Erotic stories: A trio as different as unexpected

I am lost in the streets of Logroño. Another one of so many times that I finish just as I wanted to be: «in struggle with myself and leaving the pack away, communicating ...». My friends have vanished as guided by the skirts. But for me tonight there is only one girl.

"Eiiiiii, where are you going?" Shout feminine voices with little subtlety.

I look at some garages in the middle of the long pedestrian road where I meet and see the group of girls with whom I had spent much of my night. But she, whom I want to suck from left to right and from top to bottom, the girl I want to smell like the philosopher who drinks a bottle of absinthe, doesn't accompany them.

"I see you have found an elegant space to make your feminine needs," I tease after observing that they have just finished pissing in those garages.

"Yes, what a remedy!" You've seen how the pub was.

"I have seen and suffered." The tail to pee was like that of unemployment but with people shrugging their legs - they laugh angrily. A spectacle to see, more than one will end up aiming to jump with a pole.


-Definitely! But well, we have been satisfied for a while, ”one of them replies giggling. By the way, you haven't answered us, where are you going?

"Well, I was going to look for my friends." After your vile kidnapping and your friend taking as a hobby to reject me again and again, I have lost sight of them. Luckily there is only one lodging to go to. A disco to which the Google Don GPS will kindly take me.

"Yes, we know what it is!" We are going to look for the rest and go there. Come with us we all go together - they propose.

I think about it for a few moments, because that brunette whom they call friend has left me a little finned, asshole and a little Hank Moody. I keep thinking of taking off that black lace dress with flight that so well stylizes its thin line. Without even thinking about the slightest consequence! Biting that naked round ass must be like taking a tour of the Garden of Eden.

"Okay, better accompanied than alone," I murmur.

I have always liked to throw this type of “spikes” to entertain and play a little more with them. We all like to have our noses touched a little if it is for fun. The magic of sense of humor...

-Go now! If you are delighted with us, come here, ”Sonia says in an animated tone as she takes me by the hand and gives me a push.

I like Sonia, she doesn't lose me like Maria, but it's fun. I would say younger and crazy. It is one of those girls that almost does not cut anything. Maria is more than those who analyze the repercussions a lot. Together they would make a good Molotov cocktail in my bed ...

Both Sonia and her other friend keep joking with me until we get to where it all started. That pub where I felt as seductive as rejected. A feeling that everyone who knows how to seduce with a certain patience should be familiar. On the one hand you feel power and on the other the vulnerability and the desire not to have the situation under control and not know what will happen. I love feeling this way!

There she waits for me at the door next to the rest of my friends. My Maria! A little more serious than usual, but without losing those sweet and slightly rounded features that form her beautiful face.

As on a summer night full of confidences, after a few minutes I see myself walking next to her on the way to the disco. God how precious it is! Despite getting me some years, I guess she will be in her 30s, and despite being elegantly dressed, her face illuminates youth.

"Why did you decide to be a teacher?" -I ask.

"I don't know, I guess it was a simple career where I could find a good job." When I decided, I was not very clear - he giggles, hiding a little shame.

"Well, but now it shows that you love it," I say, giving him a captivated man's smile.

-How are you so sure?

"I see it in your beautiful blue eyes." They are my magic ball of divination - I say with a subtle degree of rimbombancia in my voice.

Amos laughed but at the same time we felt that we connected to each other. How would I feel with my member on her tits right now while looking at me that way? Puffff, I put that thought away from my head! What's happening to me?

"When someone works on something he loves, it shows," I whisper, stating my arguments. Just starting to talk about your profession has begun to see a new glow in your eyes.

"Do you realize how many things you make up?" You are a captivating born! - he is laughing. Showing a complacent smile.

He doesn't tell me recriminating it, but fascinated. Attracted and rapt. Like an accusing flash full of romanticism.

"I have an inventive capacity but you are inspiring Maria," I whisper, leaving a silence that makes us more nervous. I don't know who of the two is more guilty - I suggest again, this time grabbing her by the waist.

I see that he feels comfortable, and I of course, I feel more than comfortable. I notice how sharp your waist is through the softness of the lace. The one who invites me to touch his skin. It is difficult to contain yourself to not imagine what it would be like to melt with your naked body. Grab his waist and let him fuck me. With her tits torpedoing my desires while my hands hold them firmly. Looking at those blue eyes that disconnect me from space time ...

Once we reach the disco, we continue talking while our eyes create flamethrower fire between the two. However, my attempts to kiss her have been in vain. Obviously you must have a partner. Maybe he just wants to feel wanted because his partner no longer causes him that feeling of lust that we miss so many times.

Once inside the disco, the friends decide to go to the toilet in a limited manner, except Maria, who denies the invitation to continue talking to me.

"Have they entered the toilet yet?" She asks looking at me while I see how her friends are out of spy combat behind her.

"Yes," I say something confused.

She approaches me burning all my senses with a strong kiss. More than strong! His tongue walks lustfully crashing into mine. More than tense suddenly I feel like a surfer who has just saved his life after getting rid of a gigantic wave. He grabbed that hard and jerky ass that he had been wanting to play for so long. I squeeze it hard. With the same tension that owns me.

"God, how long I've been wanting to touch you." Feel mine For me, all for me - I whisper in my ear as I strike his body against mine.

"Be calm, let's see if the tension is going to increase," she whispers, especially sexual and affectionate at the same time.

"The tension has already risen all night, although we are always on time to raise it more," I say as I see in his smile a gesture of wanting more.

I turn her around and lean her ass against my cock that can't be firmer, and I start whispering everything I want to do with her.

"Right now I would love to get lost in your legs." I stroke the upper part of her legs as I say, finishing my caress in her ass. Kiss, after kiss, after kiss, I would take off this dress to let my senses fly with your body. ”I shut up for a moment and keep whispering. Naked, totally exposed to me. Willing to fly with me.

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I feel her so close that I feel her tremble on me. I feel every vibration. She does not respond with words, responds with a kiss turning her face towards me. I place my hand on the front of her thighs almost touching her sex. She tries to stabilize again. Very sulphured, seeks to find strength to contain itself. She tells me that her friends can't see her like that.

My answer is to grab her hand and take her out of the disco with me.

"Come with me, I want you, and it is clear that you want me too." I have a hotel room near here and all he wants is to get lost in every inch of you.

"I can't, my friends can't find out and it would take too long," she tells me as I watch her start looking for something with her eyes.

We both looked into each other's eyes. Pensive Looking for a path that leads us to feel inside each other. A path that makes us release what we feel.

-Come! He says, taking my hand.

We go through an alley and find a hole that does not overlook any passage. As crazy she starts kissing me while gently stroking my cock. It conveys affection and elegance even grabbing my most precious part.

"I want you to fuck me here, David." I want you to make me feel yours, ”he whispers, losing all consciousness. Now and with nothing to think about holding us back.

Obeying his demands I do what he has been wanting to do for so long. Between kisses and caresses for all our bodies, I start to climb her dress, under her black panties and let her ass free. Steep by the effect of heels, her ass calls me in. I grab it and she bites me on the arm while looking at me.

In an instant I begin to notice her hot and wet pussy hugging my cock. It squeezes me. His gestures tell me that it hurts but does not stop. I follow their guidelines because I can't stop. Slowly, tasting every touch. Containing even more the desire already contained with the hours. Without being able to avoid closing his eyes, the world disappears like whoever has it in his hands and suddenly escapes it. Suddenly I fall into the networks of a dark and deep pleasure. Meditative effect that is your body for me.

"Do you remember now how many times I wanted to kiss you and you said no?" I whisper in his ear in unison with his groans.

"Yes, I remember, but now I just want you to put it to me." Enjoy me. Look me in the eye, he tells me. You have earned it, enjoy me please.

I continue with my onslaught. One after another increasingly strong and with the emotions to the surface while we look at each other.
Groan ...
and groan… .. and groan…
I feel like it wobbles
tense, tense and tense
until it runs
in a prolonged orgasm.

When she finishes, I approach her to kiss her cheek. She smiles at me.

-Mary!! "We startled!"
We hear someone call her and her heart skips a beat. In a matter of seconds, her friend Sonia catches us unexpectedly. Still one inside the other. No time to react.

-God! I'm sorry! I'm sorry I interrupted you. It's just that I've been looking for you everywhere, ”she says to her friend. But well, I'm leaving, I apologize for having come like this.

"Nothing happens, Sonia, don't go," Maria sighs in a playful outburst, leaving the other two present completely perplexed. Didn't you like David? He asks as he looks at me with the gesture of the one who gives you a gift.

At that moment Sonia and I looked at each other as if we had seen an extraterrestrial UFO piloted by ET and the seven dwarfs inside riding a bacchanal with a Barbie doll. However, despite the strange thing, the sexuality with which Mary proposes makes us both excited and think that it would not be such a bad idea either. Should we repent for living? I ask myself and the answer is no.

I approach Sonia and start kissing her and taking off her pants as she begins to lose her mind at times. Without many preambles, I take it and climb it astride me. She takes care of putting my cock inside. Pufffffff… sulfide. What a softer skin. In my ear I hear little girl moans. He jumps over me brushing her pussy against my body with all his might. It is scrubbed with tension.

As a goddess, leaning against the wall, Maria stares at me while who I fuck now is her friend. I somehow understand that he looks at me as if he were totally his. So yours, you enjoy sharing me. So yours, that you enjoy seeing me as I enjoy.

I get lost in his eyes,
in his mischievous smile,
listening to you want me
Without telling me in words.

-You like my friend? —He asks me sexy but without losing her childish and loving tone.

I do not answer. I can not answer! I feel like I'm invading Maria while the one I fuck now is her friend. My mind goes blank, as if it falls deeper and deeper into a silent and infinite darkness.

I notice that it will explode!

Inside a girl with whom I've barely joked a few times. From which I did not expect anything, more than giving him some conversation while trying to captivate the one I really liked. And that one, that sweet and affectionate face kitten that seemed distant at first and rejected again and again, now looks at me hot. He looks at me and looks at me without taking his eyes off me while his friend runs over my cock with an exalted moan.

"Nice to see you enjoy, sir," my brunette tells me as her friend tries to recover from her orgasm.

"Yes, it's not bad," the friend replies, smiling with a shy face she hadn't seen before.

"I'm glad you like this erotic novel that we have assembled in a moment the three of them," I answer, following the joke.

-Sonia, go with these and tell them that you have not found me but that I just sent you a WhatsApp and that I am inside, that now I am looking for you. If they ask for David, tell them that you've seen him with one of his friends and that I wasn't with him.

After saying goodbye to us, Sonia heads back towards the alley leaving us totally silent. Silent looks in which nothing needs to be said. Lust has taken over us along with dangerous companions. A total acceptance and understanding of each other that has been waking up all night until ending a swinging scene.

"I love you dwarf," he tells me. It is a pity that this should end here, I would have loved to know you much more. But at this point you will know that I cannot. I am already engaged.

"Yes, at some point I suspected it." Especially when you have thrown yourself to kiss me when your friends are gone - I respond with a touch of humor that she extends with a soft laugh.

"Anyway, I need to see how you run in my mouth." He says leaving me in sock. I want you to give me all the pleasure you've been holding. I want to see you as you enjoy and release everything while giving you pleasure.

Without giving me time to assimilate what he has told me, I begin to feel his tongue and his lips travel my cock. It absorbs me with the certainty that that will never be repeated. That he will never see me again as much as he wishes. I hear her moan eagerly as she sucks me over and over again. I can contemplate how your body vibrates while looking at me. I stand and she knees, she looks at me moaning and vibrating. Transmitting all his desire until I can't take it anymore and my world explodes.

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Silent is the murmur in the heat of our bodies. A kind of magic is produced in his touch. They are the moments of closed eyes; exploding the universe in our mind. Playing their stars to get us silly smiles. We want to lose ourselves in those dark magic of the passion of our sexes. Leaving aside the drift of the oppressed by hatred and anger, bursting into each other. Melting in our games.

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