincerely but she has told me that I do not care about her, apparently it is not that she goes to marry her, I think that He knows that he wants not to know how to feel emotions because he is a cold person and exporadically he tells me that he loves me, what he has told me is that he values ​​my friendship very much and would not want to lose me and that even if he does not say it or show it he loves me, With all that, you think if I followed your co I advise you, let me tell you that I have been reading your page a lot and about how to have more labia, how to speak by message, emotional intelligence is something that I call too much attention, I began to watch your meditation videos, change the chip completely, first to since I am or at a certain point I was insecure and not very sociable, in doing what is read here in terms of friendship, I think that because of how he is, how I change, I can get something or it is better to withdraw from it. Thank you very much for everything, I know I arrived a little late with your page to find it but it is never too late to start, and everything that says I can not find the logic to not believe in everything. Many thanks from someone who is changing his life.

    • David Jungle

      Thank you very much Daniela, I was very happy to see that my articles and audios may be helping you and that the passion for self-improvement is already a habit in your life 😉

      As for what you tell me, as written here, it does not seem that it is very worth the effort to conquer that boy because even your opinion about him does not seem too positive to be able to have a satisfactory love relationship with him.

      I believe that where we place our attention is where we are going. If you direct your attention to meet other children without a partner and willing to fall in love, surely with a little time you will find someone to start a relationship without so many problems added. Keep in mind that our mind tends to become quite obsessed with challenges and what we like but we are elusive. You might ask yourself if you would really value that boy in a relationship or you have only created an ideal of what it could be, as I commented in my article about love obsessions:

      Obviously I cannot tell you what you should do, neither you nor anyone else, because you are the active subject of your own story and the only one who has all the information to know what he wants. However, in your case and from what you said here, I would open up to meet other boys. As far as I know about seduction, it may be that even when that boy sees you going out with others, he is encouraged to conquer you and leave his girlfriend if he is not clear about her with the fear of losing you forever. However, if he feels he has you there waiting, it will be rare for him to be motivated to make any false steps.

      Thank you very much Daniela for your trust, I hope that my opinion has been able to help you and if you have any more questions do not hesitate to ask me.

      A hug!

  • Fabian

    Hello david! Nice to talk to you!
    I would like to tell you my story a little, about 2 months ago. that we met with this girl, at first we talked a lot without any intention, but then I liked it for everything I met her, we went out and got to the kisses, that was two weeks ago. From one moment to another he tells me that he has reflected a lot and that “he does not want to continue with this, that she does not understand it either but there is something that does not allow her to surrender completely”, she told me that I was super played, very interesting, I wish I knew someone, who could talk about any subject with me but didn't want to continue. He also doesn't want to lose friendship with me, he even put an example of Rachel with Joey from friends, that that degree of friendship wanted us to have. Maybe I had some attitude that I don't like or maybe my attitude was more of "friend," I don't know, after they tell you something like that, I think you start looking for a thousand possible causes of what you did wrong or "looking for the cat's fifth foot" . At the moment I don't want to be your friend haha, I like it, but I don't know if I could follow the recommendations you make in this article, in your opinion what could I do?

    Beforehand thank you very much!! Very good page!

    • David Jungle

      Hello Fabian,

      It's hard to know why you tell me exactly why she doesn't want a long-term relationship but a friendship. Although in most of these cases it usually happens that what fails is the sexual component. That is, that person we prefer as a friend who does not excite us as a couple and therefore we do not notice that "spark" or those butterflies in the stomach. Keep in mind that women want a sexual man who is able to make them "crazy" and move forward in that area naturally. If when we have to move towards the sexual plane we do not do it for some fear, or as you say, our attitude is more of a friend, we always run the risk of rethinking if he wants to continue knowing us in a loving way.

      However, this is not the only thing. I don't know if you're familiar with the emotional communication model that I teach in many of my articles and in my books. In that model I also talk a lot about how to generate an emotional connection. Since without that emotional connection, someone can like us or seem very nice and pleasant, even sexual. But if we don't feel that we share ties that unite us, we won't dream of being with her either.

      My advice in your case would be, as a starting point, to avoid becoming obsessed with that person and think about doing all kinds of things you can do to conquer it. Since you can feed a despair nothing attractive and end up doing things that more than attract it to drive it away. From there, I would start working on yourself improving your way of communicating and seducing both that girl and any other to avoid that obsession that I have told you, seeing it as a personal development process to attract better experiences to your life , not as something you do to conquer her alone.

      You can start by reading some articles, like this one, to see if you are really knowing how to sexualize your conversations and carry out what you learn:

      From there, I already tell you that there is nothing lost, because if you get from the friendship or with some contacts go generating in that girl the emotions that you did not manage to generate before, I could change your mind. Especially as long as you don't press it. That is, you could try to have sex with her, but always from the attitude that that sex does not compromise you, that it occurs to enjoy the present moment and that in the future you will see what happens ... Well, on many occasions we propose friendship to feel that we want something long term when the other is not clear, so if we avoid thinking that we want to be our partner and we make it clear that for that to happen it would have to arise between the two over time and that we would not bother if it did not happen because at all times we respect their freedom and we are not people who become obsessed, thus counteracting their fears to be carried away by the seduction that we propose.

      Anyway, as you can see there is a lot of fabric to cut behind all this and many possibilities, since the interests of the other person would also come into play, being able to put us in the case that you are thinking of traveling in a few months and just want temporary adventures that give you sexual experiences without any commitment, for example. The interests of the other person condition everything and will not always tell us. So try to play your faces and avoid animating an unpredictable and uncertain outcome.

      Any other questions that may arise you can ask me.

      Greetings Fabian and happy week!


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