How to have interesting conversation topics: Guide with examples

Having interesting conversation topics and talking in a stimulating way, either in person or through social networks like WhatsApp, has been and will always be the best weapon to seduce and make new friends.

The interesting conversations that allow us to like a man or a woman are those that They bring out our appeal, while generating an emotional or sexual connection.

In other words, the topics of conversation should cause the other person to know us and want to know more and more about us. Associating what we say and how we say it to traits of a attractive personality.

Match any topic of conversation with your lifestyles

Apart from jokes, games or sexualizations, which together make up the sugar of seduction and help maintain attention and interest, mainly what we are interested in knowing, and also allows us to meet and bond with the other person is their way of See life. That is, their beliefs and behavior patterns.

Why is it so important? Simply because communicating in this way we will have many more conversation topics. It will be easier for us to open up and talk about ourselves and the other person. Multiplying our resources for have more labia. We will also be really knowing what he believes in and how he thinks, to get an idea of ​​whether he is the best person for us or not.

The three components of lifestyles are:
Activities, Interests and Opinions.

  • What do you like to do and what does she like to do? Did you do something interesting in the past that you would highlight now? Why did you do it and what did you get? What did you learn
  • What are you interested in? What are the things you consider most important? What topics have you learned more than anything else? What causes you curiosity?
  • What make you feel different themes and what do you think about them?

Of those three blocks of information we can draw conclusions about what kind of personality and values ​​a person has. In turn, we can assess what attitudes he presents to the different issues that characterize his behavior patterns:

  • Does it make sense of humor when dealing with difficult or controversial issues or does it become serious and inflexible?
  • Are you open to change your mind and often speak with education?
  • Do you listen and are curious or do not care what I say?
  • Do you stare at me with confidence or feel intimidated?

When we want to meet someone, we have to get out of our head and enter fully into their world. Learning to look through their eyes to discover their most valued and deep feelings. Obtaining in this way a lot of useful information for seduce through empathy.

Conversation topics and make them interesting

1. Hobbies and free time

This is a classic! Keep in mind that in your spare time you will do everything you really want to do given your current resources and motivations. So for learn to flirt It is a topic of conversation that we have to master and know how to relate to our interests and desires. Look at this example:


—I really like playing soccer with friends. Not only to keep me fit, but to feel that competitive instinct of struggle and effort that sport has.

The problem that many people have is that by not communicating emotionally, they no longer know what else to say. And of course, this causes them to remain blank and the conversations to stagnate.

—I love sports, especially surfing.

"Me too, I usually go to the gym 3 times a week and play soccer from time to time." With friends, you know ...

"Sure, it's good to keep fit."

What's going on? Well, we immediately put on a poker face as if we had seen a dead man chasing us with an ax. Yes, that face we put on when we run out of having no idea what to say.

Use emotional communication

Know communicate emotionally It is useful in any context. From talking with friends to flirt in discos or have more conversation topics on a date. It makes our conversations deeper and more entertaining. Being a base pillar to improve the lips and the sense of humor.

Let's see what the previous talk would be transformed using this social ability:

—I love sports, especially surfing.

-The surf? Wow I already said that you looked like an adventurer.

-Well, it is not so bad…

"I don't know, I really have never surfed, but I still think it must be something like floating on emotions, right?" You are seen on the table and it seems that everything else is forgotten.

"Yes!" That just happens to me. It's like whatever happens, when I'm on the table everything is left behind and nothing matters except that moment.

—The effect of sport is exciting. I don't surf but I go to the gym 3 times a week and I really like playing soccer with friends. It's like you say, everything is left behind ...

Don't you have the feeling that this conversation could be extended for hours? Of course, and that is because when we talk about what something makes us feel, the conversation on that subject becomes more detailed and sentimental.

2 Job

Work in our society is usually a determining conversation topic to link, and although it is not always what he says most about us, right away Can serve to catalog us.

In addition, it is a very useful conversation topic for flirt by whatsapp, since we work every day and in conversations via chat, constancy is very important.

Some say that talking about work is boring, but that's because they don't know how to talk about work in a fun way. The problem is not the topic of conversation, but the way they talk about their work.

Make the topic more interesting

Have you seen the movie The Pacific Warrior? It is about an athlete who runs into a man who works in a service station, and he ends up discovering numerous spiritual teachings to achieve greater happiness and potential.

Often when we are asked what we work on, we usually say: I am an engineer, I work in a pharmacy, I am a commercial in a furniture company, etc. That is, we focus on the specific position, but we rarely go to why, for what and how it makes us feel.

Stop for a moment, and imagine that you work at a gas station as the lord of the commented film, and at the same time you have an exceptional spiritual life, knowledge and values.

-What is your job?

"I work at a gas station."

"Ahh, good." I dedicate myself to psychology.

Communicate the purpose of what you do

If we only stay in this example, we would see how the conversation is cut again. However, we would get lost the most relevant when talking about work, what refers to our mission, vision and values. That is, why do we do what we do? Why have we studied or not x matter? What are our short, medium and long term objectives?

Continuing with the previous example:

-Psychology? Do not tell me? I love psychology. I don't usually say much because not too many people understand these issues, but I am passionate about the spiritual world and the human mind.

-Yes? How is that?

—Well, the truth is that since I was a child my father instilled it in me. To feel the now, to breathe nature ... all that is to feel our inner essence, to reflect, to write about life. It is always something that has accompanied me. Why did you study psychology?

"Well, it happened a little like you." From home in this case my mother always gave me very good advice about emotions and others, and well, I ended up doing this with my friends, and reflecting on myself. I realized that it was a great way to help others and ventured to study psychology.

Don't skip the information that makes you attractive

As you may have noticed, the perception of man in this case changes completely. Perhaps the first thing we could have thought is that he was a very normal person with a very ordinary job. However, that is because I was omitting information about his inner life that does have a lot of appeal, more for a woman who shares those interests. Hence, instead of talking tenderly about his work, what he does is jump into his interests and free time.

A lot of people have afraid to talk about his work because they don't consider it to be a dream job, but that's because they haven't reflected on the good things you can provide and how you can focus your communication on those strengths. In this example we have seen, for example, it would be to lead a quiet life that allows you time to focus on what you are truly passionate about, your inner life and psychological and spiritual knowledge.

On the other hand, we must try to ask interesting and appropriate questions. What kind of questions? Well, as we have seen, those that indicate why: why did you decide to study psychology? And also very important, those that indicate the feeling: what did you feel the day you could help your first client?

3. External stories

Telling stories that have happened to other people often arouses the interest of others. Recognize it, you are as curious as a cat, and unless the person in front of you is not interested, you will be willing to listen to his most precious stories. And if they hide some teaching, even better.

"She told me she was selfish when she doesn't even know me." Who would have believed that?

"There are many people who judge lightly." For any reason we dislike them, and without knowing each other they begin to denigrate us.

"Yes, that's what makes me angry that I can't ..."

"I used to spend a lot too." Now I feel a little more equal. In fact I like to remember a story I read about Buddha. This story said that he was once giving a talk, and among the attendees one who did not like what he said got up and spit in his face.

"Don't you fuck?" And what did Buddha do?

"They say he took a handkerchief out of his pocket, wiped his spit, and without flinching or altering the slightest, as if he hadn't spit on him he replied," Do you have anything else to say? "

"Hahaha, what a crack Buddha!"

"Hahaha, of course, after that man asked people how he had done that." They told him that his head had gone, how he could have spit on Buddha! And the man, full of regret, went the next day to look for him and knelt at his feet asking for forgiveness.

—My mother, I would have said: sorry, nothing, next time you think about it and now you put up with your sailor guilt, hahaha.

"Hahaha, it wouldn't have been bad."

"Well, but then what did he answer?"

-Buda replied: «get up, I have nothing to forgive. The person who spit at me yesterday is not here. I don't see her anywhere. That person no longer exists. And the person who was spit yesterday didn't exist anymore. So go calm.

"How strange, and that answer?"

—For the Buddha, the most important thing is the present moment. For the whole it is constantly changing, and what we were in the past we are not now. We are in constant motion. The person who spit on him repented, learned from the experience, and that experience could change him. For Buddha we are this moment. Hence his answer. That is why every day I try to be affected by the insults or negative opinions of others. To react negatively would be to give them power over me and generate an anger that would not benefit me at all.

—How cool. It would cost me a lot to be like that. Let's see if you teach me hahaha. I like that you tell me these stories, it shows that you are a cultured boy.

That is precisely the good thing about telling stories, which we show ourselves as educated people who base their beliefs and behaviors on something palpable and solid. Where can we get stories like this? Well, simply from any site where they are: books, articles, documentaries, television, YouTube ... The key is Be attentive to the stories that flood us every day and find our relationship of utility, emotion or learning that they bring us.

4. Own experiences

If telling an external story is interesting, imagine your own. And is that Telling our own life experiences helps them to know us much better. Even better than if we sing to them how we are: «I am intelligent, la, la, insightful and outgoing to satiety!». We must never say how we are, in any case as we consider ourselves, but it is even better to find out.

"I loved Extremoduro as a child." I would not have more than 5 years that I already knew the song "So Clown" memo.

"Hahaha, I love them too." The lyrics are milk.

-Yes, I think so. I remember that my older brother put me in front of his friends and made me sing it in the pool. Me with 5 years black as the blight of how dark I was, singing and dancing to a group of teenagers of about 16 the song of so clown. My mother, go they wouldn't laugh hahaha.

"Hahaha, I would pay to see it." A handsome blackish boy appreciated good music without any shame.

"Yes, I have lost the black color but surely you would recognize my tender and irresistible smile." That is undoubted.

"Hahaha, come on, you're freaking kid." Do not boast!

"It is not boasting, it is freedom of sincere and honest expression." And put to be honest, it wouldn't hurt to see you dance to you while you sing.

"Well, I warn you that dancing is not my forte."

—I teach you to dance and sing without shame, I have been practicing since I was 5 years old.

5. Our day to day

I know that I often make reference to the film (and book) The peaceful Warrior but you will allow me one more time, and it is that as they say in it: «things are always happening».

The WhatsApp sounds, and it's that beautiful brunette you met last Saturday. What are you going to tell him in the first place? Well, simply and as an introduction, how about commenting on how the day went?

-Hi! How are you?

—Hello flipado! Very well, and you?

"Fantastically, a little tired of work but I'm already recovering strength sunk on the couch." They don't take me out of here with a crane.

"Hahaha, I just finished studying now." I think I have burned all the neurons that I had left, so if I say something silly you are going to have to be compassionately sympathetic.

- And what subject has been the cause of this mental burning? If it is not top secret come on ...

—It's high secret hahaha

"Mmmmm, I don't believe it." Account!

—It is called cost accounting.

"Good heavens, it sounds like smashing your head against a grand piano ..."

"Hahaha, what a romantic scene." It is not so bad, I do not dislike it, although I have a little strange tastes. Notice that the other day I gave my phone to you. With that you can imagine ...

-Hahaha. How funny. Well, what does such cost accounting consist of if you're so passionate about it? And by the way, what are you studying? You didn't tell me the other night.

Our day to day is an ideal conversation topic that serves as an introduction to later conversations. That if, as with any other topic of conversation, it can be treated in a more creative way or less. The best option in this case is to resort to a sense of humor. If you still do not get the jokes everywhere, it is best to take a look at this other article: How to develop a sense of humor.

Get inspired to improve your conversation topics

Finally, do not forget that to nurture your conversations it is very important to have good habits such as reading. You can read some novels and observe the conversations of the characters. On this website you will find my erotic tales with conversation topics full of seduction that can serve you to start having more references that inspire you.

Other options are: watch humor monologues, series with good conversation like Californication, read poetry, read books that teach you things like those in the self-help section, listen to music with creative lyrics like Extremoduro or Marea, etc. Any reference that gives you something to talk about and improves your creativity in doing so is valid.

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