5 steps to cope with emotional stress and release creativity

Thoughts are responsible for most of our emotional states, and so are they for emotional stress. Shame, fears or insecurities feed on these thoughts, which often tend to be obsessive.

That is to say, we take too many turns to everything that stresses us and thus paradoxically feed our emotional stress.

The problems do not exist, they are thoughts

Make your own decisions and don't look back!

Some of the most common symptoms of emotional stress and anxiety are:

  • Emotions: depression o anxiety, irritability, fear, nervousness, confusion, mood fluctuations, etc.
  • Thoughts: excessive fear of failure, excessive self-criticism, forgetfulness, difficulty concentrating and take decisions, repetitive thoughts ...
  • Behaviors: nervous laughter, abrupt treatment of others, increased consumption of tobacco, alcohol and other drugs, increased or decreased appetite, tears, grinding teeth or clenching of the jaws, and so on.
  • Physical changes: muscle tension, cold or sweaty hands, insomnia, headaches, fatigue, back or neck problems, indigestion, agitated breathing, sleep disturbances, rashes, sexual dysfunction, and so on.

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Next we will see 5 steps that will help us cope with emotional stress regardless of the sources that cause it, to finally and from a more spiritual vision, assume a creative attitude to the stress that allows us to enjoy life more.


5 steps to cope with emotional stress

face stress

1. Watch your visualizations

Faced with the loss of a job, as an example of a stressful situation, we can look at what we have already lost or the new options that can be opened before us. That's where The immense power of visualization will guide us towards one landscape or another, directly influencing our creativity.

Reflecting on our mistakes is fine, we have to learn from them. But getting excited about solutions and new possibilities is what will fill us with that almost divine energy that helps us to renew ourselves inside and grow.

Stress can make you imagine yourself without finding another job, or thinking that you have lost the greatest opportunity of your life, and so on. These images give us nothing and are usually exaggerated. Replace them with more positive and realistic images, such as finding a job that you like best or where you get paid better, for example.

2. Take courage and embrace the new challenges

The second point of the above is based on our attitude and directly influences our visualizations. Without a brave and curious attitude we can hardly contemplate a new horizon. Imagine yourself loaded with courage and motivation facing challenges that make you prove valuable. Find those challenges and put all your effort into overcoming them. If you fail nothing happens, the important thing is that you will have done your best and learned.

There are no good or bad decisions, there are only decisions that fit ourselves and others that do not. Whenever you act with sincerity and conscience, you should not regret anything. The only regret is forged in the inaction of fear

3. Synthesize the information and focus on the key points

When we talk about synthesizing the information, it is as if we are entering a study classroom again. When we observe our raw thoughts, it is when stress is released and the solutions escape us. Much of the coaching utility is found here. The coach helps his client to synthesize his thoughts and organize them into schemes.

Let's become our own coach. Let's take paper and pen again and organize our thoughts schematically. Let us ask ourselves (often uncomfortable) questions that question our current way of thinking, and write down the answers. It is important that we do this, because once we reach a conclusion, we can continue moving forward from it and Discharge us from the emotional stress caused by the raw attack of thoughts resulting from vague responses. In this other article you can see an example of questions you can ask yourself: Stop stressing and start living.

Finally, when you do Any exercise that involves “talking to yourself” avoids judging you, especially avoids judging you negatively. You should depart as much as possible from all those qualifiers that identify you in one way or another (is that I am a fool, I am a clueless, I am lazy, I am too good, ...). You need to see yourself and analyze yourself in perspective. Avoid the verb to be and use more the verb to feel.

4. Set aside negativity and focus on the positive

An exercise that I usually do in some coaching sessions is to tell my client to tell me everything he does not like or generate stress and to do it in a negative sense of humor, to later answer me by offering him a positive vision as well using humor Let's see an example:

- In my work I am valued nothing. My boss mistreats me worse than a bullfighter to a bull. Moreover, he sticks flags when he passes by my side. He tells me that I am useless and that I don't know how to do the O with a pipe. I am on my way home always demotivated looking down that it seems that I am looking for antipersonnel mines on the sidewalks.

- I have great luck at work. As my boss doesn't value me at all, I take on the challenge every day of valuing myself despite his bullshit. I always think, if this guy can't finish me, will I get stronger than Samson? So I try to do my job as well as possible, and above all learn everything I can. Maybe one day I decide to do the competition. Of course, if you grudge, deep down I love him very much. Meanwhile, I will enjoy feeling as strong as Samson at his contempt. My value was determined and I proved it.

When some negative thought rounds you for too long, try this exercise. The one who doesn't look for the fun side of things is that he doesn't worry about looking for it, but Often a good smile is the best therapy. When we see things with humor we take away their importance and we can relax. Do not be afraid to laugh at yourself and the situations in your life, because that way you will be increasing your security and self-esteem.

In any case, do this exercise or not, look for the good. If, for example, you lose your job, consider the opportunity to find a better one or to get an idea. If you fail an exam, think that you can better reinforce that subject with a second round of study to recover. Always in positive.

5. Meditate and free your mind of thoughts

The excessive load of stimuli to which we are subjected forces our minds to think (often) too much. Meditation is very necessary today in our society if we want to release much of that emotional stress to which we are subjected.

You are not your thoughts, but that creative light that lives within you. That person who moves around the world naturally. That person who is able to put aside his mind, and is carried away by the feeling of the present.

If you have never meditated, I recommend you start listening to quiet music, paying full attention to your ears to clearly perceive each sound with full attention. It is a simple and very effective way to start. You can also look for some guided meditations to listen or learn Mindfulness, which includes simple and very effective meditations.

Free your creativity

Relieve stress

Getting carried away by what one feels without rationalizing it, without calculating its pros and cons, is creativity. Creativity arises from the freedom to feel and create. It is a state of flow where we are receptive to appreciate and observe beauty in all its forms, and find in it multiple solutions to problems.

Being one with life means being one with the now. Then we realize that we do not live life, but that it lives us. Life is the dancer and we are the dance.

Eckhart Tolle

Practice staying totally present in what you do. Try to flow. You may not always be able to do it, but if you get used to experiencing that feeling, you can change your focus and your perceptions almost any time you need it. The flow will become your resting area, as if it were the study of a painter: rest, flow, create.

If you do it, do it

When you kiss, be the kiss. If you caress, be the caress. When you speak, be your voice and all its nuances. Pay attention to each movement, each breath. Be aware of every feeling. Let yourself go and feel. That flow frees us from a great burden, because at present there are no worries or anxieties while at the same time our creativity is multiplied.

When you make friends with the present moment you feel at home wherever you are. If you don't feel comfortable in the now, you will feel uncomfortable wherever you go.

Eckhart Tolle

Do not focus on your thoughts. When you have a problem that requires a deep analysis if, rationalize, find the most appropriate solution. Research what is necessary to find her. You can build on the steps seen earlier in this article. But when you do something, such as speaking in public, Live that conscious moment of you and the sensations of your body!

What you had to think you already thought about it before. You already analyzed how you wanted to make that presentation, you already did a planning of the topics. In the now focus on your actions and movements, how each word leaves your body clearly. Feel your body and your presence itself. Here! What you have to be doing now, and not what will happen, will come, will think, etc. - Each movement of your hands to give depth, each one of the tonalities that best fit each word.

Feed your consciousness in the now and let yourself be carried away by what you think and feel. Know yourself and always keep in mind what your mission in life is and what are the values ​​that you consider important. Thus, you will never be lost.

brave jungle

#wearebrave #alwaysbeatyourself

Life is a set of experiences. The sum of moments that escape from our hands, unforgettable is its beautiful transience. To those we add others that we would like to release and never see again. One and others at the stake of life make us jump and cry. Wander adrift or at a straight pace. Drift is sometimes scary, but without it nothing would make sense. So make it intense! Get ready to enjoy intensely and jump to that beautiful bonfire. Be charmed by passion! You have nothing to lose, but much to feel.

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    Beautiful your advice, David. Every day you provoke a sensation in me with what you share, and today it has been Beauty, a beautiful beauty perceived in life and in the present. Thanks a million again. Let's keep flowing with this beautiful dance… ..a hug!


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