5 tricks to dress well with minimalist style

Possibly even Sancho Panza could transmit elegance by incorporating minimalist garments to his wardrobe. Reducing itself to the essential, the minimalist fashion style is characterized by offering us a timeless, natural and modern aesthetics.

Its design patterns advocate the use of straight lines, seeking in turn to evoke architectural elements in the cutting patterns. Offering a firm bet towards minimizing our decorative looks so that the cleanliness and the quality of the confection are the protagonists flags.

The colors are numbered

This functional fashion style risks as much with the colours as I do with running out of water while I work – I always have it all full of bottles just in case!

Its colour palette is limited to white, black and grey; beige can be added to the item. The good news is that they are neutral tones that end up combining almost everything. What makes these garments become basic to combine with other looks to which we seek to bring an air of elegance and naturalness. As sometimes happens with the rock or sports style.

Does this mean that if I add any more color, the Guardia Civil can stop me because of a public scandal? Well, it’s going to be that I don’t. In fact I’ve seen minimalist outfits very well arranged with very vivid colors. But if you want to keep the minimalist look, don’t skip the color palette more than once and try to limit their combinations to the minimum.

If you wear a pair of black trousers and shoes next to a dark grey T-shirt and add a green jacket to it, you’ll be a scandal. But if we replace the black trousers with a blue denim, you may keep raising your eyes, but it won’t be because it’s minimalist.

Bet on a wide variety of fabrics

If you were thinking that to dress in a minimalist way you were going to warm your head a little, you can forget. At least in our times. And it is that in absence of colors for some side it was necessary to contribute that dynamism that we all like so much.

That side is none other than fabrics. What many of us who dedicate ourselves to fashion design always brings us from bagpipes up and down. So if you’re thinking of forming new minimalist looks, throw yourself into infrequent fabrics. The visual effect will be greater the more the combined fabrics of the outfit differ from each other.

Don’t overdo the jewelry

The minimalist style is not a benchmark for displaying a multitude of jewels. We can incorporate some, but always trying to be faithful to simplicity.

Before leaving home look in the mirror and take off an accessory.
Coco Chanel

We boys can settle for wearing a timeless watch without too many surcharges like the one Daniel Wellington brought back into fashion a few years ago. While they can do the same or opt for one or two rings with a pendant. Without ever forgetting the sobriety and simplicity in the lines.

We can almost forget the earrings…

However, if you want my opinion as a man, I will get wet: for me a girl wearing minimalist goes sexier without any jewelry. Precisely raising the seductive naturalness that is intended to convey in this type of looks with the message that says: «I do not need artifice to eat the world».

Pay close attention to accessories

As in any other fashion style, accessories are the judges who hit the table dictating the success of an outfit or its absolute failure.

The good thing about minimalist style is that in this section we are not going to have to pull out our hair until we become bald (or bald). Simply follow the rule of the less is more and bet on the purest lines. However, if by stress or genetic bad luck the hair is no longer abundant, we are lucky. Because the minimalist style has luxury hats and caps.

Don’t forget to wear black glasses with straight lines or round lenses like John Lennon, with black lenses they will be ideal to hide the hangover and at the same time protect yourself from the sun! Although within the minimalist style the clear crystals look great. Just like eyewear or clear lenses without prescription.

When it comes to footwear, there aren’t too many drawbacks. You can wear slippers or shoes without problems as long as you don’t go too far out of the above-mentioned colour palette. And if we are talking about belts, unless we have no choice, it is better to do without them.

Take a good look at the garment and the width

As we mentioned at the beginning, if the garment is not well made and the lines do not maintain a perfect straightness, the minimalist style may end up at the bottom of the sump. That’s why this style has always been driven by big brands like Coco Chanel, Jean Muir or Calvin Klein.

Even so, depending on the fabric we can find good clothing in more affordable brands. Just watch out and make sure the garment is perfect.

Finally, as you’ve seen in the images above, wide garments are common in this fashion style. Since other of its characteristics is to seek comfort. Although it is not essential.

If we go more tight garments we can maintain a moderately minimalist style with them. Especially if, when it comes to wearing a jacket or a coat, we get it to provide more volume to the whole set. For what is usual to take the coat unbuttoned and open as we have been seeing in all the images.

brave jungle

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Your gestures and attitudes are the best accessories for a look to work perfectly. Assume the bravery of your being by charging you with all its strength and it will be your joy to live the one that sets the trend on everything you wear.

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