Emotional communication: Express feelings and emotions

Emotional communication is the art of generating feelings and emotions with our words. This can be used in any context and with anyone, but it becomes especially useful in interpersonal relationships. In other words:

There is nothing to help you captivate or fall in love with someone more effectively and quickly than emotional communication. It is the language of the heart!

Emotional communication

The most powerful seduction weapon ever created

communication generate emotions

Seducing without communicating emotionally, is how to go to fight against Hitler's army with a flimsy twig and can go with the current army of the United States.

For me, it marked a before and after in all my relationships. It was something only comparable to what a shipwrecker should feel when they find land after being dying weeks. Do you see this last sentence? That is emotional communication. And so has the US army.

What does a dying shipwrecker feel finding land after a few weeks lost? You may not know, but your mind interprets it and associates with a feeling or emotion It helps you better understand the message. In fact, the messages were quickly forgotten, but the feelings that generate us and and that we associate with the person who dictates them, remain for much longer.

Benefits of emotional communication

Emotional communication It will help us express ourselves better in any conversation, and its benefits will depend on our objectives and the context in which we use it. We can summarize them in:

  • Know how to express feelings and emotions for that boy or girl we like.
  • Say what you feel about any fact, experience or behavior.
  • It allows you to communicate in a more creative, attractive and seductive way.
  • It helps us to be more empathetic and assertive, and therefore to communicate more efficiently.
  • It allows the message and the emotions it generates to last longer in memory.
  • It helps us to motivate and generate movement.
  • It is a communication with a high power of persuasion.
  • It transmits intelligence and mastery of language. It can also transmit high self-esteem.
  • Avoid conflicts and discussions and solve them better when they occur.
  • It allows us to talk with more labia.
  • Help to find more interesting conversation topics.
  • Communicate traits of your personality and perceptions about the way you see life.
  • It helps us to know others better and to know us.

Rational communication vs. emotional communication

The opposite of emotional communication is rational communication. Rational communication puts its attention on the presentation of the facts.

Let's look at an example of my own experience in England:

Response with rational communication:

"How was your experience in England?"

—It was a bit hard, I went through quite difficult times. Although I also had a good time. I was living in Liverpool, city of the Beatles. A city with a lot of musical culture. I love rock and the truth is that I loved it. What raised me the most was the language and being alone for a long time. As for work, it was hard but it allowed me to get money and practice the language. Anyway, although there have been bad times, I do not regret at all of having gone.

How do you see, this message It focuses solely on what has been done. We could extend it by saying what specific areas I went to, and what I did. But we would continue without generating any emotion or communicating anything about my way of seeing life through this experience. It is like a technical sheet. This results in harmless language. Thick. No relevant weight in our feelings.

Response with emotional communication:

"How was your experience in England?"

"For a few moments I was quite lost." Alone and away from everything I know, it becomes difficult to live with oneself. At first I felt like those trees that change places and don't work. They don't feel where they should be. However, the city was a constant musical dance. The influence of the Beatles injected rock and joy in all its atmosphere. I like rock, that helped me to connect spiritually with the culture of the city. As for the language, it was a challenge. Every day I went out without knowing what situations they were going to bring me. It was like going to war without ammunition. At work I had to fight every day to be understood. However, despite the difficult times, I will always be grateful. Now I feel much more capable of doing anything.

Keys of emotional communication

Examples and metaphors to impact emotionally

emotional impact

If we analyze the previous example of my trip to Liverpool, we can identify how emotional communication communicates very effectively what we feel. But it is not the same to say that we feel bad, very regular, or great, that set an example that makes us visualize exactly that feeling.

"Every time I see you, you make me feel very good." I feel very happy and comfortable with you.

"Every time I see you, I feel as if time stops to watch us with envy." I feel really comfortable with you.

In the second sentence with emotional communication, we can see a much stronger emotional impact. We give a metaphorical example to the mind of the other person so that he understands I really feel how comfortable we are being with her.

However, sometimes these examples may not be understood or misunderstood, as we will see, emotional communication is usually quite subjective. Therefore, An effective resource is to emphasize with rational communication what we meant emotionally. Let's analyze the phrase again:

Every time I see you, I feel as if time stops to watch us with envy. (Emotional communication with metaphorical example) -. I feel really comfortable with you. (We rationally emphasize what we want to tell you to correctly assimilate the message).

To find good examples, Think about what inspires you, how it makes you feel or what makes you remember, and look in your memory how you can communicate it like this.

Sense of humor

Did you know that the sense of humor is a form of emotional communication? Do not? So that's it. It is also one of the most attractive and effective forms of communication both to seduce and in any other field.

According to some research, the sense of humor It is the trait that most attracts a woman from a man.

  • I think if life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade. And try to find someone to whom life gives vodka and have a party. (Ron White)
  • If you're going to do something tonight that you feel regretful tomorrow morning, lie down late. (Henny Youngman)
  • There can't be a crisis next week. My schedule is already full. (Henry A. Kissinger)

It has been shown that things said with a sense of humor are best remembered and capture our attention more. But not only that, it is also a high sample of intelligence, and even high self-esteem If we know how to laugh with thanks from ourselves.

Some are afraid to laugh at themselves and expose their insecurities. Personally, I tend to make jokes where the main injured is me. I attack myself to laugh even with things that are not true. The result is that many times they think otherwise. If I attack myself saying that I am dumb, I think I am very intelligent. And so with everything. Laughing at yourself always projects that security.

My psychiatrist told me I was crazy and asked for a second opinion ... He said he was ugly too.


Emotional communication use subjectivity implying that this message is ours alone. It is based on our free and changing beliefs. Thus avoiding exposing ideas and opinions as if they were absolute and rigid truths that we will maintain forever. Being the ambiguity more sincere than the truth on many occasions, since it provides more conscious arguments.

On the other hand, what you think of in a way, nobody can discuss it. It is what you think it is and every human being of the more than 7 million we are on the planet has its own convictions.

Subjectivity usually uses verbs such as: Perceive, think, believe and appear.

"You seem to me a very intelligent person." I think I'm going to call you Sherlock Holmes from now on. You know how to find arguments for everything.

In this example, the other person may think that he is intelligent or not. But what we think is not refutable. It is our own perception. Note also as in this example we use some humor and we justify precisely what we mean To say it's smart. Both aspects are key to emotional communication.

Poetic language

The poetic language is one of the most seductive par excellence, and also the highest in the difficulty scale of emotional communication. The poets have always had an overwhelming success between men and women.

Poetry brings wealth and ideas to our language. It is very useful both to qualify, and to generate romanticism or sexual tension.

You can qualify a girl by telling her that "He has very pretty eyes", but he has told that to his father. But if you have trained your emotional communication through poetry, you may have to say that "Has a very hot look that invites desire".

Examples of rational vs. emotional poetic communication

  • Every time I am with you I feel very excited. - Every time I am with you I feel a kind of fire burning my whole body without compassion.
  • I want to kiss your lips. - I feel that your lips push me to kiss you.
  • I see that besides being a very sexy girl, you are sincere and honest. - I see that besides being a girl capable of flooding any man with desire, you are also sincere and honest.

Example sexual poem with emotional communication

“It would be a pleasure, an insatiable sum of changing sensations, it would make you forget something more than the world…
I would take off your clothes very slowly, savoring the moment of contemplating your beautiful naked body, a tsunami of slow and calculated kisses.

The sum of your smell with mine, that smell that drives me crazy, crazy for making you lose your mind and sense
Crazy about being inside you, being a single person, and concentrating on the emotions and sensations that would cause me, inside and outside of you…. faster and more explosive, more and more beautiful ... until finally, the image of our worlds exploded and was lost in the black and dark fog.
Open your eyes, and find you there, heated, sweaty, disheveled and completely naked, looking into my eyes ...
I can't imagine a better image… ”
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Spring is waiting for me everywhere
Pablo Neruda

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Spring is waiting for me everywhere.

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Avoid judging and get ready to help

If a flower is musty, don't get mad at her. Do not argue. You don't try to negotiate with her. You may decide to water it, fertilize it or even sing it. They say that if flowers receive the affection of people, they bloom with vitality.

Something similar happens with people. We cannot lift others' spirits or help them be stronger by prosecuting them. That is why emotional communication always avoids accusing others.

How many times have we found someone depressed that we hardly know, and have tried to cheer him up? Secure mente many. But when someone close is wrong, how long does it take to think critically about him? How long does it take some to run to point out their mistakes as false counselors?

I say false counselors, to those who tell you what you should have done and give them to know everything, to stay above. But a posteriori advice accompanied by "you should" are not usually divine, and sometimes those advice comes from people who do not themselves have order in those aspects in their lives.

Treat others like roses

With emotional communication we can treat others more like roses, and less like criminals. Our bad appearance does not disappear criticizing it, it disappears by exercising and eating healthy. And the mind works similarly. It needs water, fertilizer and love. That is what you have to give to others to allow them to grow with you. Their path will be decided by them, just like every day you must decide yours.

Neither judge nor judge yourself. Encourage and cheer up. Grow, and grow. Help shine, and you will shine. Emotional communication also consists in giving and receiving love. For those most interested in flirting, I will also tell you that when you treat people with love feeling that inner love yourself, the magic of seduction happens with all its might.

That girl or boy you like feels that loving energy inside. That genuine interest. That light that illuminates you and illuminates her in the brightness of her radiance.

Remember What you deliver is the same as what you receive at the time of delivery. When you look for good words for another, those same words penetrate you at that moment. If they are harmful, they will also act similarly.

Get away from the darkness of the people, and learn to draw their light while making yours shine. You now and that of those around you, will be much happier and successful as well.

Treat others how they can become

If we treat others by not only looking at how they are, but what they can become, we will always find inspiration to grow together.

CWhen you focus on the positive of others, and imagine everything they can get growing, you are also motivated to find those recesses on the road that will lead you to be better than you always dreamed. You open your eyes to do what they do well and could do better, and see what they do wrong and you should avoid.

As well You become a confidant. An ally. Well, we love talking to people who treat us as we truly are and can be. That they see us better, beyond what we never were. That is an attitude that is contagious and imminently expands not one, but two hearts to connect emotionally.

Feel love in difficult situations

Emotional communication is especially useful for Tell stories about us that translate to the world as we are. And the most interesting stories are always those that allowed us to grow and develop our skills. Hard situations are always worth listening to when they show emotional communication and make us learn things.

Imagine that we have gone through a break. A previous couple left us and we are discussing it with someone. Let's now look at an example of emotional communication:

—A few years ago I had a very painful break for me. At first, I felt as if the world was shattering before my feet. Little by little, I had to get over and take those little pieces of my world one by one. Right now, I wouldn't change that experience for anything in the world. From the seed of pain I learned to rebuild myself. I learned to see beauty where before I only saw what I had or didn't have. Feeling abandoned by a person for whom I had given so much, paradoxically, helped me to love myself more and anyone who crosses the borders of my life. It was the starting gun towards a new life in which I now feel much stronger.

The most important thing is that when we speak we know feel the vitude of love towards what we are telling In this way we convey the feeling that we know we appreciate emotionally and positively any past or future event.

The emotions you feel are what you convey

Compare the previous example with the typical thing that is usually said on a date when someone talks about a breakup. I don't know about you, but most of the time I've seen someone talk about this topic, I felt sorry for it and a feeling that I hadn't overcome it. It makes you want to run away. It is not a good topic of conversation for an appointment if that is the case.

But that's what happens when we don't heal our past with love. You have to love what it was as it was because it had to be that way. Depositing its beauty on the table of our present desk. Seeing the positive that builds our soul, and not the negative that anchors lives to the rocks of their past miseries.

Emotional communication reflects in our words to communicate to the world what we have inside.

If we feel hate, emotional communication will cause us to communicate hate. Darkness, grudges, negativity. Who could seduce like that? Can we be attractive if we have the house inside us without sweeping? Hardly.

Always take care of your emotional state and focus on the positive of all your experiences, and that will be what you tell the world. Just make sure heal your past and release it so that it doesn't sabotage you.

Get out of the rational to see the emotional

Drop everything that expires in your mind

communicate emotionally

There is only one freedom, the interior. And that nobody can take it away from you.

The problem of many people is that they are more aware of judging their surroundings, than of being free internally. That is why although they criticize society more and their behaviors, they are the most slaves of it, because they are the most involved.

Freedom is to release all that is left of your mind to be able to observe the wonders of your interior and the beauty that surrounds you. And that awareness is not bought. We educate it ourselves. That awareness is absolutely vital to be able to communicate emotionally. It is a pure dose of intelligence at 100%. Emotional communication needs a journey of inner knowledge that frees us from the outdated paradigms that arrive every day from outside.

Listen with passion

There is a book that I like very much. Your title fascinates me. Is named "Get out of the prison of the mind"From OSHO. He tells us how: Life reveals its secrets when you are silent. Listen with such passion, so closely, that little by little the other can reveal its deepest secrets; depths that he has not revealed to anyone because no one was willing to listen; that he has not revealed himself because he himself was not willing to listen; depths that have always remained in the dark.

Emotional communication requires a very high observation. An attention placed on the whole being of the other person. Not only in the words he says, but in how you say them and why we believe he says them. At its best, it is a very intuitive communication that needs a lot of practice, knowledge and attention.

Whether you have this more developed or less expertise, my advice is to think about what they are telling you. Don't just keep the message. Ask yourself what the other person has felt and felt that led him to tell you that. Find the emotional context that has led to that conversation. Listen to the emotions.

Show more and talk less

Emotional communication is the way to impact our emotions with a message. Sometimes, the shorter but more demonstrative it is, the more it impacts.

In medieval Japan fierce samurai were revered as kings. They wore large swords and knew how to use them with great skill. One day, a famous samurai went to look for an old monk known for his great wisdom. When he arrived at the monastery where he lived, opening the door slammed he demanded to see the old man.

—You are an expert on the subject, tell me what is heaven and what is hell? He asked.

The monk remained seated, motionless on the tatami. After a few moments, turning to the samurai and looking up, he replied:

"And you have a brave samurai?" Look at yourself, if you're nothing more than a scumbag! I don't think you could even decapitate a fly with your sword!

The samurai turned red with anger. No one spoke to a samurai like that!

"How dare you talk to me like that?" You will pay dearly for your impertinence! He shouted, and unsheathing the sword, he raised it over his head ready to kill the old monk.

Without being disturbed in the least, the monk replaced the furious samurai looking directly into his eyes:

"Have you asked me what hell is?" This is hell.

The samurai, with the sword still high, saw that he had been carried away by hatred and anger. And he looked astonished at the little hunched monk when he realized that he had put his life in danger to answer his question.

Lowering the sword, he bowed before him gratefully, his eyes soaked in tears.

"Thank you for this teaching!" He exclaimed humbly, with a heart full of love for the monk's gift.

The monk replied smiling:

"And this, my friend." It is heaven.

How to improve your emotional communication

Final advice to develop it day by day

reach success

If you have read this article carefully, you will have noticed that emotional communication is not precisely simple. Even less if we take into account that in the workplace, communication is always always purely rational. And if you're a man, you still have it more complicated. Women often communicate more emotionally in social contexts.

However, worth the effort of Improve emotional communication. To seduce and captivate others there is nothing more effective. It is the form of communication that generates more results and changes in the recipients of the message with a lot of difference.

To develop this skill the most effective is to read. In this blog you will find many articles with examples that use emotional communication, especially in the section on seduction.

On the other hand, it is recommended: meditate, write, see humor monologues, read poetry, watch movies with deep messages, read reports, live enriching experiences, etc. Everything that brings you wisdom and inner wealth as well as in your language, will help you improve your emotional communication.

Of course, as a final tip, remember that This ability is developed and maintained over months and years. If it is abandoned, the rationality of the world makes you lose it. And if we are not persistent enough, it is rare that we get.

It is up to you to decide whether it is worth it or not. For now, I urge you to stay with the teachings of this article and learn to differentiate what is emotional communication from what is not. This way you will be more prepared to add points to your development whenever you want.

If you want an in-depth guide to start communicating emotionally, you can take a look at my book Wake up beauty. In it you will find more than 100 examples of conversation explained and protected by philosophical attitudes conducive to seducing and communicating emotionally becomes something natural.

brave jungle

#wearebrave #alwaysbeatyourself

Give your words the strength of feelings. The brave does not hide, it shows. He does it because he has nothing to lose. There is nothing that can be taken away from you when it is within you where you feel the sky and the stars of creation. Grow and you will grow. Feel and you will make feel. Let yourself be captivated and you will captivate. Sensitivity is a door to creativity.

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    Excellent contribution Thank you David, I am still your channel relatively recently and what you have achieved with so many blogs is to expand my horizons giving new ways to my way of life, which I already considered expired, you give me a break and a strength to continue standing incredible , thanks, again.

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      Thanks a lot Tom. It is incredible that feeling that you are feeling now of discovery where we see that thanks to knowledge new doors open to us and we grow with new visions. Keep working on that development path !! Greetings.


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