How to excite with your lips: Create sexual tension and romanticism

El Romanticism is like fire, an amplifier of the most intense emotions that destroys all repression in its path. A small valve that makes everything work and smooth fluttering in the chest.

Meanwhile Sexual Tension passion, is the alarm clock of our deepest and forbidden desires. A current that does not attract towards the edges of the deepest and darkest precipice of pleasure.

It would be a pleasure, an insatiable sum of changing sensations, it would make you forget more than the world ...
I would take your clothes off very slowly, savoring the moment of contemplating your beautiful naked body. A Tsunami of slow and calculated kisses.
The sum of your smell with mine, that smell that drives me crazy. Crazy for making you lose your mind and sense. Crazy about being inside you, of being a single being, and concentrating on the emotions and sensations that burn my body. In and out of you… faster and more explosive, more and more beautiful ... until finally, the image of our worlds exploded and was lost in the black and dark fog.
Open your eyes, and find you there, heated, sweaty, disheveled and completely naked, looking into my eyes ...
I can't imagine a better image ...


Our ego likes to feel seductive. Make the person you want to seduce her feel seductive with you. Tell him what provokes you from her or come closer to see for himself.


Do not be afraid to show your natural vulnerabilities. Some mild shyness or certain insecurities can be attractive and flirtatious. The natural of ourselves has great romantic and sexual power.

You are a victim of its charms. Your sin, let yourself be dragged by them.

Before they accuse you of your seductive arts, accuse yourself of the spell that is casting you. No one seduces anyone, we are both seduced. Both.

Few things are less attractive than having the feeling that they are "hunting us" because they want something from us, instead of feeling that we are irresistible before their eyes.

Many women have a great fear of being used. On the other hand, many men need to quench their male ego strongly by looking seductive. The same aspirin is used for both: Seduce and feel seduced.


"I don't know how you're doing it, but you're going to end up seducing me."
- I already knew that I should not trust you, you are making me fall in the grip of your charms. I don't think about anything other than feeling those lips.
-Yor I do not know if I am a flirt or not, what I am sure is that you drive me crazy / I feel very attracted to you / you put me a thousand.

Justify your interest

We have XNUMX women who operate our mixer trucks and many other women in positions that have traditionally been occupied by men; for example: maintenance officers, laboratory technicians, scale operator, among others. to give you a WHY we are interested in the person in front of us, as we have seen in the qualification articles. But if we want this to be powerful, we must do it in a unique way that awakens your deepest romantic and sexual desires.

We qualify specific features of your physique or personality, focusing on what they transmit to us and what makes us feel.

"Your tenderness" is not the same as "your sweeping tenderness," it is very important to use creative or poetic communication. Let's see some examples:

  • I love your look -> I love the tenderness that glimpses your look.
  • You are very nice -> With you it is impossible that my smile does not escape.
  • I am very comfortable with you -> With you I feel that I get lost and that nothing else matters, just this moment.
  • I want to kiss you -> I want to wreck in the softness of your lips.

Reading good poetry and novels is highly recommended to awaken our creativity and learn to communicate in a more emotional way.


Every night I go to bed reliving those deep feelings that you managed to wake up in me and that were asleep. That innocent and tender smile, that deep and luminous look, and those sweet and sensual kisses.


I like you, all of you. Your impenetrable look, your seductive tenderness, your sweet caresses. Your hopeful smile.

Drag to the adventure

I have to be honest, despite the risk involved. Well, I need to share the desire I feel to slide my hands to the contact of your skin. By your legs, sliding your pants to the floor, feeling every touch of pleasure. Blur our senses, and fall and fall deeper into sin. Without fear for being human, or feel fear or repair.

Romanticism or Sexuality? What does the person we want to seduce need?

We will be human we have a series of emotional and sexual needs. To meet those needs and excite and provoke desired states in that person that attracts us, we require the ability to generate both romanticism and sexual tension.

Imagine we meet someone in one night. If we are very romantic and nothing sexual, the other person will ask, And in bed how are we doing? Are you going to provoke me?

Furthermore, If we are very sexual and do not communicate emotionallyIt may seem that we don't want anything other than ñaca ñaca. And so we're going to fool ourselves ... sex is cool, but sex with passion and feeling is cool. And even if it's only for the night, if necessary we almost always prefer emotions to be in full bloom.

If that person that our partner, it is not necessary to be a fortune teller to intuit that you will want both to be excited and loved, both romanticism and sexuality.

Romanticism directs more towards loving relationships (love), and sexualization towards sexual relationships (sex).

Romanticism manages to meet the needs of affection and makes the other person feel special within the generated idyll. Sexuality serves more to excite, makes us feel wanted men and women and makes us take the little animal that we carry inside and to merge in that game of excitement and mutual provocation.

However, if that person we want to seduce is not our partner that we are meeting recently, the scenarios can be very diverse.

In the absence of trust and knowledge about your preferences, we must observe that he is responding better by guiding us through our intuition.

Stop making that good girl face. As you continue like this in the end I will be forced to kidnap you and lock you in a desert island. Only the two of us and some butler monkey. And I'll see there what I do with you.

You are playing them. You are able to wake up my most tender and romantic part, but also the most bad, sexual and dangerous part.

Please stop dancing like that so close to me.

I would abandon myself completely to you. To your kisses, to your caresses, to your desires ... yours completely ...

Sexualize, it's not just a matter of words

A slow, authoritarian or dominant tone, as well as a greater physical approach and the combination with caresses, allow us to increase the effect that our words have on the mind.

"I see you're also a very smiling girl, you don't stop smiling at me, and you're getting a little nervous."

"I'm not nervous." "I approach her and give her a slow, soft kiss on the cheek."

“And now you're a little more nervous?” She keeps laughing and looking away as I hold her hand and stare at her. He stares back at me with eyes of fire and tells me ...

- The truth is that you are making me a little nervous yes.

As we can see, we can also generate sexual tension with what we do, with the way we talk to her and how we treat her. We must be careful with this and do not forget about the relaxation, of balancing the balance and not generating sexual tension, especially if we are faced with a shy girl / or little accustomed to sexual issues or innuendoes.

If you want to know a little more about how to sexualize, don't miss this article: Sexuality: Transmit sex in conversation.

Messages so you don't forget

With the messages we can penetrate the mind of the seduced person at any time of the day. If it attracts attention, you will not forget it.

A WhatsApp to your mobile with a text like the previous one can make our beloved woman a little boring workday.

Are you aware of how tremendously beautiful you were this morning? I'm looking forward to tearing you off that dress, dropping the floor, and making good use of my lips on you.

We love these impossible sexual propositions. Another good WhatsApp to send, in this case to him, while enjoying a nice morning of work.

I want to play with you and feel that I am yours. No one else's. And please all your wishes. I want to lose myself ...

brave jungle

#wearebrave #captivatesensations

Life is a set of experiences. The sum of moments that escape from our hands, unforgettable is its beautiful transience. To those we add others that we would like to release and never see again. One and others at the stake of life make us jump and cry. Wander adrift or at a straight pace. Drift is sometimes scary, but without it nothing would make sense. So make it intense! Get ready to enjoy intensely and jump to that beautiful bonfire. Be charmed by passion! You have nothing to lose, but much to feel.

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