Breathing is my only vocation

I will not let anyone put me in a prison.
Breathing is my only vocation,
your body does not inspire my forgiveness
If love is not accompanied by reason.

You don't love me, you want me in a cell.
Wanting it to be yours is not love,
It is a form of possession. A need.
A need for unconscious, well
the conscious knows that death lurks,
and when I finally give up my borrowed body,
and become the dust from which he came,
Nothing will matter anymore.

I don't care if you looked at that blond German with blue eyes,
Not even the times you fucked your ex
not even the verses you thought of writing to someone other than me,
Not even the kiss that maybe you sneaked, or maybe not.

I will never know. I will never know if any of that existed.
I only know that you are by my side and that I love you.

I'll let the idiots worry, those who cry,
and those who decide to live in continuous battle.

My peace is me, and I share it with you,
With those kisses that know history, history
of which I will always be part.


So if you say you love me, don't turn me away.
Love me really, because owning another is not loving,
It is only to despise oneself.
Yes, you despise yourself, because you are wonderful
even without having anything in your name,
and for that, every time you want to control me
and chase, you despise yourself.
You despise what makes you unique
and happy without needing my company

And I love you,
So please, don't despise yourself.

Love yourself free.

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