Learn to flirt: Guide to conquer a man or a woman

Can you learn to flirt? That was a question I asked myself when I was barely 13 years old and that thanks to her this blog exists today. Learning to flirt was for me a source of motivation that led me to not want to see a book or in painting, to end up devouring hundreds of them.

In this way, I encouraged an interest in personal development that not only helped me learn to seduce. It also motivated me to get my degree in Marketing and subsequently specialize in the world of fashion. Going from being a bad student to getting the highest marks in my final year and master projects.

As noted by the well-known writer Napoleon Hill, The need to please others has been one of the main sources of motivation for the richest and most successful men. And so he did with me at the beginning. Transforming me from a perozy person to a great dream seeker. But before you continue, I warn you: flirting has much more of psychology than of tricks and infallible phrases.


What will you find in this guide to learn how to flirt?

During this guide I will explain the main points that will make with a little dedication and effort, you end up linking completely naturally. Based on the development of the social skills that I myself have been developing for more than 15 years. With practices that have been tested on hundreds of students in my career as a social skills coach.

In addition, we will learn by example of real conversation. Like the one we are going to analyze next, extracted these from my book Wake up beauty. This way you will get inspired by your own conquests:

Conversation example

"You are making it very difficult for me to consummate this kiss that I am wishing to give you," I say very close to her as I take the opportunity to take her by the waist.

"I like you very much, you're very funny but ... I'm a lesbian," he lets me go, refusing my continuous attempts to kiss her.

First tip: When they reject us, we will analyze objections and excuses.

We will seek to differentiate real motives from simple and flat reticence without importance. Always with a funny or sexual attitude that makes us flirt thanks to the excitement of the moment. Taking away the importance of rejection and starting to see it as a fun challenge to face, which will undoubtedly disperse our fears around him. Let's see it in the example:

In it I see a hidden and mischievous smile. Will she be a lesbian or not? The chances of it being an excuse and not a real objection increase in my mind every time I see how excited he looks at me. So it doesn't matter! Well, of course, playing does want to. And that's what I'll do.


"I haven't heard you, what did you say?" —I become deaf, avoiding the matter; throwing myself to the networks of la pillaresca.

We stared at each other for a moment with the clear gesture that his excuse does not bring me even the slightest care. I play the fool with more brazenness and follow mine. She can't help laughing.

Second tip: The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy the present moment.

The mind forges its fears and insecurities in past and future times. Avoid expectations and think about results. If all you are looking for is to have fun during that moment and put all your attention on it, you release yourself from pressure and your creativity will increase. You can even use the Denied Desires Technique to increase the expectation and unpredictability of the moment. Let's continue with the example:

"I told you I'm a lesbian, deafness!" He returns to froth me at another failed attempt to kiss her.

I don't know how many are going!

"I still don't hear anything," I laugh. But I think you're right. The best thing is that we forget to kiss each other tonight. From now on we are forbidden. We are going to behave well and we are only going to dance like two good Samaritans. Give me your sister hand!

Third tip: If things go well, persist and keep playing.
If it gets ugly, retire as soon as possible.

Flirting is not always possible, so insisting a little is essential. The key is to differentiate between when we are bothering and when we are not. From my experience, if the boy or girl tells us no, but at the same time he is funny and seductive, it is best to keep playing. However, if those negatives become edges, a withdrawal in time is always a victory.

She starts laughing and agrees to my raised hand to take her out to one more round of dance. Our dance of daring waddles and unpredictable whispers. And of course, I return to the same card again to point a new charge to me and more than an extensive notebook.

"You told me we were forbidden to kiss us," he tells me as I rest my right leg between his, pressing lightly on his sex.

We are very hot but the kiss is still rejected. Let's see if it's going to be true that he doesn't like men ... That is a doubt that quickly escapes my head when I feel her temper slave of desire.

Fourth tip: To flirt you have to play without taking things too seriously.

Seduction contexts respond to double languages ​​that escape the rational. To conquer a man or a woman, we need to be like little children again. Seduce being unpredictable and fun. With innocent lies and gestures gulfs here and there. Now I approach to kiss you, and then I tell you that I don't want to know anything about you. The idea is not to not be honest, but to have fun with seductive social games.

"At no time have I tried to kiss him." It's your cheeks and that smile that you don't stop drawing in my pupils that has prompted me to kiss you on the cheek. The kiss on the lips is still forbidden — I caress her neck with my hands.

Without controlling the tension any more, it is she who throws herself to bite my lips in an outburst. He bites them once, looks at me and now yes, kisses fall on a thrombus.

"I think you owe me one!" You have skipped our ban on kissing us and now you will have to earn my forgiveness. You lied to me, why are you lying? You don't know what sin is?

"It's you who hasn't stopped a moment to provoke." Now don't come with nonsense!

"Watch that tone or I'll have to bite you and it's going to hurt." "And, indeed, I bite his lower lip firmly." She growls. You still owe me one. But I will charge it. For now I want to enjoy more. Enjoy more of everything forbidden, ”I whisper as I stroke her from her shoulders to the bottom of her ass, where I stop. I squeeze, I feel. I feel the energy that runs through us.

A vacuum with the smell of sex unites us. It unites us and dismisses us from all our clarities as in an unexpected trip. Heading to Las Vegas.

But without casinos, we put the chips.

How to flirt with seductive conversations

It is well known to all who the gift of labia It is the best art that can be developed to link more. Words are capable of transmitting sensations, attitudes and emotions. Captivating us to get carried away by the magic of the moment. Hence, throughout the history of the beautiful art of seduction, poets, philosophers or humorists have been the undisputed leaders of the league. Let's see another example, also taken from the more than 100 that my book includes Wake up beauty.

Conversation example

—Right is a chilling race. I shot myself from the top of a bell tower before studying that. Although not before taking the innocent life of a dove with me.

I tell him after telling me how much it has cost him to emerge victorious from his last case and all the hours he has had to be preparing it.

—It is not so much, you only need a little bit of ambition and a little bit of love towards the battle.

"Well, tell me how those qualities are achieved, that you have me worse informed than an alien isolated from society."

Fifth tip: Contrast between different ways of speaking

People are addicted to varied and innovative stimuli. Having a serious sexual conversation is exciting, but if it goes on in time it loses its effect. However, if it is combined with a few jokes here and there and moments of romance and love where we share things in common, it becomes a real bomb.

"Surely you want me to tell you?" Don't you prefer to discover it for yourself?

"I don't think you could support my methods of getting information," I snort with sexuality. You are too innocent and your tough lawyer tricks with me are no good.

"Yes, as innocent as a puppy!" She laughs naughty. I know how to make myself good so that you give me everything I want, haven't you realized it yet?

"And you still haven't realized how much that tempts me?" There is nothing more sensual than your fake little girl face.

Start cultivating your wits

I remember that once talking to a friend who had just graduated in psychology, he told me that he could not learn to flirt. To which I replied: Can you learn to cultivate ingenuity and be more funny? Humorists do it, don't they? Some at first do not have much thanks, but over time they are improving and making better monologues.

Your answer to that question was a clear and resounding yes, you're right. To which I continued telling him: then, if you can be more funny and the humor according to the studies is the one that works best to attract and like others, isn't it obvious to think that you can link better? Simply improving our sense of humor ...

You can guess his face and his answer ... But I will not extend more in the obvious, I will only tell you that before I had no spark of grace. He was a shy and bland kid. However, over time I have drawn hundreds of laughs at many girls and linked a lot for it.

In my book Wake up beauty You will find no less than 33 pages dedicated to everything we can do to improve our sense of humor with a multitude of styles focused on seducing we throw jokes here and there.

Generate emotions that seduce

All human beings respond to the same emotional needs. Whether we want to flirt with a boy or a girl, the positive emotions to wake up are the same.

Often in my wanderings around this world I have seen people too worried about the strategic. That is, for all those details about what to do or what not: "Do I invite you to have a drink or can I seem desperate?" But questions like that are not so important ...

What is absolutely vital, almost like breathing, is that the other person feels valued, respected, supported, excited, intrigued and ultimately, captivated when he is talking to us. If we know how to generate that magic, everything we do will be surrounded by it.

To achieve this, I have been explaining a model on this website for some time. The same that I used in my courses and in my books. Let's take a look!

Trivial talk

We have to be able to talk emotionally about interesting conversation topics. The more you know about various topics, the easier it will be to conquer a woman or a man you like. Being the trivial talk a communication that although it does not satisfy any need beyond that of entertaining and communicating, it serves as a basis for seducing while we are applying the rest of the components of this model.

Let's look at it with an example that will continue in the following points:

"What do you do in this complex world full of contrasts?"

"Well, I'm an architect, so yes!" I am complex and contrasting things well, ”he replies with a broad smile. Laughing at the beginning for my bombastic way of asking.


Through qualification we highlight the attractive features of the other person through praise. Incidentally, while we talk about ourselves highlighting our own. Thus covering the needs of feeling appreciated and valued.

Continuing with the previous example:

"I don't know why I had sensed that you had a creative and complex profession." It shows that you are an attentive person, one of those who do not miss anything.

"You are not misled." In fact, I haven't missed that dark, long, beautiful hair you have. Surely you've ever been hired to make shampoo ads, ”he says humorously as she starts to blush.

More in: How to praise to seduce and fall in love

Emotional connection

To conquer a man or a woman we have to learn communicate emotionally to meet your needs for understanding, acceptance and support. Giving a few whys to the interaction that justify that union.

Most often, we connect through things in common, such as thoughts, experiences and opinions that we can share. Although it is also important to fantasize together with our future desires and goals to generate an intense connection between masters. Let's see how it is done:

"No, so far Pantene (known brand of shampoo in Spain) hasn't called me yet." But since you mention it, I'll tell you that besides being a little crazy, I have a hairdresser.

—Also entrepreneurial, what envy! I dream of riding it on my own someday. At the moment I am well working for a company but I would like to form my own and devise my projects.

"It was very difficult for me at first to launch myself, but it is a matter of cheering and bravery." In the end if you are positive and focus on giving everything to get what you want, it is more difficult that it does not end up arriving.

"I totally agree, I love the passion with which you tell me." In fact, bravery is also one of the most important values ​​of my life.


As a final point, we must know how to generate sexual tension. Which marks the final difference between flirting or not. Covering the natural needs of sex and play that we all have. Being in turn the most effective way to seduce quickly, especially if we want flirt in discos.

-Oh yeah? And are you brave enough to dance with me? She asks as she looks into his eyes with wicked gestures.

"Depends ... do you promise that you won't bite me?"

"I can't guarantee it ..." he replies with a funny smile.

-Then yes! If I fear something, it is boredom. But with your lips in the middle something tells me that I can go for sure, ”he whispers with a clear insinuating gesture just before reaching out to take his hand to start the promised dance.

The best social skills to fall in love with

Within the previous model we have lacked a variable to mention. In fact, we have lacked the most important of all if what we want is to captivate anyone: observation.

To conquer others we have to be attentive and detect their interests and desires, as well as the objections that can hinder our conquest.

Always keep in mind that information is power, and the more you have, the easier it will be to link. That is why in order to fall in love it is very important to have certain knowledge about how human behavior works. Something that I cannot elaborate on in this article, but what you will find no less than 80 pages in the second part of Wake up beauty. In what is called "Develop your insight."

Love with empathy and assertiveness

Try to feel yourself in the skin of the other person to connect with your essence and understand it without judging it negatively and you will be using the empathy To seduce her. One of the most powerful and essential seduction weapons.

"I have to let you know that I recently left him with my girlfriend and right now I'm not interested in meeting anyone," he warns me.

I feel this guy likes me. As much as he does to me. That reddish hair and those little fish that adorn her face make me majareta. If we add to that how emotional and romantic it seems to be, I already sign my entry to the asylum. Surely we would find there a less planned land.

-I understand you perfectly. It has happened to me too. Although let me tell you something. I am not talking to you to see if an adventure arises or that we become boyfriends, or even that we have ourselves - I say with empathy, a serene touch on my face and high doses of sincerity. I'm doing it because I feel like it. Because I enjoy this moment talking to you and I hope you are doing it too.

Sixth tip: Make the other person feel understood and motivate them to get carried away

We all have our fears and insecurity. When we want to make a man or a woman fall in love at all times we will face the ghosts of their past experiences. To dissolve these fears and conquer the heart of the other person we have to make her see that we understand those fears and have even lived them. Once this is done, we can immediately motivate the other to leave those fears behind. Motivating him to live a unique and wonderful experience in the here and now; The only thing that really counts.

-Yes Yes! If I'm honest, it's encouraging me to talk to you. But, I tell you, I wanted to be honest.

"And I appreciate that you have been." But what if we continue enjoying the moment without the past spoiling it? What if we talk just to enjoy without thinking about what will or will not be? I expose while a fine silence leaves us pensive. I honestly, even if nothing happens between us, I will never regret having been here with your smiles - expressed with a sense of humor.

We both laugh and take the opportunity to relax.

The tensions that walled us are dissipated.

-You're right. Sometimes I worry too much when what really counts is this moment and how we live it, ”he argues, smiling again with a tenderness that kills me with desire.

"See, that's the smile I don't want you to deprive me of." Done deal? I say mockingly offering him my hand.

-Done deal!

Seventh tip: Remove importance from problems and offer a new experience

A typical failure to captivate someone is to insist too much on internal matters that must be accepted, resolved and then let them run. Some in the previous example would have fallen into the trap of starting to talk for hours about how bad they were in their previous relationship. However, to link the most important thing is to offer an experience stimulating enough to forget everything else. Leaving aside any past frustration that can generate bad feelings. Although the more fascinating our conversation, the less attention they will pay to any reason that may lead them to reject us.

Emotional communication is essential.

Practice the assertive communication and avoid telling the person that you like what he should or should not do. Bet on telling him what you prefer to do. To make someone fall in love, it is more persuasive and in turn more attractive to talk about ourselves and our experiences, than to offer advice.

Let's see the difference with or without emotional communication:

No emotional communication: —You should let yourself go because if you close to new experiences it is very difficult for you to be happy and to fall in love again. If you lock yourself in the past and in all the bad things that can happen, you will make your life bitter.

With emotional communication: —A long time ago I decided to let myself go and concentrate on appreciating all the beauty that life gives me. So even if sometimes things do not go as I would like, I never have to regret anything, because I will have always enjoyed this moment to the fullest. And since then I have realized that I am much happier. Besides this way I think that the day I finally fell in love, I can be sure that this love will be authentic.

Pay attention! Without communicating emotionally it seems that we are trying to convince the other person to do something we want. In the second way we are simply talking about our way of life. Which will encourage the other person to very possibly follow those same patterns or reflect on their own beliefs. You see the difference?

Seduce with your nonverbal language

link nonverbal language

Voice tone and posture

An exercise I always do with the students who attend my courses is to read poetry aloud. They are always sent that exercise as homework, because the voice is the driver of our message.

We have to look like in any television series the actors make precise emphases when they speak. They put a different intonation to each word. Sometimes barely noticeable, but they do. As do journalists, comedians, or singers. Otherwise they would bore us.

Incorporate depth, precision and tranquility to your messages

In those who link less I have always found the same pattern: monotonous, high-pitched or lack of vitality tones. Expressions when moving your arms and leather too stiff, or quite the opposite. It seems they are crawling like cloths. Like a downed soldier after losing 10.000 battles.

My advice is that you visualize yourself from outside and project a way of moving that you like. Look at movie actors and try to go upright, projecting security. And if not, do as I did, work deeply in Improve Your Self Esteem. In this way you will gain the security and confidence necessary so that your nonverbal language automatically becomes more attractive while you gain attractiveness inside.

Adapt your language to what you say

Did you know that John F. Kennedy, the famous president of the United States who had a mess with Marylin Monroe, trained in Hollywood before running for election? Yes, how do you hear it! He learned from reputable actors to make their expressions more attractive.

We have to be aware that what we express must have its form. Here we are not talking about techniques or methods to link that may work or not. We are talking about how we exercise our language skills.

This requires practice, but it is worth it. Well, you will not link for using tricks, but for the way of being that you have developed and shaped to your liking.

Think that if your goal is to end up falling in love with a man or woman you like, the tricks to flirt will not help you. Sooner or later the jokes and phrases learned are spent. There is no other to grow and develop an attractive personality with attitudes that increase your magnetism.

Let's see it with some examples in different contexts according to the previous model.

Flirting with humor

Humor often uses fast language, sometimes even unworked. Resorting to exaggerations, irony and extreme rises in the tone of voice. It can be very useful for manage rejections with your ingenuity.

Let's look at an example in context of my book's flirt Wake up beauty:

"Hello! How are you?"

"Get out of here, you fool!"

"I would never have thought you knew me so well." The truth is that I started to be a jerk back in 1990 - I expressly express while his face begins to cast a puzzled look. Yes, when developed countries were affected by the economic and financial crisis. That caused by the bursting of the housing bubble in Japan, you know! "I still add with the composure of a funny bastard."

The tortilla jumps in a thousand pieces and fills everything with humor. What was uncomfortable turns into blue jumping dwarfs. Now I am a smurf and she is my smurfette. His face says: don't go, please stay.

"Where did you come from?" He asks between pretty laughs.

"Let's not talk about my past yet." First the names, I like to know who I am addressing when I speak… ”He continued affirming in a more serious tone as showing a slight funny indignation.

Ligand generating sexual tension or connecting emotionally

If we are talking about sex or implying sexual issues, both our voice and our gestures should slow down. Some nerves may come to us by encouraging shy gestures that bring a flirtatious touch. And this is good! Because it means we feel what we are saying.

Shyness and gestures of romantic nervousness should not be hidden. Many boys are afraid of trying to look like a whole 007. But it is a mistake, because an excess of security raises suspicions. It conveys that we do not feel what we do and makes the other doubt. They doubt because many who behave like this do so to hide lots of insecurities. Seeming in this way very unnatural.

Instead, choose to find a balance between security, confidence and shyness that allows you to flow without thinking too much. The important is be mischievous and seductive charm to show that we are natural and at the same time naughty: with us they will not get bored.

Sexualizing is not saying dirty things

Once in a course I pose a challenge to the students. I told them that I would tell them about a soccer play by the soccer player Leo Messi, and that while I was doing it I was going to transmit a sexual language to them. One of them answered me with the following joke: "Fuck uncle, if they made me want to kiss you on the mouth."

The trick was as follows. While I was talking about how Leo Messi played soccer, emotional communication and poetry were used, adding this to a tone of voice that rose and fell more or less strongly according to my speech. Stopping sometimes to look each other in the eyes for a very brief moment.

What I wanted my students to understand is that they didn't need to say "guardas" or have conversations about sex to convey sexual tension (although it can also be done). We simply have to communicate with emotion and a deeper and slower nonverbal language. Being able to use small insinuations and double meanings.

In addition, we must bear in mind that when a man or a woman attracts us, that attraction in itself can incentivize that sexual energy to spread. Directing our gaze in a deeper and more detailed way to focuses of sexual interest: eyes, lips, breasts, arms, hands, etc.

An example of sexualization and emotional connection

"There is a sky in your gaze that I want to discover." Do you always transmit so much sweetness or is it my business that I am very poet this afternoon? He asks with a boldness that blushes me.

I feel that we are about to share a moment of complicity that can be decisive to discover who we are.

"Well, there may be that sky in my eyes." I'm having a good time. In addition, I am one of those who believe that if there is a heaven, it is not so much in the hereafter as in the hereafter. In the moments we live.

I feel that he listens to me and that my words run through him in a hurry. I look at him and open my eyes even more in a fun gesture.

"Hum! It's funny." In part I believe the same. I have always thought that it is people who make our life a paradise or the worst of torments.

—To me the inferno is the negative emotions in which we sometimes find ourselves submerged. You go, grudges, envies, hate, resentment ... Isn't living with gratitude, love and joy not living in heaven anymore?

"If you keep putting that smile and enthusiasm on what you say, believe me I sign it, but now!" Right here on a napkin, as in the first contract they made to Leo Messi.

We both laughed and I feel great being able to talk about deep issues with such carelessness and joviality. This guy has the ability to make any talk fun and stimulating.

"It's exactly the same thing that is happening between us." Here, laughing, we are in our sky, ”he whispers without taking his eyes off me. However, if we were arguing and throwing an ashtray at the head, we would get in full and through the big door in our hells.

After his last comment we started laughing, which makes me feel more relaxed and at the same time excited.

"In addition to that we would make some bump because, come on, these glass ashtrays do not seem advisable to fight with them."

Show affection and closeness

Both men and women are conquered a lot with the small details. A warm and sensual kiss on the forehead, gently order the hair of the other, open the door, etc. We have to feel deep inside our hearts that we appreciate that other person.

In my personal experience it is something that has always come as standard. I like to be attentive so that at all times the woman feels my love, although always in the situations she touches.

I often show myself thug, playful and sexual. Showing a bit of pasotismo as a game. But at the same time, I am there when I am needed. I combine those qualities with moments where we open ourselves deeply to each other and invade the manager woman loaded with love and affection.

I really care about them and why they feel good. I try to awaken all its beauty when they are with me. Take out your best myself! That way, when I'm a hooligan, they really take it for what it is. An exciting part of my personality without associating it to be the typical carefree gulf and passota. This being a very attractive contrast.

And when the rejections arrive, manage them knowing what to say and what to do when they reject you.

The more you have to contribute, the more you will link

fall in love

I already mentioned before I started reading seduction books With thirteen years. But the funny thing is that it wasn't those books that helped me the most. They were often repetitive and ended up generating insecurities; no doubt due to making me think too much about everything I should or should not do

So I started reading about other topics: psychology, emotional intelligence, spirituality, philosophy, poetry, erotic novels, etc. And then yes, with all that knowledge the difference was huge.

Think about it, isn't it obvious that we miss a person more the more he brings us and the better he makes us feel at his side? Doesn't that mean falling in love?

In my opinion, to make someone fall in love, it is essential that that other person feels that he grows and lives unique experiences at our side. If we don't provide that, any technique to flirt is useless.

emotional intelligence

When i started learning emotional intelligence I didn't even imagine the immense power to seduce that I had. Helping me this knowledge to better understand the functioning of my emotions of the women I wanted to conquer. Simply helping them with what they learned in that chaotic emotional world that we all carry inside.

It's amazing how it feels to be supporting someone who attracts you, and yet you barely know. The fact of having the knowledge to be able to do it, without a doubt, began to give me many points in this of linking.

I realized that I began to fall in love with many girls without even looking for him, simply by supporting and motivating them, just as I used to do with my clients working as a coach. Without giving advice. Only offering my opinion in a positive way. Also intuiting how they think and what their emotional reactions will be.

You can see an example of my book about this on my Instagram. The key to this example (real, of course), is that I realized that this woman could have been criticized many times for her freedom. Especially his parents with the typical speeches of: «Stop going from here to there working on what you catch and take a boyfriend and nod your head». So what I did was to value precisely what made her unique and that I really loved her: her desire for freedom. Something that without counting on my knowledge about emotional intelligence, I might have missed.

Philosophy and Poetry

First I started reading Eastern philosophy. This helped me a lot to be more aware of how everything around me worked. It allowed me to cultivate my own vision and opinion on different themes of life. Which gave depth to all my messages loading them with mysticism.

I will always remember how once two women told me visibly fascinated after talking about what I thought about the following sentence: "God you are super intelligent."

Intelligent? It's called having grown ...

If you don't believe me, I invite you to take a look at some of my erotic tales, as it is taken from a real experience: Let madness take over us. In it you can appreciate how powerful philosophy and poetry is to link, providing you with a multitude of resources to excite and speak in a more impressive way.

When a mystery is too impressive, it is impossible to disobey.
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

On the other hand, it has been shown that poetry fosters our creativity, both when speaking and when interpreting the world around us. You can take a look at some of my poems. I hope you cheer up and join in reading a little poetry from time to time. It will do magic in your expressions, I assure you!

Chat Chat

Flirting through social networks like WhatsApp or Tinder has become almost essential. Especially in the case of flirting by WhatsApp, since it is the preferred means of communication to meet between meeting and meeting. Specially for request an appointment by WhatsApp.

Conquering a man or a woman through a chat is very similar to doing it in person. Everything we've mentioned before in this guide works exactly the same, except for the nonverbal language and physical contact, obviously. But when it comes to communicating seductively, it's the same. We use the same model.

However, if you want to go into its details and differences and nurture examples and phrases, I refer you to my free guide: How to link on WhatsApp with the conversation. Also, you will find extended information in my top sales book on Amazon: Flirt on WhatsApp.

  • Yes I know. I have linked many articles to you during this guide. That's why I recommend you save it to your browser's favorites and return to it when you want to click and read its different links.

How much time do I need to learn to flirt?

During this guide to flirting we have seen many topics. So many that you might feel a little impressed or stunned. You may have entered here looking for some techniques or seduction advice, and yet I have told you to start learning and practicing many things.

However, Personal experience has shown me through many of my students that amazing results can be achieved in just a couple of months. You just have to be constant and dedicate an hour or two each day to different habits. Like reading the recommended readings or meditating to enjoy the Benefits of meditation for social skills. And if you still don't know how to meditate, don't worry. You can download my free guided meditations in MP3, several of them focused to seduce better.

On the other hand, it is vital to be encouraged to go out there to talk to men or women with what you can link up with. It is also useful to do it through social networks such as WhatsApp or Tinder, where we can see what we are writing and learn to play with language.

Do you want tricks and techniques or do you want to learn to seduce?

Think about it, is it worth learning a few tricks that won't help you fall in love in the long term? Isn't it worth growing for a few months in all those aspects that will allow you to link and fall in love with who you really are and who you really want?

I have it clear, if you do not already have good natural skills to seduce, in the first way you will hardly link with some luck. From the second, as it happened to me, you will end up discovering a whole new world in your way of relating and feeling life. Which will lead you to have many sexual experiences if it is what you are looking for, or to end up throwing you a worthy girlfriend or boyfriend, as I did.

On the other hand, it is not to be forgotten that all the mentioned knowledge can contribute you a lot in other areas of your life. How to be more able to succeed in the world of work thanks to better manage your emotions, seduce your partner and fall in love with the passage of time, and a long etcetera.

The choice is yours…

brave jungle

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To experience the true essence of love, let yourself be carried away by the firm desire to flow. To feel every sensation without thinking about what to do. Just let yourself go. Break the rules of reason to navigate the waters of emotion.

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      Thanks Eudy! As I say in it, there are many things that can be learned to enrich our relationships and it is something that takes time. But it is worth it in order to open ourselves to new and exciting experiences. The good thing about seducing and improving our social skills, whether to meet people or to enrich our current relationships, is that we end up entering a world full of psychological art. I hope this guide serves as your base 😉


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