Attractive personality: Attitudes to be magnetic

Personal magnetism is everything we can enhance to have an attractive personality regardless of physical appearances; although it is well known that these tend to increase their perception.

Highlighting all those features that make us lovely; like the charisma, the social influence, the sense of humor, self-confidence, etc. Transmitting that magnetism through what we say or simply through our body language.

That is, we can become more magnetic by developing those traits that define the canons of an attractive personality. Even while still being ourselves or trying to convey an image that does not belong to us!

The essence of magnetism

An attractive personality does not reside in the forms


A magnetic person does not depend on a physical or specific forms. What makes her attractive are mainly her attitudes, beliefs, knowledge and skills.

When we say that a person radiates magnetism, we immediately elucidate that mysterious and passionate aura that the same expression "being magnetic" already inspires. The clock has run a lot during many years of human history, however, little has changed. The fundamental principles of attractiveness and psychological attraction continue to experiment with the same potions of attraction.

What used to be sexy now also tends to be!

Does magnetism depend on specific forms? Certainly, history makes us presage that no. Finding men and women who being physically ugly have enjoyed that seductive essence called that arouses the attention of others.

Many people have been powerfully seductive without great physical appeal

A very remarkable case is found in Cleopatra. One of the most seductive women in history. Or at least that's how the books and their mere legend detail it.

Far from the cinema selling its image as an imposing and attractive woman, the truth is that it was not so. The physical appearance of Cleopatra left much to be desired compared to that of the women of the Roman court. On the other hand, such was the attraction and desire that it generated, which led the Emperor of Rome Julio Cesar to the debacle of his empire and managed to dominate him as a slave.


Bust of Cleopatra VII. Altes Museum, Berlin.

“The message is clear: the charm of Cleopatra it had little to do with his physical appearance and much to do with his intellect, character and the tone of his voice. ”

Features of an attractive personality

Magnetism according to Régine Dumay

be magnetic

According to Régine Dumay: The magnetic being is, in general, someone who has worked with himself, in the sense of educating his character; His vision of the world is rich and allows him to use himself enthusiastically in many areas. Someone who poses problems, who is interested in others and constantly seeks, dissatisfied with what he knows. He develops his personality to adapt to an increasingly large number of people.

The great power of seduction of the empathy It becomes more evident every day. Materializing as a kind of insatiable appetite that the magnetic person feels towards understand a new being, discover new ideas or forge new ways of thinking for oneself. Being clear its virtue of knowing how to listen and establish harmonious relationships with both men and women. Understanding and supporting them at a deep and perceptible level. What makes him especially dear as a friend and as a lover; He often presents himself as a faithful and appreciated confidant.

Régine Dumay goes on to say: This man or woman arouses immediate confidence given that he values ​​the positive aspects of each person, getting excited about his projects; Thus, others feel comforted and seconded in their interests.

This altruistic attitude of support or help others It has been revealed by science as a feature of great personal appeal. Especially when we observe someone as a candidate for a long-term relationship.

Behaviors of an attractive personality

Let us then see some models of behavior and personality attitudes that according to Régine Dumay, if applied in a stable way will lead you to develop your personal magnetism and thus be a more attractive person:

  • Want to know more and more and not think you know everything.
  • Apply the field of your readings and explore different ways of thinking.
  • Being able to question what we already know and examine prejudices, whether scientific, cultural or social.
  • Having friends in the most diverse media and of different ages and races.
  • Being able to look at life with new eyes, to get excited, to feel beauty.
  • See the positive side of beings and not their defects.
  • Keep friendships stable and trustworthy; become the one who is always used and who can be entrusted with difficulties
  • Try to commune inwardly with others, with their deep part, and not stop in appearance.
  • Not having a fixed image of oneself, not identifying with a single role or with a single social class, but leaving our future and our personality completely open, free to evolve and change.
  • Trying to know the roots of our own identity, our deep being, that which does not change direction and that does not lose sight of the path, even if life allows us to develop at any given time such or such an unforeseen facet of ourselves.
  • Perceive life, beings and the current situation as a whole, that is, within a general scheme, which will avoid losing you in the details.
  • To live in harmony with the environment, with the vital impulse of Nature; to feel that we are the plot of a broader conscience, and to harmonize with the world as consciousness. Feeling that life, in everything around us, does not differ from ourselves.

Start defining your personality

Being magnetic is a fruit that you pick up thanks to a way of understanding and feeling the life that is gradually creating a richer, beautiful and charismatic personality. And that mode of magnetism is unique, it's only yours! No one else will live the same as you. But you will have to delve into the unknown leaving behind your security zones.

The champions are not made in gyms, they are made of something immaterial that they have deep inside them. It is a desire, a dream, a vision.

Muhammad Ali

Don't let other people's opinions stop you! You are made of something immaterial that nobody else has. Having a more attractive and authentic personality rests largely on these beliefs. But first we must free ourselves from the insecurity of what others may think and learn to face character. Finding a psychological freedom and courage That awakens all our authenticity.

It's not magic, it's talent development

Forget about cheap tricks, magnetism is not a bummer thing

attractive woman

John Fisheral Kennedy is one of those known public figures who most struggled to achieve magnetism throughout his life. Lover and fervent persecutor of female favor and political success, he was instructed before he became president of the United States in Hollywood itself. Where he learned from actors and great personalities of his time and cultivated to the extreme one of the most necessary arts of the charism: oratory.

From my point of view, the important thing is not to have some small magic keys so that a person can connect with the girl or the boy who at that time governs his mind. The magic does not exist and the miraculous methods that are sold in the well-known seduction industry are as effective as the magic vacuum cleaner of the home store. And is that any promise that offers you great benefits at a very low cost, usually hides a bottom scam.

Developing an attractive personality takes time, as there are many skills and attitudes to be trained. In addition, these skills are always improvable. There is the challenge! Having charisma and maintaining it over time requires great perseverance.

Discover your hidden inner appeal

The path to happiness and success in social or professional relationships, whether for relationships between men and women or for any aspect of our lives, resides in getting closer and closer to that natural magnetic being that lives inside us. And in my opinion, Everyone hides a great natural attraction under their inner walls. Many baptize him as his myself, and yet, few manage to get it out of the citadel of their fears or strengthen it with the right tools.

Your biggest project is yourself. If you grow up, everything you touch will grow with you. All your projects, passion and achievements will carry your signature. Make sure it's pretty. It all starts in you!
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Empower your charisma from the base of acceptance

Being sexy to others is not an innate gift, as we have been saying, attractiveness can be developed by improving our social skills, knowledge and ways of thinking. You just have to have the perseverance, enthusiasm and courage to walk towards strengthening our charism starting from the acceptance and the understanding of our personal strengths and weaknesses. Because only if we accept ourselves, can we release the self-esteem we need to stop getting in the way and choose to learn and find solutions.

People die before their death. It is installed in safety, comfort, convenience. People settle in a kind of grave existence.


When weaknesses become strengths

Transform ugliness into beauty

pretty Woman

Many times we have seen or met people who with great difficulties have achieved spectacular successes. Older than the best prepared innately. Something that is more has been contrasted, is that when a person wants. Something you want with enthusiasm and motivation and for what you fight to get it without rest. It ends up getting what is proposed and even surpassing those who have always had those skills innate. Again, John Fisheral Kennedy is a great example of improvement in this regard.

We can all improve our personality

In my personal experience, continuing with the issue of attractiveness and charisma skills, I remember how with 13 years my shyness barely allowed me to say more than four coherent words to a girl (if I dared to say any). However, he had friends with that same age who did quite well. And go! They were successful with the girls.

However, thanks to this weakness, I approached from those tender 13 years towards the reading of self-improvement. First in terms of social skills to gradually expand the range towards many other themes.

Without that feeling of inferiority and those failures I felt today you would not be reading this! And surely today my life would be much less enriching. I would not have learned to have more labia, nor to communicate emotionally, nor to to praise, nor to generate sexual tension, nor to manage my emotions, nor many other things that have enhanced my attractiveness and opened the doors to many wonderful experiences and adventures in my life. In addition to giving me a job and being able to share them with you in these articles.

Difficulty is an excuse that history never accepts.
John Fisheral Kennedy

The lesson I have learned is clear: Instead of looking for excuses, getting frustrated or judging myself for what I am not able to do, I throw myself headlong into learning to do better. First of all, thanking life for having made me aware of it and posing a challenge that will surely make me feel especially alive while I struggle to achieve it. Reinforcing all these attitudes to forge a healthy self-esteem.

Developing an attractive personality is exciting

Maybe the same thing that happened to me was what happened to many other people with little social success. Their inferiority sentiment led them to develop their skills to unsuspected limits. Reaching the highest levels of magnetism and then success.

Once you start to develop a more attractive personality, it is difficult to stop. It becomes something truly exciting and motivating. Fighting for that growth can be something enthusiastic and fun that fills us with energy.

We must enjoy fighting to achieve our goals and love and enjoy life.

Adopting habits and approaches that improve every daySooner or later we will see each other as a more attractive person. Under the paradox that we don't even seek to be. Every day will be the ship that takes us to cross those waters while we squeeze our present.

Forget the grave stock of your comfort zones and embrace a life of action and adventure! The road will be exciting ...

Define a strategy to enhance your appeal

What helped me develop mine


Finally, my advice is that start today to form a philosophy of life of your own and adapted to you. A philosophy that leads you to develop a sexier and more attractive personality based on your own tastes. How? Adapting a strategy of daily improvement that is constant and adapts to your needs. This is what I do:

  • Dedicate Half an hour to an hour a day to read. Normally before going to bed and combining genres of philosophy, poetry, seduction, spirituality, psychology, novels, etc. Topics that enrich you and at the same time enhance the great appeal of wisdom (being able to teach people things is attractive).
  • Sign up every time I can to group activities. The main thing here is to interact with people and make new friends. There is a wide range, from salsa classes, yoga, gyms, musicals, etc.
  • Greeting and interacting with the people around me in my day to day. Is about Be kind and nice to the people around you, You know her more or less.
  • Write, meditate, play the console and watch TV in moderation and to relax or rest.
  • Listen to hypnosis and do NLP exercises: These are resources that have always accompanied me. I was curious many years ago and I think they have always given me a very beneficial push. To such an extent that I ended up developing my own guided meditations.

No doubt you can think of more activities. Ideally, You think about how you are currently living your life, and how you can start living it in a more attractive and natural way that makes your personality flourish with its greatest fullness.

Be free and live in your own philosophy

Forging your own philosophy with your own world of perceptions will be the biggest challenge you will have throughout your entire life. It will become your map. It will be what defines your attractive personality and all the development of skills that form it. All your charisma will be born from it.

On this website you can see many articles with a philosophy that I have named "WE'RE BRAVE" and that gives name to this blog. Because being brave is for me the most crucial factor in achieving anything. I speak of the courage to know oneself every day, change and fight in the jungle in which we live while enjoying our now as the most vital purpose. Of not being afraid of anything. To welcome that jungle. Accept any difficulty as a challenge. A gift that you are willing to overcome and enjoy.

Attractive personality,
Audio of Motivational Hypnosis

Success triangle method to develop your magnetism and have a sweeping personality

If you've been wanting more, I bring you good news. This article has its second part in which we discover a simple and effective method to develop a overwhelming personality. Of course, while still being yourself. Click on the link and do not miss it.

brave jungle

#wearebrave #captivatesensations

Adversity is the refuge of the brave; the journey that leads them to become stronger and stronger. Get ready for everything! Stay willing to navigate through the shadows. Knowing that your happiness will not depend on the achievements you reap, but that will inevitably appear in each of your battles. Because the brave always looks for something new that from the outside makes him bloom again and again inside. Living with the passion of facing each one their challenges and finding happiness in that enthusiasm ...

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