How to boost your creativity: The 8 fundamental skills

Creativity is a skill that all people can train and develop. It is said of creative people who have a gift, spark, charm, intelligence ... It often seems that we speak of divine people, who have been touched with a magic wand so that the world praises how cool they are.

The truth is that creativity can be enhanced, both in skills and attitudes. There are psychological explanations to justify a person being more or less creative. In fact, we have all heard or been with people who have suffered from "loss of inspiration." Artists of the song that stopped composing for a while, writers and poets who could not find their muse, and a long etcetera.

We all go through various stages in our lives where emotional states rise and fall, change color, become soft or rough, and countless more changes. That is to say, There are times that we are more creative and sometimes less.

Therefore, if you don't find your creativity anywhere, don't worry. Stop looking for her in the drawers, and start calling her with your actions.

So let's see, in the words of Joy Paul Guilford and De los Ángeles, two renowned experts on creativity, the characteristics you must develop to enhance your creativity, and for which I accompany some small reflections of my own.

1. Wisdom

Predisposition to accumulate knowledge, interest in learning, ability to observe and reflect.


Many authors and theories defend how creativity is part of an association between different knowledge that we already have, and that together form something new. We know that bread exists, we know that pizza exists, what if we invented a pizza bread? We know that there is candy, and we know that there are sticks (wooden sticks or any other material, not what your mother gave you when you misbehaved), so we invented the Chupa Chups.

We are therefore faced with the productive thinking of Max Wertheimer, based on the "production" of new ideas or solutions from a reorganization of mental data that we already possess and that we obtain from perception. Thus, we obtain new conclusions based on the association of ideas or data that we have at our disposal.

As you can see, wisdom is useful for something more than to beard when we are old and to be pointed out saying that we are wise. How many have not become billionaires thanks to creativity? How many have not swollen to flirt with their overflowing creative lip ?.

An advice? Start reading more every day at least half an hour, and what you read tries to move it to other areas of interest. Look for the associations that knowledge gives us. It will promote your intelligence and you will come up with great things that you would not have thought would come out of your head. And if you get rich you know, I give you my account number and you thank me as you deserve. Traveling, meeting new people, and observing our surroundings every day, are also great sources of wisdom.

2. Flexibility and criticism

Ability to adapt to new circumstances, open mindedness, know how to listen and ability to detect the problem and apply the data for resolution.


Life is flexible and broad in visions and interpretations, and this is how we should see it if one day we want to understand it.

From society come pre-established ideas that clash violently against a key principle of life, and that is that life is in continuous change. It is like a river in motion. Like nature itself that today gives us a sunny day and tomorrow presents it cloudy.

Those who cannot get rid of fixed beliefs and ideas, some even tattoo them on their skin for a lifetime, can hardly be creative. They will be slow and ducks, they will be tied to the feet like a big rock, because any idea, however certain, can fall, can be false, can be reversible. What it is today, tomorrow is useless.

Accept, then, that there is nothing permanent in life. Accept that there is nothing rigid and perfectly structured, because life itself is not like that, and if so it would be tremendously boring.

3 Originality

Easy to be different (lateral, divergent) and willingness to see things differently.


For Koestler, regarding divergent thinking, it implies a state where ideas flow freely and logical and disciplinary reasoning is suspended.

The obvious and rational answer is not always the one that gets good results. How many times have we heard entrepreneurs say that nobody believed in their ideas and in the end they worked!

They say that all roads lead to Rome. I say that at every moment of our existence, that road that takes us to Rome is changing, and that there are times that instead of going by car, the fastest way to get there is by flying boat.

We must think in different directions and solutions to the problems that are presented to us even if at first they do not seem logical. Breaking our barriers on what we believe is true, and what we believe is not, and begin to look from many different perspectives. Of course ... without going crazy!

4 Initiative

Optimistic and positive attitude, confidence and decision-making capacity to take risks.


I remember how in my book on Marketing Strategies I said that it was shown in various studies that those companies whose management had risk aversion (fear of risk), a question that also fell fully into the exam, were uncreative. This risk aversion has led many companies not to launch new products for fear of failing and losing investment, and in turn stalling in the past and mediocrity, to its extinction.

It is logical to think that if you are afraid, you have no confidence in yourself, you will not try new things. You will stay in your comfort zone, in what you know, and in conclusion, you will not see the different paths to Rome. You will only see one, and possibly instead of Rome it will take you to Sidi Bou Said (Tunisia). And you want to go to Rome. Where do we want to go? Smell! To be clear. So you know, to throw eggs (or ovaries).

5. Organization and preparation

Establishment of the order of action and articulation of a structure according to the information.

get organized

I love creative crazy people. For me, creative crazy people are those who live continuously in the famous brainstorming invented by our colleague Osborn. Sometimes they are better known in Spain as "smokes."

Smokers are those people who always have immensity of ideas. A mental rain in his head, hence the brainstorming (brainstorming), but rarely ordered and get something clear of them. They are perfect dreamers and highly creative, but without a strategy and an organized plan to move all that energy towards a specific end, in the end all these ideas end up in limbo. Which is not bad either, dreaming is very beautiful, but since you have that ability, you better learn to take advantage of it.

6. Sensitivity

Ability to capture problems, openness to the environment, quality perspective that focuses attention and interest on a problem.


We have to observe and be open and flexible to our surroundings. Creativity is out there, and as Michelangelo said, he didn't carve the sculpture, he just discovered it by removing the leftover stone.

Creative ideas float in the air waiting to be picked up by a good observer. This is how most knowledge and wisdom of a white-bearded man emerges.

7 Job

Capacity applied to the achievement of a proposed purpose with constancy, determination and effort.


I don't roll up here. He passed. I think we all know that without work, there is no victory. If you are not willing to work with enthusiasm and devote hours and hours to things. As well as to endure the blows, frustrations and failures that may come, creativity dies in visualization.

As Pablo Picasso said, inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.

8. Redefinition

Ability to rearrange concepts and problems transposing their functions. Understand a problem in a different way to give you an original solution.

redefine creativity

All things in life have white, black and gray. They can be good, bad, or more good or less bad. The perceptions that each person has are unique and non-transferable, and at the same time changing every second.

To be creative we need to have the ability to reflect. Having the ability to break something down into many pieces, and also summarize something extensive into something short. But above all we have to link the different threads of knowledge. What serves one thing, serves another completely different. We are always in a block of redefinition of stimuli.

Final reflection

Creativity begins with our ability to dream and dazzle something new. Dream of something new and big for you. Something that excites you. It may be something internal, a personal improvement in some aspect. Or something external related to some goal you want to achieve.

But never forget to turn things around, try to visualize them from another perspective.

If I had done what people demanded of me and paid attention to what they said they needed, I would not have designed a car but a faster horse.
Henry Ford

brave jungle

#wearebrave #alwaysbeatyourself

Immerse yourself in your dreams and visualize them to your liking. Paint them of different colors, from various angles and perspectives. Then reflect on different paths to get what you want. Create an action plan that you can modify and vary to your liking along the way. Then, get going and meet it with energy. This is how dreams come true!

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