Increase your appeal: Seduce with game and unpredictability

The predictable is boring! Yes, both in a league environment and in bed relationships. Unpredictable people tend to be more attractive and seductive. The reason? Simple, they always have something to surprise us with.

Therefore, as I explained in my guide about how to flirt, we must bet to incorporate certain doses of dynamism into our interactions. That way the attraction generated by the mystery will always play in our favor.

Take the chip to the unpredictable

It is a matter of attitude, pretending to offer a variety of stimuli

I remember a girl for whom I felt truly excited on one of my intense party nights. A few years ago, however, when something leaves its mark, it is difficult to erase it.

We were in a pub, and after performing my most beautiful and seductive linguistic dance, we started the physical dance. And what happens ... we just kissing. But so far everything normal, the really interesting thing was when we started to get involved, and I have to admit that the culprit was everything.

He began to behave like a little girl, first he kissed me effusively, then escaped as if fleeing to follow her. When I grabbed her and brought her close to me, she looked at me with desire, turned her lips away and looked at me again with desire and then pounced on me or surged a seductive comment in my ear and began to flee again.

And so it went on, with a Unpredictable game where without knowing how to proceed next, we were both getting more and more excited. It was a mixture of excitation and relaxation. Provocation and escape. It didn't take long for me to get into this girl's seductive game and try how hopelessly, in other girls it worked like a charm. create sexual tension. Suitable for both sexes then!

We are addicted to the new. Always offer something unexpected.

Beware of moral seriousness

First score and if it is very serious, raise the game little by little

Everything has your atthesis. And it is that unpredictable should not be confused with unstable (emotionally speaking) or be cumbersome (when we propose to do things that require high effort.

In the same way there are very rational people or with low self-esteem who find it hard to catch the game (you take them out of their seriousness and they think that what you are playing with them or disrespecting them). Some find it difficult to get rid of seriousness that perhaps their work environment imposes on them. With that kind of people, patience. If they get offended at any time or don't like us, recovering our seriousness (yes, without getting angry and maintaining good humor) to silence the situation and get to their emotional level, and then return to the game, It will generate a tune that will drag you to want to have fun. He will understand that what offended him was an act of play, not an offense, and he will want to participate in the game.

We all carry a child inside who is looking forward to playing a while, and more if it is seductive game with sexual provocation. Start practicing unpredictability. Start small, doing exciting things that you are not used to but that you feel comfortable with, and from there go raising the bar trying more risky things.

If you are very shy right now, you can download my free guided meditations in MP3 or listen to them on my channel YouTube. Meditation can help us a lot. Rome was not built in a day, but if you persist, whether you meet new people or with your partner if you have one, you will end up seeing the magical glow in the eyes of the one who wants to devour you (from top to bottom).

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Nothing is more seductive than life itself. And in case life is predictable? The answer is no. Be unpredictable, live in a way that you are, and you'll be adapting to nature. Appreciate the beauty of any circumstance and act with a young and playful spirit. Fun is not an option. Be unpredictable again and play ...

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  • Anonymous

    David the page is sensational I am delighted all your project and much encouragement because you learn a lot by dedicating hours.
    Much encouragement
    a big hug

    • David Jungle

      Thank you very much Julian! I just saw your comment hehe.

      I will continue writing and developing more content for the page as I learn and share what I have learned with all readers. A lot of strength and keep growing.

      A hug of thanks, thanks for the encouragement. Here we continue!


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