Tantra: A tantric advice to last longer in sex

Tantra is a philosophy that helps us appreciate and presently appreciate the beauty of our surroundings. In turn, Tantra is characterized by promoting the practice of meditation during sexual intercourse. Allowing us to have attitudes to make love in a much more felt and stimulating way.

So with Tantra We take away from orgasm and give more importance to the sexual act itself. To the maximum enjoyment of each moment as a form of connection with the universe and with the couple. We dissipate in this way from our mind sources of concerns and thoughts related to sex.

The best way to reach an orgasm is not to want to reach it, and the best way to postpone it is to enjoy so much that our mind goes out to taste every sensation. This is the great paradox of sex.

Orgasms must be a consequence of enjoyment and passion so intense that they need to be released, or chosen by us as a release of energy. But for that you must forget about orgasm and concentrate on stimulating your senses and those of your partner at all times.

Having an orgasm is not a goal, it is a consequence!

On the sexual level we have to set aside our thoughts and concentrate on the stimuli we perceive. We must enter fully into them. Concentrate on the immense beauty that our sexual partner possesses. The rubbing between the bodies, each caress, each look, each smile, each gesture ... Focus on each sensation. That approach will make you escape your thoughts.

Shiva tells Devi:
While you are caressed, sweet princess, enter love as in eternal life.

The brain is considered the most important sexual organ of the human being. Ejaculation is strongly influenced by the sexualization that comes from our mind. But even more for our insecurities.

Yes, we are fully aware of what is happening and we are sensitive to the sensations generated by the other person, sex becomes an act of spiritual realization. As if it were a meditation.

And there is the key. In meditate. That is why tantric sex is so lasting and passionate, because it is practiced by people who follow the philosophy of Tantra. They are meditative people, who have learned to put their thoughts aside and live now. And you can do the same. It is about taking practice by meditating and learning to put your mind blank, present and with full attention to the moment. Subsequently and after this training, you just have to do the same during the sexual act.

That full attention in the sexual act allows our mind to free itself and stop keeping the focus on thoughts. Those thoughts that prevent you from controlling your ejaculation, or that you don't even get excited enough. In addition, this will allow us to enjoy our relationships much more.

You will notice when you practice it at the moment you are about to ejaculate. Just putting your mind blank and breathing calmly. As is done during meditation. You will be able to postpone it as many times as you wish.

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The freedom to experience sexual enjoyment is a right that nature gives you. Enjoy sex in all its exponents. Do not spot yourself! Make the other person fly! Experiment! It causes the world to fade around you. With respect, love and gratitude for every sensation lived.

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