Erotic stories: Landing in the bathroom

I feel aggressive. I do not want anything to start making the asshole with where you are from and bullshit of the style. From walking through the branches I have fallen many times to the hard ground. Maybe what I need is to go home and lie down to read a good book. Possibly accompanying its pages of a glass of wine.

My friends try to cheer me up with the scant success of a jester ignored by his court. And yet we started to walk ... Even so I always let myself get involved.

The pub area is dead. Only one place seems to survive. In comatose state, but alive ... So we went to see what we found.

The pub is small and it is not half full, but it is not necessary, because as soon as we enter we see two girls with the spirit and brightness of noble youth. The most active of the two introduces us to the other friend before we can open the beak. They take the initiative!

"Her name is Ana," says the less graceful as she exposes me to her friend as if it were a museum work she tries to sell.

We exchanged names, then a couple of kisses. And then we all remain silent as fools. At least for a few seconds.


David! Awake! Since you're here, at least try to cheer up the cotarro a bit. Take out the spicy and bite coldly!

I look at the museum receptionist. Yes, in the presents friends. My lack of enthusiasm has left me and as he who regains his sight, I begin to appreciate what I have in front of me. The girl who tried to introduce me in beautiful, but I'm more interested in her. All of her with her dark eyes and brown skin. With its medium height of slender forms. With his beautiful and delicate face that shows the mischief of having broken more than one plate.

So I tell myself, since we are here, we will try to cheer up the cotarro ...

"I guess you are a very expressive girl." I address her directly while the rest of those present win the cold of my ignorance.

-Yes? Why? He replies with a youthful gesture.

"For the face you just put on," I say, interpreting his gestures with exaggeration.

"The truth is that they tell me a lot that I am expressive," she whispers, giving away a shy laugh that burns in my hands.

I pause. Calm! Calm! Calm! I tell myself penetrating his eyes while we both fall prey to the bewitching of our chasms.

"What else do they say about you?" I keep putting it against the wall with a clear gesture of sexuality in my intonation.

I show expectation;
While she doubts.

-Well I do not know.

"I could tell you that besides being very expressive, you are an outgoing girl," I propose, lending him a hand. Otherwise you wouldn't have introduced us to your friend with such little mercy.

"Well, maybe a little," she replies as her shy laugh fights back in my head.

- Although you also have moments of shyness and nervousness. Especially in front of an attractive guy like you are now, right? I rattle arrogantly showing my most shameless side.

"I like your hair," he replies, returning to his innocent tone. But hey, yes. I'm a little shy too, although I don't think it's bad at all.

I look at her without saying anything and smile,
she looks away, directs her to the ground nervously,
confusing, like the one who looks at an empty glass.

"Look me in the eye, please," I order as I take it from his left hand.

His skin is soft. I caress her fingers slowly and a dawn opens bright in our touch. I feel your nervousness. The vibration of the one who fears to stay but fears more to leave; miss it.

-What is your name? You still haven't told me — I ask in a more relaxed tone.

"Monica," he replies, trying to regain a safer composure.

"Very good Monica, I'm David." You know? I really like that you are smiling. You keep smiling at me despite how nervous you are.

"I'm not nervous," she replies, and without pretending, I realize that I can use this as a hook.

I approach her and give her a slow and soft kiss on the cheek. Walking with my lips on her skin ... Smelling her perfume while I fall in the expectation of what is about to happen.

"And now you're a little more nervous?"

Keep laughing and looking away while holding and stroking your hand.

"The truth is that you are making me a little nervous, yes," he replies, pulling hard on my righteous before tying me in a meaningful, compassionate kiss.

I don't know if I approach him or her, but I bite. I bite his full lips, forbidden like the sweetness of some apple picked up by Adam in his Eden from beyond.

"I like that more Monica." You have to be honest with me, because I am very sincere.


"I'm so sincere, I have to let you know." I'm not a good boy for you - I whisper seriously; impacting sex to stamp on words.

I play to burn myself, creating a barrier through fear.
Loving the unpredictable. The bewilderment that attracts the cat to the dark.

"Why aren't you a good boy?" He asks in the grip of curiosity.

"Because I'm not good with girls like you," I keep staring at her and her beautiful features attack me like indiscriminate bullets. You can run whenever you want.

His face changes. It is freaking out. I laugh inside but at the same time I warn myself that I have to lower sexual fumes if I don't want to end up intoxicating this. I propose a game to examine it and strive to like it. He is very young and he sure likes this nonsense.

"I'm going to ask you a game, to find out if you're really not a shy girl." I don't like shy girls.

- Let's see, what game?

"I'm going to ask you something that is embarrassing." Without passing me. And you will have to do it, ”I propose. Then you can ask me something different from me.

"Ok, but first tell me what it is." I'm not going to throw into the pool without knowing if there is water.

Without further delay, I pose my challenge.

—You have to put yourself in the center of the track, raise one arm and shout: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

I pose an easy, easy challenge. The trick is to start slowly with some bullshit and later give it a somersault to end up proposing sex. Is this a good kick to the old testament? Let's play then!

"Puahh!" That is sucked! If I was doing it before ...

"Then go ahead ..."

Without thinking much it is located in the center of the track and hits a shout that is heard throughout the pub. People stare at her and I start to unhold me.

"Very good Monica, you deserve a kiss," I say, trying to contain my laughter.

I give him a slow and caressing kiss on the neck. Feeling a chill vibrate on my lips.

"Come here," I hold her hand.

I take her to some stools a little more apart. All the sections that could be in such a small pub. And we started talking about everything a little. What we do or what we want to do for a living, what are our professional dreams, and of course, hobbies. Interesting topics to meet us.

Little by little I like it more. I approach and bite him on the lips.
She complains, but doesn't tell me to stop.
I get up inviting her to rise with me as I approach her.
Together his sex and mine squeezing my hand to the lower part of his waist.
She sighs. It sulphides!

"I want to get lost in you, Monica." Caress you hard. Squeeze your bare ass with my hands - provocative whisper.

I feel like my voice more hoarse and deep sings in his ears breaking his lines. Leaving it without structures. As I am, no shield. A bare chest wanting to enter their paradises. Like the abandoned dog that finally finds owner. I want to make it completely mine.

"You were right, you're not good." Stop provoking me, ”she whispers as she bites me amusedly.

"I had warned you." I want to feel inside you, Monica. And that the world explodes because I promise you that you and I will not find out anything while doing so.

We keep kissing ... As tobacco smoke intoxicates my mind and my thoughts.
I don't think I can take much more.

-Come with me! She says, taking my hand.

Where does it take me? Won't it take me where I think I'm thinking it takes me? No, I do not think so.

But yes!

He leads me to the boys' toilet. This is going to be sex in the bathroom! Something caught me off guard, but God, I can't refuse. We wait for a boy to leave one of the two doors, and I get inside. While another boy contemplates the work without giving credit.

Once inside we continue kissing. I put my hand under his pants; Noticing its humidity. I touch her sex with gentle pressure and I realize she has a little beauty. She screams contained in my ear sticking more to my body. I caress his clitoris, I bite him. I squeeze her ass, but this time under her pants.

"We'll have to hurry up, don't we want them to throw us out?"

"I don't care," she replies. If they don't kick out, we can always go elsewhere - scratch with his words.

I turn it over and put its steep ass in front of me.
Oh my god! My God does not come out in Spanish anymore.
She looks at me while I take off my pants,
put his hand and start touching my cock,
Up, down, up and down.

I love feeling your hand, it's still just as soft on my member. But now I love her. He brought his ass close to me and tried to penetrate her gently. His sex is very closed, but at the same time wet.
Very very wet
He looks me in the eye. Fixedly!
It hits me with misilazos, surrounding all my maps with your desire. And I feel it, God how I feel it.
He penetrated it again and again while I grab his ass tightly.
She groans! Broken groans screaming like libertarians.
I cover his mouth gently with my hand.

"I love how you scream, but now you don't look like the shy and good girl you were." Keep looking at me like that. Feel my cock inside you. Give it to me! Give me your ass. It's mine - I whisper in his ear in a sexual voice and his breathing speeds up.

It starts to vibrate and I feel its orgasm. It is coming,
God how precious is now about to cum.
I can not imagine more beautiful picture.
I watch her run, and finally,
I'm leaving too…

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