Erotic stories: Don't hear us!

Your gaze is fixed on me and it crosses me like the luminosity of the universe. You tell me no, that it is not the time and that my parents can listen to us. But my hands move with my own life and have already decided to caress your sex with the same pressure with which our desires invade us.

You push it away, and you tell me again not with a tender and mischievous smile. I feel like a shiver runs down the back of my neck, sweeping the borders of containment. I can't resist your feminine charms as I perceive how your body trembles with desire.

His face is angelic, warm and morbid. I wonder if Miguel Angel himself would be able to build such beauty in one of his sculptures ... although we will never know. His velvety black skirt makes my hands enjoy the softness that accompanies its vertiginously rounded curves. I think I'm going to lose my mind ...

I take you hard and I astride you. Your lips crave mine so much that your kisses translate to bites as if they wanted to speak a language they don't know. Grabbed by my neck you laugh when my hands caress your wet vagina.

Again you tell me no, but this time without the use of your tongue. That tongue that I wish so much to wander through my member who sighs loudly to free himself from his imprisonment. My mind plans a mutiny to escape from that prison of cowboy bars. My right hand presses your sex again with strong and fast movements. The music starts to sound with your groans, but I scold you so that my parents don't listen to us and discover.

—You're crazy, we can't do anything here, I don't want your parents to catch us


"I don't feel like sharing your groans with anyone." They are heavenly music for me. But don't worry about that, I'll take care of you to keep them

"You're making me really bad, but we're not going to do anything, so stop ..."

His feet rest on the ground again, but his gaze has stolen fire from hell itself. I approach her scrubbing my erection on her body. His breathing slowly steps on the accelerator.

"I want to be inside you." I want to see your face blur and show me the release of your content desire.

"I hate you ... shut up now!"

"You don't like me to let you know how much you put me?" Or are you not feeling it?

He puts his hand on my cock and rubs with it while looking at me willingly, sighing like a whisper that just came out of hiding


"I love you all for me and see how you get inside while you beg me to fuck you harder and harder."

"Tomorrow, not today."

I lay her on the couch in my room and lay on top of her. A sum of changing sensations devastate my body and I need to feel a single being within it. I ask the devil to plead to take that fault away and throw it away from her. I need to savor your sex with my tongue and press on it while I feel your hands tangled in my hair.

"I want to taste you all!" Starting here ... - I say in a broken voice because of my accelerated breath and press on her vagina with my hands

-So? Right over there? —He tells me with his naughty and playful smile

"Yes, although I'm not going to settle for that." You'll have to endure the torture of my cock entering and leaving you while we look into each other's eyes ...

I begin to move on her, hitting my erection on her sex with my clothes on. His hands rest on my back and he starts moaning loudly. He has full and sweet lips that I imprison with my hands so that he does not unleash in a scandal.

"Don't force me to gag you beautiful," I say in a provocative and challenging tone.

"Stop doing that or I'm going to run with my clothes on

"Who told you that these are not my intentions?" I'm already looking forward to seeing how you do it ...

His gaze begins to mix desire and tenderness while his excitement takes over his whole being. My words do nothing but excite her more and more. My hand remains a faithful censer of his groans, until he finally closes his eyes and releases a loud sigh.

"Have you run beautiful?"

"You know very well yes," he says, feeling tender with a loving smile.

"I don't think it's too fair that you have profited from my love services to free you and that I was imprisoned in my desires.

"Having thought about it before, doll, I already told you we weren't going to do anything here."

"Are you sure about it?"

I raise her shirt and start kissing her abdomen while stroking it firmly with my hands. I cannot contain my appetite and my feelings towards her begin to govern me as the strongest of the dictators. For a moment I think that making love would not be enough for me. The softness of its skin and its pleasant taste captivate me more and more and more strongly.

"Let me into you, if only a little." I want to feel you. We will not make any scandal.

"Puffff, I don't know if I trust myself." He tells me revealing his great excitement despite his first time orgasm.

We rejoin and start kissing. My excitement takes me as a drifting ship and I don't wait for my clothes to take off, but I detach myself from it. After looking into my eyes and giving myself a mischievous smile, he kneels on the couch and brings my member to his mouth. Her lips are full and her tongue dances kindly for my member, plunging me into an ocean of pleasure.

I contemplate her beautiful face while she sucks it first gently and delicately and then more quickly and intensely. I can't help moving my body to the sound that marks her mouth as an orchestra conductor. I stop her and give her a kiss that she knows in gratitude for the pleasure she has decided to grant me on her own. His clothes fall to the ground from my hands, I open his legs and begin to penetrate her insistently.

"You can't even imagine the desire I had to be inside you again," he whispered in her ear as her eyes drifted in the ceiling of the room.

—Quiet, I am more than happy to receive you

Her body begins to bathe in sweat and as I contemplate it all for me I begin to feel one of her big and beautiful breasts.

—You have a body created for the purest desire. I can't stop looking at you, everything here for me. With your legs wide open.

"I'm all yours," he says as he hugs me tightly and begins to rub heavily against my body as I poke.

Her second orgasm is not long in coming, and I decide then that it is time for her to take command, but not before tasting her first on her sweet side lips that give birth to her pleasures. We sat on the couch and having it on top of me I feel like a child in an amusement park contemplating how he fucks me. I say fuck but much more correct would be to talk about making love.

I put my hands on her big tits that can barely hold them whole while still moving and moaning over me. It is totally soaked. While we look at each other full of passion, we can't help smiling and laughing like fools.

- Contemplating your body is a delight of nature. How your small tits put me ...

-Oh yeah?? Well enjoy it, who knows when it will be next time ...

"What are you thinking of letting me fallow for a season?"

"Yes, although I doubt that I will be able to resist your insinuations."

"Aren't you strong enough to put up with them?"

—The facts speaking for themselves…

After reaching her third orgasm she asks me to run and stare at her while I do it. I simply obey ...

Dedicated to beautiful girl!

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