Erotic stories: A threesome near home

A trio near home is a story of seduction and sex that tells an experience of Jesus. Buddhist and libertine by nature, add one party after another. This is only one of them, no less exciting.

A threesome near home

Doorbell is ringing. It is the fourth time someone plays this morning. My living room is upside down. I still don't know if I'll get up, yesterday's party has me immersed in a powerful hangover. It's not that I don't like being invited to the best parties, but lately I fall too easily into the networks of lack of control. Maybe one day I will get old and miss these headaches.

I finally get up and go to the door. I open it without hesitation and wonder if I have ever used the peephole. I tend to be too confident. On the other side I find Amanda, my neighbor. From my eighty-five meter tall Amanda is perceived as a small Greek goddess with tiny breasts and a beautiful angelic face. His hair is straight and black. I imagine her naked as soon as I see her, but I know that it is not a hangover thing, I would have imagined the same thing equally.

-Hi! "She tells me lively and smiling with that characteristic sweetness of her." God, Jesus, you look awful. You had such a fat party yesterday that you didn't even change your clothes, right?

"I trusted you to help me, Amanda." Now that you are here I see no impediment.

"Leave yourself, let yourself!" You better rest, it won't hurt. I came to tell you that tonight I'm going to have a party in ...


-Count on me! I say flatly before I finish the sentence and then close the door in his nose.
The parties at Amanda's house are usually full of students, single and who drink without control. It is worth going to take a look.

As I said before, my apartment is made a fucking block. I don't remember yesterday night but apparently it ended up in my attic once again. I always promise not to end the holidays here. Something that I forget as I get drunk ...

I approach the refrigerator to find a cold beer that scares my ideas and on the way I find a package of snuff made of tobacco, I open it and a single surviving cigar appears quite wrinkled, next to a lighter in which it says “Debauchery is a thing of wise men. ” I haven't smoked for weeks, but who would say no to receive fire from such an instructive lighter?

My terrace is decorated as if it were a Zen garden. The entire floor is decorated with a clear oriental character. I sit by the wall in the lotus position, plug in the cigar, and take a long drink at the cold beer. A small breeze of air brushes my skin and time stops for me.

For any inquiries, We're here to answer you.

I press the elevator button and it receives me with the doors open. I hope that more than one door opens tonight, or so I think. I have worn my broken and worn green jeans, black shoes, black shirt and also black tie. The tie was not essential, but it never hurts to wear it when there is a high probability that the thing will get hot, we can end up using it to tie naughty hands or as a blindfold. I ring the bell and a stunning blonde girl opens the door.

"What huge tits!" - I don't want to.

"Thank you, I hope it's a compliment," she tells me smiling.

"Excuse me, miss, for impertinence." Sometimes I don't think what I say, sometimes I don't say what I think. In this case I have said what I think and nobody can ever refute that it is true.

-Hahaha! You are Jesus, right? Amanda's neighbor - I nod. —I'm Cristina. You're a little late, but we've saved you some alcohol in addition to that bottle of wine you have there.

—All a detail, Cristina. But I will not go until I know for sure where I am getting. Can you turn around please? I would not like to take pleasant surprises.
At that moment he smiles with one of the most evil smiles I've ever seen. He turns and crouches forward, placing his ass fully available to my senses.

"Is it a pleasant enough surprise for you?" He whispers seductively as he looks at me keeping his ass in pomp. His shirt is made forward by the posture and reveals his waist. His skin seems soft, in addition to tan.

—Now I have no doubts. I have to prove that. ”I tell him seriously and seductively he lies pointing at his ass.
She resets and approaches my ear. So close that her tits rub against my chest.

"Don't even think about it, pervert," he tells me playing.

"Too late, I've already thought about it!"

Finally, Cristina lets me through and I go straight to the kitchen without greeting the rest of the party goers. There will be time for presentations, I have brought a bottle of Rioja of more than € 30 per bottle and I see time to open it. Will it be as aphrodisiac as it seems? Hope so. I'm looking for a corkscrew and I pour that glass that tastes like nectar from the sky itself. I don't like being blasphemous, but between the ones above and I understand each other. Tonight I want to add a few more sins to the list.

- - -

I wake up thirsty and disoriented. "Once again ..." the first whispered when I woke up. On one side I find the blonde with gigantic tits that I saw upon entering the floor. I remember my cock moving quickly in his spout in a truly magical Cuban.

"You like to fuck my tits, right?" He said as he stared at me with his big blue eyes and a smile as perverse as the one he had thrown at me at the door.
From what I had heard that night, I was a daddy's girl. Very wealthy family. Apparently her parents owned a well-known mobile phone company, and she was studying two careers at the same time. She was undoubtedly there to vent and get fucked well. He deserved it after so many hours of study.

-Now I know. I love. God what a pleasure! - he says with words full of great sincerity.
My cock moved again and again between her tits and only came out of them to enter her mouth. I remember how he moved his tongue and rubbed it on those red, full lips, and how he looked at me while he did it. I was runaway. He takes my cock and bangs it several times against his tongue as he looks at me, and puts it back into his mouth with eagerness.

Awake of that magical memory. I think there was someone else here yesterday. Where is Amanda ?. I try to get out of bed and find myself sleeping on the floor. He must have fallen while sleeping and has not bothered to get up. I struggle to contain the laughter at first, and finally I get out of bed and take her in my arms to raise her back to the mattress. She opens her eyes and looks at me somewhat disoriented.

"Shhhh!" Be quiet. I'm going to bring you a glass of water.

I go to the kitchen and try to reconstruct the facts. I had already been fucked by Amanda other times. You could say that we were very good neighbors and not rarely lent ourselves salt when we needed it. What has always surprised me about her is that despite being a seemingly shy girl, then in bed she could be jealous of herself until Aphrodite herself. It is fiery, very fiery, and knows what a man has to do to be pleased. More memories come to mind ...

"You like my cock, right?" Didn't you say I wasn't going to be able to taste your ass? Because now it's all mine ... and believe me I'm enjoying it - land I say to Cristina while I penetrate her in a doggy position.
She groans loudly in excitement. He looks at me and tells me to fuck her harder. That has been very bad. Amanda is lying in front of her while Cristina walks her tongue along her clitoris while moving to penetrate her again and again.

"Yes!" Cristina, lick me. Lick me! Amanda yells at Cristina, grabbing her hair and pressing her.
Meanwhile I wondered how the neighbors never complained in this block. However, I was more focused on penetrating Cristina's wonderful ass, maybe the neighbors are fucking too and I'm worried there.

I wake Amanda again after returning with the glass of water and a pill I had in my wallet.

"Take the glass of water." I've also brought you a hangover for ibuprofen, ”I say in a slightly authoritarian tone.

"I'm fine, there's only one thing that I feel like right now," he tells me mischievously as he points to my package with his index finger.

-Hahaha! Didn't you have enough last night? I warn you that my cock is not going to take your hangover.

-LOL! He laughs so loudly that he manages to wake Cristina up.

"Pufff, I think with this I have managed to forget everything I have studied this week," he tells me as he appears before me at the end of last night.
Those thick and full lips. I remember how I sucked my eggs while Amanda licked my cock before running. Apparently ... that was the grand finale. I can't help but a wicked smile.

"Don't worry, every time you need to forget what you've studied to make room for new information, we'll be happy to help you here," I say to Cristina and the three of us laugh.

What will have the laugh that encourages us to have more sex? Amanda gets my cock out of my boxer and puts it in her mouth. Start sucking it and letting out small moans.

"In a few minutes I want you here," he whispers provocatively as he points to her ass.

"Don't forget me, ehhh!" I want morning sex too, ”Cristina replies.

And start over ...

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