Awareness to get out of a negative dynamic

There are times when external circumstances immerse us in a negative dynamic. It is enough that we have a major failure, so that we begin to rethink our worth. How do we get out of the well?

In those moments we forget everything we have achieved, and we begin to see everything from the glasses of negativity. The fears are amplified and our self-esteem collapses. We begin to think that in what we were good at, maybe we are not so good, yajuse almost anything. It is as if a red imp with wings of those typical of the cartoon series appeared to us, and it was continually pointing in our head how bad everything is going to come out.

What drowns someone is not to fall into the river, but to stay submerged in it.
Paulo Coelho

But that red imp is not real. It is a recreation. What happens in these negative dynamics is that in the end everything we do we end up by toxifying. We begin to think negatively. It's like a tap full of lime. When the tap is clean the water flows clear, but when it is full of the lime it comes out dirty and trumpeted. The same goes for our mind.

If you find yourself in one of those moments, reflect, meditate and realize how negativity is distorting your thoughts and perceptions. Talk to the people who love you and value you, or with an expert who can help you, they can give you an external opinion that is not stained by your mind. Or even take a good rest. In many occasions it is the only thing we need, a good rest without having anything to do. Relax, listen to music you like. Get away from chores and problems.

The greatest glory is never to fall, but to always rise
Nelson Mandela

And above all, realize that sooner or later that black and dirty cloud will pass by, the sun will rise again, and that is when all that you have done to grow and get out of that negative dynamic, will come to light . Then you will feel bigger and stronger, because you will have grown.

Whatever happens, accept and love yourself. Those are your best cards to face any challenge. They are also to squeeze every moment with passion. Avoid the boredom of perfection, and see how far you can go from love to where you already are.

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6 replies on "Awareness to get out of a negative dynamic"


    Great David, like everything you write ...
    In my case, when the darkness and black cloud begins to settle in my mind, as you say, I listen to songs that transmit life to me, music is a great tool to empty the mind of negativity and fill it with light and joy. … ..Have a good day and still be so fantastic¡¡¡¡

    • David Jungle

      The classical music transmits many sensations to me. A good orchestra, focus on the sound of the instruments and let out everything bad while emptying your mind. An excellent meditation haha. A hug Consuelo!

  • Anabel

    Thanks David, as always great. Music also heals my mind, but do you know what really excites me and relaxes me? Going out to the field, seeing mountains, being under trees, their energy makes me renew and forget about those clouds that sometimes stalk me. How nice!!!! I don't know if you realize that apart from helping us with your advice and your words, you inspire us, you make the best of each one flourish, at least in me. May the universe bless you !!

    • David Jungle

      Thank you very much Anabel, for this comments and for the previous one. You transmit enthusiasm and good energy to the other side of the screen haha. And I congratulate you for feeling this way being in touch with nature, very few people manage to feel that feeling in such a stressful society and from which you both disconnect. A hug from my land, and also the poet Miguel Hernandez haha!


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