Erotic stories: Seduction, rock and few words

In the environment it smelled like rock. The beers were sailing along the bar served by the captains under their command. For me, just one more night.

I don't even want to meet anyone.

I would almost rather have plunged into the loneliness of home. Having let the walls absorb me. A little meditation and a glass of wine. That would have been a great plan, but there it was. Once again watching laughs pass. Some false, others true.

My thoughts leave when a girl of no more than 20 years crosses against me a mischievous look that hits with my face. If the eyes could be born bumps, this would have been a very fat one. The nerves fire.

One more night they come to tell me that maybe nothing is over. That possibly the bridal dance of the adventure is willing to return me to my origins and give a good shot to this boring heart.

"Nice look!" I tell her, suddenly catching her.


-Thank you!!

Answer with courage, but without saying anything else. Then I know that it will be my turn to work to flirt without speaking much. Which sometimes I feel like and celebrate. Others not so much.

"You'll have to give me some advice then."

-About what?

"If I have to resist your spell, believe me!" Any advice is welcome.

The loud music allows us to dance between whisper and whisper. It leaves me with enough hearing to get close to your ear. Slow, record, sexual. I'm not joking tonight, and you start to breathe tension between the two.

At that moment her friends arrive as warriors who fight to get us out of our magical moment of intense looks, forbidden closeness and brief words. I keep looking at her and I remain impassive watching the scene.

When the number calms down, I approach again for my forbidden fruit.

"I think your friends don't consider me a good boy for you," I whisper again in her ear as I allow my hand to pick up her waist.

"Well, what they think doesn't matter to me."

"Even if they're right?"

"I don't think you're so bad."

"Challenge me if you want," I snort, looking at her closely.

3 more thumbs and you would notice the moisture of your lips.

"Do you know you have very dilated pupils?" I continue telling him. They have a special shine. You should thank me.

"If you're going to be mean to me, I don't see why I should thank you."

We both smiled and stared at each other.

"No, wolf look." Trust me I'll be mean to you. But trust more that you will enjoy it. We will both enjoy being bad ...

Our lips then cross their lines of defense. On fire and glue I begin to feel it hot next to me. Its thin and soft waist. The dark black of her hair. The red shoes that steep before me to receive my gifts. And tremble. She trembles. I tremble. We tremble together.

Tremble small. You won't want to escape from this!

We left the pub, rock and spies of her friends to get into a taxi that will make us a celestial float. The darkness of Murcia sails whispering through the streets. He sneaks through his murmurs at the pace of hot couples and crazy teenagers.

"Can I ask you a small favor?" - I say leaning towards her while trying to open the old door of her university flat.

While I feel her ass in my sex ...

"I don't know if by now I would be very willing to deny you something reasonable," he says, laughing at his own comment.

"I think you should put your heels on."

-Haha! It will be a pleasure. But what do you intend to do with the rest?

"Open that happy door at once and we'll find out."

His flat is as expected. Something less old than that squeaky door. Coquettishly renovated with cheerful paintings and ruinous modern furniture from Ikea. Kiss by kiss we cross a corridor that becomes almost infinite. Once in his room he pushes me against his bed.

"Didn't you want to see me only in heels?"

-Of course. And something tells me that I won't have to wait long.

He slowly approaches my seemingly annoying.
Pretending, of course. You have to give it emotion.

"Now by bossy you are going to stay with the desire doll," he provokes with an angry look as he walks his hands through my package.

What the hell do you want to play? Suddenly he starts kissing me. He manages to free my member, and without saying anything else, he puts it in his mouth.

God what fleshy lips he has!

It purrs again and again. Groan and groan. Anyone would say that I wasn't wishing for it. I close my eyes, something that is hard for me to do. I love looking at her. She stares her green eyes at mine as she plays with her tongue to drag me with pleasure. The whole world melts in his mouth.

Gently, inside and outside. Excited. Possessed.

"I knew you would like this," I hear him say between one groan and another.

"I admire your wisdom to guess certain things," I just waited smiling as I can.

"She's very rich."


"I'm glad to hear that, but I'm still waiting for your promise."

I hear my voice break through the shudder.

After sucking my sex effusively once again, he gets up and starts dancing in front of me.

What are you doing?

It makes me a kind of impromptu amateur stripties quite flirtatious. It's fun to see her so cheerful.

Despite being so quiet at the beginning, she certainly feels comfortable now. The prize approaching her to tell her how much I am liking her.

"Do you know that I love you?" I whisper aggressively as I corner her against the wall.

I hit her well and start to tear off her pants. Sighs! Almost scared, but smiling.

Supporting her back to me, I deposit her open ass fully available to receive me and as I thought, those heels enhance her slender youthful figure.

If I am to go to hell for this, it will be worth it.

-Do not hurt me. I'm delicate, ”he whispers amusedly looking back at me.

I sink into its depths at a stroke.
It is wet, very wet. And very tight. 20 years are to blame. She groans in screams of pain and intense pleasure. I feel her cool and bristly ass against my hips. Every touch of her sex is a forbidden paradise that she invites me to visit.
I am your guest.

-Give it to me! Give me your little ass, little lobita - whisper and whisper. -Do you feel Me? I continue whispering in a gracious voice.

"Pufff, I feel you." I feel you…

It melts into a prolonged growl that tears his voice.

Is beautiful. It drives me crazy to see her enjoy while I feel how she runs over me. His whole body vibrates becoming rigid. Shivering against the wall as he grabs me by the neck with one hand. Offering me his ass.

It runs and runs.
And it gets wet. Fuck!

As soon as the turn turns calm in front of me.
With his look of desire completely lost.

She throws herself desperate to kiss me.
Like the castaway
that kisses the earth
after months wandering
in the ocean.

With his hands on my neck he looks at me lasciviously. He still wants more fireworks.
And I, not innocently, let myself be carried away by his wishes ...

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