A brand for the brave

We are not satisfied, we like to overcome and discover each challenge. We don't care what they will say, just grow and move forward
While we enjoy the present moment.

Let's be brave!

Our beginnings

We were born in 2012, not as a fashion brand, but as a personal blog project by author David Gracia Belmonte (David Jungle) aimed at offering free articles on personal development. One of the passions of our founder and now part of our entire team of brave and the philosophy of our brand.

With the passage of time the blog was expanding its reach and its creative horizons, beginning to offer other types of content such as poems, stories, meditations and articles with advice on style and fashion; arriving with all this to millions of people every year around the world.

The emergence of the idea

He was submerged between the parties and the burden of his Marketing exams when David came up with the possibility of joining two of his passions into one. Creating a fashion brand that could promote their ideas and learning about personal growth and make overcoming the main focus of their philosophy. Idea that was taking shape during the following years.

Our main motivation

What moves us the most is to continue growing personally while we disseminate these lessons that move us every day from products that we can wear. We want to transmit our love towards that art that leads us to discover the beauty of our interior and transmit ideas outward with a brand that picks them up from its foundations.

What we want to be

As Gandhi said: Be the change you want to see in the world. And that is what we want to be. We do not want to be another brand with more or less beautiful products. We want to be a brand that helps to bring about positive changes in ourselves and in the people who walk around us. This being a purpose that not only moves us, but makes us feel very happy.

Creating a big family

Currently our team is in continuous growth, with a humble group of young people with a great creative character in the areas of fashion design, graphic design, photographers, influencers, etc. Being part of the distribution of one of the most important luxury fashion wholesale companies in Spain, with which we establish a close relationship taking Brave Jungle to physical stores.

However, we must not forget that the most important thing about a brand like Brave Jungle is the philosophy of life that it manages to promote. That is, the message you want to convey to the world. That is why we feel great, as if each of the people who read our articles, follow us on social networks and share our ideas and messages were part of our family. And there, we are many and every day we hope to be many more ...