Denied desires: Use them in favor of your seduction

When we want a person and he rejects us or only perceives us as friends, it can become an obsession that causes our mind to deceive us, causing us to value it more than we would really value it being fully rational.

We can perceive the other person through a blindfold in our eyes, since by focusing our attention on our desire to possess it, we are less insightful to accurately visualize and intuit who we have in front of us.

If he achieves what he desires, the desire diminishes with the passion of the desired thing, and perhaps, by opening his eyes then of understanding, it is seen that it is good that what was previously worshiped be hated.

Miguel de Cervantes, Excerpt from “La Gitanilla”

Denied desires increase the perceived value


It happens to us like the little boy who is denied the ball. Finally his father gives him the ball to shut up and the boy ends up sending him to punch. Actually the ball did not interest him in the least, it only interested him psychologically. He was only interested in satisfying his desire for possession of what he was denied and thus being able to satisfy his ego.

But possession is not love. In my personal experience, I ended up having relationships with girls with whom I had long been obsessed, and after "conquering them" I began to see them more as they really did, realizing that I didn't like them as much as I thought and that I had imagined qualities that they didn't have.


The love obsession, if it can be called love, alters our perceptions. What probably would not seem an attractive reaction, through the eyes of obsession becomes something beautiful and appreciated.

This is the negative part of the denied desires, which distorts our perceptions and we can end up suffering all kinds of frustrations derived from rejection, or worse, end up in love with a person who may not deserve it and realize it too late.

Use the denied wishes in your favor


How can we use this knowledge in our favor? Well, we have two ways, the preventive and the player.


It consists in taking advantage of this knowledge to reflect, ask questions, or visualize the situation by imagining it as if we saw it from the outside trying not to identify with emotions.

So we can get identify if our perceptions are more or less distorted and bring them closer to a more objective reality. We use meditation as a fundamental tool of consciousness.

Another way is to discuss the situation with a trusted friend who has a certain degree of experience on these issues, and thus have an external vision. Perhaps even telling someone serves as a tool of conscience.


Here we will use this knowledge to play, provoke and stimulate seduction trying to interfere with the perceptions of the other person. That is, we turn the tortilla around and we become the limits to desire. Of course, this is nothing more than a little trick to stimulate play and fun. I assume you will use it with responsibility, sincerity in your intentions and respect.

Love is hidden inside human beings. Naturalness and charm live within each person. The role of seduction is to release that love and open the doors that imprison its beauty. Make others feel fuller, more radiant and more desired, infecting them with a joy and enthusiasm to live that is transmitted.

Make sure there is a latent desire

To set limits to desire there must be some desire, Is it obvious right? I have seen more than one "espabiladillo" telling a girl that he only wanted to be his friend with these intentions, when the girl had no interest in him. Pretending that denying a girl or a boy the possibility of having something else with us increases their desire, when there is no desire, is not to limit the desire, is to play dumb. All you are saying is that you don't find out about the movie.

But let's not be so cruel. In topics of seduction many tricks, techniques, methods and other "sources of information" are said that are poorly explained. My advice is that you do nothing that is not justified on a psychological level and that is not based on your own observation. That someone tells you that something has worked for you does not mean that it works for you, Every situation and person we deal with is a world to discover, and the emotional variables are many and fluctuate at every moment. Let us always use observation and intelligence, ladies and gentlemen!

An example that I used many times during my long years of singleness was that when I saw that a girl was interested in me, but when I tried to kiss her I made the cobra, I proposed a deal:

-We're going to do something. As I just tried to kiss you and I see that I have not had much success (Sense of humor), we will make a deal. Forbidden to kiss us tonight - I expose with a rogue's face as I reach out to sign the pact.
-LOL OK! I accept the deal - it corresponds to my handshake.

Later he continued playing with her (verbally speaking) and stimulating that this deal be broken with the game of seduction.

More about seducing with game and unpredictability!

The ban, your weapon

In this case we are increasing desire through prohibition. We deny that there is going to be something that is not entirely clear. We signed a deal that we cannot do that, and we also shake hands (we must make it visual).

But do people not like to be free? Do we like to comply with the rules and avoid getting carried away by what we want? Well no, we like not having barriers. In addition we are also attracted to adventure and risk from time to time. So the desire is increased fruit of these emotional stimuli that generates the denial of the desired.

The best way to get rid of temptation is to fall into it.

Oscar Wilde

On the other hand, movies have always played a lot with that of impossible loves. Oohhhh, we shouldn't! What conditions us and always makes it more exciting.

brave jungle

#wearebrave #captivatesensations

Seduce is to enjoy every moment, because there is no greater seduction than to feel our present. The touch of a smile, the electricity that conveys a look. Words that walk through the air and ignite us with emotion. To seduce is to love oneself, love others and let ourselves be enveloped by the magic that is created.

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