How to praise effectively: Guide with examples, clues and phrases

Praise effectively consists of appreciate, value and communicate in a positive way the physical and psychological qualities of another person. Something essential to seduce and fall in love with any man or woman we want, either by meeting someone new or seducing our partner.

And we all like to receive a sweet once in a while. Even if… It is not as easy as it looks:

Making good compliments requires concentration, observation and awareness to get appreciate those qualities that the other person really values ​​of himself or discover new ones that he did not know. Being this type of praise the ones that cause the most emotional impact.

In turn, it is very important to know how to use the emotional communication so that our compliments move away from the conventional and remain naturally and attractive in our conversations.

The most important thing is that we go saying what we like about the other person over time. Gradually, as we identify appreciable qualities. While we can talk about ourselves.

Keys to praise effectively

You can praise everyone

Although this article will be based on seeing more focused examples in the field of seduction, it is important that we get used to praise subtly To all the people around us. Since if we make people around us feel good, we will undoubtedly get great and numerous benefits from it.

Do not forget to always keep this in mind, because as I always say, seduction is mostly communication. So if we get used to communicating seductively with everyone, we will not have to pretend or force ourselves before a person that we really like.

To seduce ourselves we have to feel valued

Praise responds to a basic need that all human beings have to fall in love and feel seduced. Although recently it has been discovered that even some Martians on the planet Mars also respond in a similar way.

This need is to:
Feel valued, appreciated and supported.

During this article we will see several examples and phrases of praise focused on seducing and falling in love as we develop the most theoretical. These examples will be part of conversation pieces and during them I seek to invite you to reflect as explained previously so that you assimilate everything perfectly. Let's go with the first one:

- Since I was a child I always wanted to be a lawyer, and although it has been a hard road, now I feel very proud to have my own office. I managed to make my dream come true.
"Come on, you're from that kind of men who never give up." Do you realize that you seem even sexier now?
"Something I thought I saw in your eyes as I told you, but I thought they were my imaginations." Sometimes they disturb me a little and I don't know very well what they want to tell me.

We can praise, but also talk about ourselves

A qualification process has two phases. One is to tell the other person what we like about her by throwing compliments, and the other is to talk about what we like about ourselves.

Both are very important, since How we talk about ourselves will tell the other person what our interests, goals and beliefs are. And as these are more or less attractive, or as we communicate, our power of seduction will increase or decrease. Let's see an example taken from my book Wake up beauty.


- Some think it is better to think things through before doing them. You may also think like that. But I like the risk. I like to be impulsive. Do what I believe and I feel like doing as soon as possible. Without thinking too much. Throw me off the cliff and let it be what it has to be.

I know I have an unconventional philosophy, but I'm not afraid to expose it. If you like me for who I really am, not for what I want to hear.

"Yes, you can see that mental freedom in your way of expressing yourself." But that way you can take many blows in life, right? He asks curiously as he plays with his long blond hair.

I think I just bit my lip accidentally. But it does not matter. I have no need to hide that desire. My body is wise to show what it wants.

"I know, but when you hit me, I don't feel any guilt." I feel passion It was me at that time! I answer enthusiastically. Also, do those who try to control everything do not take blows? As much as we try to avoid them, some blows always get along. And without them, we never learn.

"Yes, we all suffer falls." More me who always carry a bruise out there careless, ”he exclaims with a mischievous laugh that invades me. Anyway, there will be some limits to that bravery right?

-Clear! Let's see if you're going to think I'm crazy - I answer with a laugh.

"I don't think you're crazy." Everything you tell me is very interesting. You look like a boy who loves life intensely. Both hard and mature. I like that about you.

"Thank you, not everyone values ​​it."

"I do, and believe me that although I may seem more reserved and think things through before I do them, when it's time to get carried away, the current doesn't drag me." I become the same current - concludes as the judge who dictates sentence with his mallet.

Naughty, smiling, serious and cane… does not let me see that she has silly blond hair. Being me who becomes more and more silly.

—Hum! Now I'm curious. I want to see how you become that current flowing with me.

"I wouldn't expect less from you, but in my case, life has taught me that the authentic and real always comes with a little patience." So you will still have to work hard for that - dictamin with a sensuality that confirms it to me.

He confirms that this girl has a strong personality of her own. Like me, he doesn't tell me what I want to hear, but what he really thinks. And that certainly makes me look even more attractive.

Each compliment has a different objective

To tell a person that we like performing indirect praise, we have to choose which traits we are going to praise. These traits can be:

  • Physical features: body, eyes, hair, nose, ears, hands, arms, legs, etc.
  • Personality traits: attitudes, skills, ways of thinking, etc.

Lies the praise of the physical traits we give a more sexual direction telling him what physically attracts us to him or her. So this type of praise is the most conducive when we want to direct things towards a sexual destiny. Although careful, that does not mean that only praising the physical sex is achieved if it is what you want.

The Personality traits have a more emotional direction. We communicate what interests us in your way of being. We make her feel valued for what she really is and that it has surely cost her a job to develop.

How to praise what we like about your physique

Think about how you use it, what generates you and what makes you remember

The biggest mistake of the vast majority of people is that of launching compliments or indiscriminate compliments on the physical, which are totally common and very little justified. Therefore, the impact is almost nil.

A girl may have been told that she has beautiful eyes more times than the solar system is. Therefore, that we tell you once again that you have very beautiful eyes will not leave you dumbfounded. However, we can tell you that they make us feel or remember those eyes, or focus on praising how you use those eyes: your look.

"Your eyes remind me of the depth of the ocean."
"Well, on the one hand, they scare me, like the vastness of the ocean." And on the other, they seem immensely beautiful.

"Stop looking at me that way." You make me nervous…
-What do you say? How am i looking at you
"Well ... I wouldn't know how to describe it." But I feel like you're going to catch me in them without giving me too much choice of resistance. And of my own volition I would go where they told me.

Praise any part of your body

Back to the same. That he can have very beautiful eyes, he could have said it to his laptop. Nevertheless, there are parts of the body that most people flatter.

Arms, hands, mouth, voice, nails, makeup, chest, legs, hair, nose, ears. Of course, everything you like and about what you know that the other person has no complexes.

If any discussion arises about some complex Have: Big nose, big ass, be a little chubby, etc. You can always tell him that you only know that you love it that way, and that otherwise you don't know if you would like it so much. Similarly, try to look for the positive side of the complexes. Everything has its beautiful side to praise and perhaps the other person has not seen it.

A trick to praise accurately

Sometimes we know something we like, but we don't bother to think why we like it. If we tell the boy or girl that we want to seduce why we like that part of his body, he will undoubtedly discover something he did not know and that he may never forget.

In my case, some girls have told me that they liked my hands very much. A girl told me that she loved them because she saw them big but at the same time soft and delicate, like the hands of a pianist. Those are compliments that are marked and help you always remember the person who told you.

Therefore, do not be afraid to say which parts of your body you like or that you find beautiful, as long as you have a prepared justification to justify it. If you want to train this skill, I recommend you read some poems from time to time, where each word itself is qualified: I would like to fall into the deep pit of your dark eyes.

Tell him what we like about his personality

Knowing how to praise personality is sometimes complicated. We are often going to find ourselves making assumptions about his way of being that do not have to be true. Therefore, it is important to use emotional communication. To do this, a simple trick. Record this phrase in your head:

Never tell anyone how it is, but how you think it is.

The first is debatable. Maybe you barely know that person and she may have a different opinion of her own personality. But about what you think of his way of being at a precise moment of time, that nobody can discuss. It is what you think, period.

On the other hand, to praise personal traits we have to be attentive to different focuses of interest that give us clues as to how the other person is. The main sources of this information are:

  • How he acted or what he did in the past.
  • How he is acting or what he is doing now.
  • Assumptions about how it will act in the future according to its past and present.

Examples praise conversation past behaviors

"I've been to several capitals in Europe." Right now I don't travel so much for work but I've always loved it and in the future I hope to go to many more places.
"Do you know something?" I don't know why but I would have bet a heavy sum that of course I don't have because you were a girl who had traveled a lot.
-Hahaha! Because what you say? Nor that he carried a sign on his back with the places I've been ...
-Haha! Surely it would fit you very well, but that is not why.
—It is perceived in your expressions. On your face When you speak I notice the security and mischief of the traveler. That intelligence that only those who have seen enough world have to know how to properly appreciate and analyze what they have in front of them.
"Mmmmm ... And you don't think I can be analyzing you now?" I would have a little fear of smart girls.
"No fear, curiosity ... a lot." Also, I love feeling analyzed. Especially if while doing so I can enjoy contemplating lips like that (he says looking at (or touching) his lips slightly).

Examples praise conversation current behaviors

-And what are you studying?
—I'm studying psychology at the University of Alicante. I have always been fascinated by the human mind and helping others. Although careful, psychologists are reputed to be a little crazy lol.
"If I already said that very well in your head you didn't have to be hahaha."
"Well, I haven't finished the race yet, give me time to see if I get crazier or I get fixed." Rather the first than the second.
-Hahaha. If you ask me for my personal opinion, I think an exciting madman is better than a boring sane. Look at it on the bright side. At least you know how to entertain a girl ...
—Well! And I thought you were talking to me about my super raptor physical appeal. Now it turns out that I will be fun.
-Hahaha! Boastful, funny, crazy and likes to help others. They go 2 against 2. Take care!

Examples praise behaviors future assumptions

"I love taking care of my dog." Pamper him, hug him, play with him. There is nothing like getting home after a hard day and seeing him there at the door moving his tail. It always gives me joy. Sometimes I can take it and jump with it!
"I love how you express yourself." You look like an affectionate girl who does what she does because she really feels it.
"Well, I don't know ... I'm a normal girl haha."
"Well, you seem like a charm to me." Just for what you've been telling me about your dog and as you've been telling me. I see that there is much love within you to give to others. In addition, it shows that you like to take care of what is yours. That you know that I am taking a lot of envy to your future boyfriend hahaha.
-Hahaha! Well, we'll see who has to put up with me.

Tell him what you like with emotional communication

Thanks to emotional communication we can find several ways to help us praise in a more visual way. The important thing here is that the message reaches your mind. That attracts attention and generates an impact. That is, to see it in full color.

For this we will always speak from our perspective. That is, what generates me emotionally within its full range of verbs: remember, transmit, provoke, feel, etc.

What reminds me

"Your way of speaking reminds me of the sirens whispering to sailors." I don't know if you do it intentionally or not, but don't stop talking to me like that.
"Aren't you going to tell me that you are a lost sailor who is looking for the mermaid to lead him to his downfall?"
-Sincerely? I wouldn't mind being as long as you are that mermaid.

What it transmits to me

"Every time I talk to you, you give me a lot of positive energy."
-Hahaha! I'm glad to hear that. Although I have to tell you that in large part you provoke me this good mood. So don't take off merits.
-Haha! I mean it. It shows that you live with great enthusiasm. I love that!

What causes me

-Do you know something? I don't know if it's because of the fighter you are in your life, or because of that naughty smile you have. But you provoke me to make mischief right now.
"I see you're getting to know me." But believe me, the important thing is not that it causes you to make mischief. The important thing is how much we can enjoy doing them.
"Mmmmm, what exactly do you think of?" Surely reject it, but you never know. Show me your Lucifer cards!

What makes me feel

"The way you express yourself makes me feel like a cloud." A cloud that I would never want to download.
-Haha! Thank you. Much better to live in a cloud than with your feet on the ground right?
-Totally agree. The harsh reality is just a hobby from Monday to Friday. Keep talking to me like that and we are going to lack heaven in which to fly.

Create a loving bond

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Learn to use empathy to praise (with many more examples of qualification):
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Summary of basic principles

Praise progressively directly and indirectly

We could have put millions of examples and made this article infinite and yet every day we could invent more and more different compliments or compliments. This is a clear indication that to tell someone we like, it is not necessary to say: I like you.

In fact, that is a mistake. For someone to believe that we like we have to tell them the justified and precise reasons for that charm. This is how it will give you courage and make you feel seduced. Giving it a reason why we like it real at the moment of perceiving it. We can do it more indirectly, or with more direct and aggressive language. Ideally, combine both and use one and another depending on the context.

Praise communicating effectively

In turn, to achieve this we need communication skills such as emotional communication, empathy and assertiveness, plus courage To be brave and say what you want. In addition, the more labia and more creative we are at the time of conversation, the better our praise will come out.

The gift of labia: Guide to having labia

Practice praise with everyone and stay trained

The good thing about the art of praise is that we can not only practice it with the person we want to fall in love with. We can train it with everyone. My proposal is that every day be attentive and try to give some praise to the people you are dealing with. You can use humor if it makes you feel more comfortable.

"Roberto, they'll give you the Usain Bolt award any day at the office." Great job and in record time!

The better you make others feel, the better you will feel and the better they will make you feel. Just do not expect to receive anything in return. For a compliment to be honest, get used to giving it for the pleasure of giving it. At the same time, make sure your praise is deserved. Do not overdo it or you will end up being a flatterer and your compliments will lose their full effect.

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We cannot expect others to treat us as we would like. We cannot even ask them to treat us as we treat them. Expectation often hides a trap that makes us fall into the pit of frustration. But whenever we treat others with the full force of our love, what else do we receive the same return or not? Light will always guide our path. Therein lies the force of love, in which you captivate yourself more by giving it than by receiving it. The interests associated with that magical energy is not the most important. The most important thing is to feel it.

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